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Chapter 352: Insect Queen’s Flaw

Chapter 352: Insect Queen’s Flaw

Liu Jie had returned.

Otherwise, a foodie like the Mother of Bloodbath would never be so passionate about breakfast.

As expected, when Lin Yuan got downstairs, he noticed that Liu Jie was carrying out the breakfast that he had just made in the kitchen.

Before Lin Yuan could even see what was for breakfast, just from the fragrance, he knew that Liu Jie had probably steamed some soup dumplings and also crab roe dumplings.

Lin Yuan originally thought he was already fast enough, but he realized that he was the last to arrive downstairs. Hu Quan was already happily waiting for the food.

From Hu Quan’s spiritual state and the completely jade-textured wooden shavings in the main hall, Lin Yuan could guess that Hu Quan had probably burned the entire night working again.

Wen Yu was helping out Liu Jie to serve the baskets of soup dumplings and crab roe dumplings on that completely jade-textured wooden dining table.

Before they could finish serving, the baskets were already stacked so high, however, no matter how many dumplings there were, it was probably not enough for the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer.

Endless Summer was a Suzerain/Myth fey and required a lot of food, but it wasn’t especially passionate about food.

At present, Endless Summer was holding onto a small mirror and fiddling with its hair. Once it saw Lin Yuan coming down, it ran over and said, “Lin Yuan, the Star Web live-stream that you recommended to watch is truly brilliant! This is my first time knowing that color could give hair new life.”

Lin Yuan also revealed a handsome but puzzled expression. Didn’t I ask Endless Summer to watch the dressing combination? What has that got to do with the hair?

Since Endless Summer was so happy, Lin Yuan followed the topic and said, “Actually, there are times when a single color might not be as nice as imagined.”

Lin Yuan recalled yesterday when Endless Summer wore an entire suit of green that made someone feel nervous, so he couldn’t help but give this comment.

Endless Summer nodded excitedly and agreed. “I feel so too. It isn’t called fashion without at least three colors. More than five colors is called taste!”

Lin Yuan also revealed another handsomely puzzled expression. What he said just now was to subtly tell Endless Summer that green would look much better than complemented with other colors. But if it was a simple color, there wouldn’t be any problem for it to be just one color.

Furthermore, two to three colors on a dressing should be more than enough. If there were more than five colors, wouldn’t it look like a Christmas tree?

The Mother of Bloodbath saw that Endless Summer still had things to discuss with Lin Yuan, so it grabbed the mirror from Endless Summer and said, “Big Sister Summer, let’s eat first. We can talk about anything after eating!”

Endless Summer sat at the dining table and said to the Mother of Bloodbath, “Little Sister Blood, I have noticed a secret to fashion. Later on, we will go out, and I shall help you make a design. I promise you will like it.”

Lin Yuan felt that he had merely given Endless Summer a method to dress simply, so how could there be such a great inspiration? How did she actually connect fashion with hairstyle? Could it be Endless Summer’s innate fashion taste!?

It was just a live-stream on dressing combination. How could it allow Endless Summer to become ‘Summer Stylish’?

Everyone had a very comforting breakfast in the manor. One had to admit that Liu Jie’s culinary skills were truly brilliant.

Liu Jie had made all sorts of different fillings with the dumplings, allowing the Mother of Bloodbath to have a satisfactory meal.

Just as they were finishing the meal and when Lin Yuan wanted to ask Liu Jie about the Radiance Hundred Sequence rankings, Liu Jie spoke to Lin Yuan in a very solemn manner.

“Lin Yuan, had it not been for you who upgraded my Insect Queen into a Fantasy Breed, and allowing my Insect Queen’s Platinum ability to have the genetic model of the Hurricane Owlet Moth, I might not even have made it to the top 70 of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.”

Liu Jie had a very serious expression when speaking. Liu Jie originally thought that he could reserve Insect Queen’s Platinum ability during the Radiance Hundred test and keep it as his trump card.

However, when Liu Jie had challenged the current Radiance Hundred Sequence #30, Invisible Twine, Lan Baobao, he had nearly messed up.

Lan Baobao’s trump card, which he had never been exposed, was revealed during the duel with Liu Jie.

Liu Jie would have failed if he hadn’t made a prompt decision to use the Insect Queen’s Platinum ability to produce seven Hurricane Owlet Moths, allowing the moths to create a hurricane and control the duel.

This had allowed Liu Jie to realize that he wasn’t the only person that had improved. His previous comrades hadn’t stayed down like him for over three years and might have improved significantly.

At the same time, the duel with Sequence #30 Invisible Twine had allowed Liu Jie to feel his limitations in combat.

The limitation was the fact that Liu Jie could only contract with the Insect Queen. The Insect Queen had nearly taken up all of Liu Jie’s spiritual energy, so he couldn’t contract another fey or lifeform.

According to the Insect Queen’s trait, Liu Jie would never be able to form a contract with another fey or source-type lifeform in this life.

The Platinum Insect Queen was powerful as it could produce five types of insects.

There was an absolute advantage in numbers, allowing Liu Jie to be like an insect swarm on the battlefield. However, as Liu Jie got stronger, he encountered stronger opponents. As such, the problem with the Insect Queen slowly surfaced.

Among the five insect species feys that the Insect Queen used as its abilities, Liu Jie might be able to choose and use them to coordinate with each other flawlessly. However, apart from the Hurricane Owlet Moth, the four other insect species feys had relatively simple genetic models.

It simply meant that they were rather weak. There were times when numbers didn’t mean advantage.

When the numbers reached a standard, individual strength was also very important.

When the Insect Queen’s grade got higher, its abilities’ insect-species feys would get stronger as well. However, as compared to others who had multiple Fantasy Breed feys, Liu Jie would be inferior.

Therefore, this duel for the Radiance Hundred Sequence position had given Liu Jie no choice but to face his problem directly. Therefore, Liu Jie’s feelings had been rather heavy until now.

If this carried on, even if the Insect Queen evolved to the Diamond grade and added on another powerful insect species fey with a simple genetic model, it might increase Liu Jie’s combat strength, but it would never give Liu Jie a significant leap in strength.

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