Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 344: Two Horns on the Head

Chapter 344: Two Horns on the Head

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Lin Yuan had now completely cleared the spirit pool, and only Blackie was left swimming without restraint inside. He looked at its cheerful appearance and felt a headache.

Although it was considered an animal, it was actually similar to the Jasmine Lily in terms of intelligence. Blackie looked quite humane, but it actually had a silly, cheerful nature, as if it could understand anything. When it had nothing to do, it would blow bubbles in the spirit pool.

This was like a student who understood nothing in class and was always nodding, contemplating, and interacting with the teacher with an expression that he understood. In fact, he was thinking of a simple thing such as eating potato chips and drinking Coca-Cola on a big bed alone.

Lin Yuan had completely overestimated Blackie’s intelligence. Previously, he had always thought that something was going on between Blackie and the Five Fortune Ranchu, but it suddenly occurred to him that Blackie was... also a female fish!

Later on, Lin Yuan found out that Blackie was not interested in the Five Fortune Ranchu. The size of the Five Fortune Ranchu was not much different from Blackie’s, and Blackie treated the female Five Fortune Ranchu as its playmate.

At that moment, Lin Yuan issued a command to Blackie. Then he threw the black Legend Dragon’s Mouth Orchid flower into the spirit pool. This was the moment that Blackie would stimulate the metamorphosis of the dragon-species bloodline in its body for the second time.

Fish feys were not smart, and even high-grade ones were not too smart before they became Myth Breeds. This was why there was the common saying, “The memory of a fish lasts for only seven seconds”.

However, if Blackie could evolve toward a dragon-species fey, then its intelligence would be raised to another notch.

Blackie swam toward the Legend Dragon’s Mouth Orchid flower with Lin Yuan’s command. Just as Blackie swallowed it, Lin Yuan could sense the accumulated dragon-species power in its body explode instantly.

Although Blackie was already a Spirit-Gather Goldfish, it still looked like a Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. The moment the dragon power burst out, Blackie immediately sank to the bottom of the spirit pool under the intense pain.

Immediately after that, it tossed and constantly slammed its body against the spirit pool’s base with great force. Its black scales were considered hard, and it suffered no damage during the first few hits against the spirit pool’s base.

However, after it constantly slammed against the spirit pool’s base again and again due to unbearable pain, the black scales on its body had slowly loosened. Even its fish fins and tail had been damaged under the crazy slamming, causing an opening to form on them.

Through this opening, Lin Yuan could even see the golden disc and the deep-sea Butterfly Shell flowers at the bottom of the spirit pool filled with energy ores.

Although Blackie did not have high intelligence, a contractor and a fey could sense each other’s feelings and thoughts. It was just like how Lin Yuan could completely sense the pain from the depths of Blackie’s soul.

It was a process of destruction and renewal of all the cells in its body under its bloodline activation.

Lin Yuan naturally felt very sorry for Blackie’s pain. However, he also knew that it was useless. He could not reduce a trace of the pain that Blackie had to endure.

A sword tip comes from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from the cold1.

If a person wanted to gain knowledge to become the best person, he would need endless hard work, let alone the metamorphosis of a species bloodline like Blackie’s.

The red blood flowed through the ruptured scale armor from its body into the spirit pool and disintegrated into spirit qi by the spirit pool before being injected into the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

If it was not because Blackie’s bulging bulb-like eyes were not damaged, Lin Yuan probably would never have recognized that this badly mangled fish in the spirit pool was actually Blackie.

There were no more scales on Blackie to be seen, and it was using the softest flesh to slam the spirit pool’s base.

The badly mangled Blackie was still crazily slamming the spirit pool’s base to vent the pain that gushed throughout its body. Each impact must have caused a handful of blood.

Lin Yuan quietly accompanied Blackie as it walked its most difficult path in its life.

For Blackie, if this Legend Dragon’s Mouth Orchid had not been found in the Endless Forest unexpectedly, it would have really been a blessing that could not be asked for.

Since it was a blessing, it had to endure no matter how hard it was. Fish belonged to the pool and would become dragons after encountering difficulties.

At that moment, the Legend Dragon’s Mouth Orchid flower was the ‘difficulty’ for Blackie’s transformation.

As Blackie’s contractor, Lin Yuan had been standing at the spirit pool’s side to accompany it.

He silently watched the second dragon-species bloodline metamorphosis. It was like after a Spirit-Siphon Goldfish awakened its dragon-species bloodline for the first time and became a Spirit-Gather Goldfish.

Lin Yuan clenched his fists tightly and watched the pain of his contracted fey growing and metamorphosing. He was both heartbroken and happy at the same time. Blackie would no longer have ups and downs in the future after crossing this path.

Although Blackie was still badly mangled, the red blood that flowed out slowly contained a gold color. However, Blackie’s eyes that were as large as a light bulb seemed to be detached from itself. They were constantly pushing toward the top of the head.

A touch of gold appeared where Blackie’s eyes were and was constantly deepening.

When the gold color turned completely dark gold, Blackie was quiet all of a sudden and sank to the bottom of the pool, lying there as if it had no strength.

Lin Yuan observed carefully and found that a thin layer of tough skin had grown out of Blackie’s body. Immediately after that, its two big eyes formed two small black horns, seemingly containing dark gold with black on the top of its head.

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