Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 354: Big Brother Liu, You Happen to Be Able to Use It

Chapter 354: Big Brother Liu, You Happen to Be Able to Use It

Although Liu Jie had rejoined the Radiance Hundred Sequence now and even entered the top ranks, when it came to the number of stars on the Celestial Stairway, he was probably considered the lowest among the 100 Sequence members.

Lin Yuan was now only at Celestial 1-Star. If he wanted to team up with Liu Jie, he still needed to win 11 consecutive duels.

Although Lin Yuna had not wanted to challenge the Celestial Stairway again, his fighting spirit was set ablaze after he learned about the Celestial Stairway 2v2 duels.

Liu Jie clearly was excited as well. However, he was not excited because of the 2v2 Celestial Stairway duels but the fact that he could form a two-person team with Lin Yuan and fight side by side.

There was a huge difference between Liu Jie’s Celestial Stairway stars and Black’s. The difference was 16 stars.

However, Liu Jie did not have the thought of dropping his star ranking on the Celestial Stairway. It would go against his principle of doing things and insult Lin Yun, not to mention distrusting him.

When he thought of the scene of himself and Liu Jie fighting side by side at the 2v2 Celestial Stairway duel, Liu Jie said, “Lin Yuan, my Insect Queen’s Normal ability, Bayonet Beetles, can assist in providing flesh energy for your plant fey.”

Liu Jie said that in excitement, but Lin Yuan froze. Liu Jie had always been considered a power offense-type spirit qi professional. Although his source-type Insect Queen was more all-rounded, it still focused on attacking with the abilities he had chosen for it.

The Insect Queen’s Bayonet Beetles may increase the speed at which Red Thorn’s sea of flowers spread, but this was undoubtedly the same as Liu Jie giving up his Bayonet Beetles’ attack ability.

Even though the Bayonet Beetles were insect-species feys with an embedded genetic model by Liu Jie’s Normal ability, the core of Liu Jie’s combat tactics was undoubtedly the Bayonet Beetles.

Due to the Bayonet Beetles’ existence, Liu Jie had gained the nickname ‘Heart of Insect Swarm’.

Now they had to form a two-man squad, and Lin Yuan’s strength was far inferior to Liu Jie’s.

Liu Jie’s source-type Insect Queen was Platinum/Fantasy Breed. As a Radiance Hundred Sequence member, even if Liu Jie was Lin Yuan’s retainer, he had his own pride in a battle, which drove Liu Jie not to depend on others in a battle. Unexpectedly, his mentality had changed a little now.

Lin Yuan could not help but think of Liu Jie’s weird and serious expression during breakfast.

“Big Brother Liu, did you encounter any insurmountable problems in the Radiance Hundred Sequence ranking?”

Lin Yuan had sensed the change in Liu Jie’s attitude, so he asked him very bluntly. This change of mentality was not a trivial thing for a spirit qi professional.

Liu Jie suddenly laughed silently. He had heard those same words before.

Liu Jie recalled the last time he heard that. It was during the king-class experts’ private auction. At that time, his expression had changed when he had seen the Hurricane Owlet Moth, and Lin Yuan had also asked that in a light-hearted manner.

After that simple question, Lin Yuan had simply bought the Hurricane Owlet Moth and given it to him in the blink of an eye. The same scene was replaying itself now.

Liu Jie was frank as he explained, “Lin Yuan, I realized that as I become stronger, the Insect Queen is slowly becoming more and more limited.

“Thus, I intend to shift from a combat-type to a support-type spirit qi professional in future battles. The Insect Queen is now at Platinum VII. When it reaches Diamond, my transformation toward a support-type spirit qi professional will be able to proceed completely.”

As Lin Yuan listened to him, he could hear his helplessness and powerlessness. At the later stages, when facing an opponent of the same level with many Fantasy Breed feys, the Insect Queen would indeed become a little restrained, and its insect swarm would no longer play a suppressive role on the battlefield like in the past.

It was not Liu Jie’s fault for having such a mentality. On the contrary, Liu Jie was giving himself a way out as a spirit qi professional.

It was like an underground spring, gushing toward the ground. When it encountered hard rocks and could not break them with its strength, the spring could only switch routes to be able to gush out of the ground.

Liu Jie was making exactly one such trade-off.

Lin Yuan looked at Liu Jie and asked seriously, “Big Brother Liu, do you prefer being a combat-class or a support-type spirit qi professional?”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Liu Jie to fall silent straight away.

The Insect Queen was originally a source-type lifeform that could develop in any direction. Even if Liu Jie had wanted to become a healing-type spirit qi professional, the rarest ones among spirit qi professionals, the Insect Queen just had to use its ability to inscribe a healing-type insect’s genetic model, and Liu Jie could become one.

However, he had not chosen to do so. Instead, he firmly trod the path of a combat-class spirit qi professional.

When one looked into the future, how would there be changes easily if there was a choice in the beginning?

Lin Yuan looked at Liu Jie and suddenly wore a bright smile on his face, revealing his white teeth. He then took the source-type Cocoon of Evolution out of the Diamond fey storage box. The Cocoon of Evolution was a congratulatory gift Lin Yuan had prepared to celebrate Liu Jie’s return to the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

However, the Cocoon of Evolution was more meaningful instead of being a congratulatory gift for Liu Jie’s promotion to the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

If a boulder blocked a spring, the only way out would be to turn around. This source-type Cocoon of Evolution allowed this spring to move forward and smash the boulders to gush out of the ground.

If the Cocoon of Evolution could let Liu Jie find his confidence back and stick to the path he always wanted to take, he would make the best use of it.

“Big Brother Liu, I found this by chance. You happen to be able to use it.”

When Liu Jie saw the source-type item, he revealed a bitter smile. After contracting the source-type Insect Queen, Liu Jie could not contract any other source-type items or feys.

How would he not know that? However, Lin Yuan handed him this source-type item, so Liu Jie hurriedly took it.

When he took a closer look at it, his eyes almost popped out. At that moment, a heartfelt elation crept up, making him choke up a little.

This source-type Cocoon of Evolution formed by white mycelium was as if it was 5,000 kilograms heavy. Liu Jie looked up and found that the youth sitting next to him was smiling brightly.

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