Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 337: The Chance to Fully Pledge Allegiance

Chapter 337: The Chance to Fully Pledge Allegiance

Listen also understood that this veteran faction had enmeshed and caused him to reach rock bottom. Although this veteran faction had not stepped in when the Creation Masters left the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, its vague shadow was still there.

If Listen let this veteran faction intervene with the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s development, he would have no confrontation power after it established its presence.

Perhaps in less than a month, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce would have completely changed hands and belong to this veteran faction. Thus, he had used up all his network of resources he had maintained all these years during this crisis.

In the end, he found that he was not qualified to interact with Class 4 Creation Masters.

Even if he offered a premium price on the market and took out more source-type items, he still did not have this qualification.

This made Listen understand how strong, precious, and terrifying Creation Masters’ resources were.

At the last moment, he thought of Lin Yuan, who had only traded with him once. Lin Yuan had become Listen’s last straw to clutch at.

Listen actually did not have much hope. He only wanted to try his best. He did not expect Lin Yuan would turn out to be the driftwood that could save him.

Strong gratitude emerged out of Listen’s exhausted look. Suddenly, his heart sank. Before Lin Yuan replied, he typed a message.

Listen: “Expert, are you interested in chambers of commerce?”

After sending this message, it was as if he had suddenly lost all the strength in his body. Listen had used his ability and means to save the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce for the past three years. He had always had a clear understanding of himself.

His high emotional intelligence and ability to win people’s hearts were simply unworthy to be mentioned when facing the veteran faction.

There was a time for manpower!

Listen had always positioned his talents on development, not on production reserves. Unfortunately, what the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce had given to Listen had always been a mess, one after another. There were no resources or time for Listen to develop the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

However, he felt relieved now. This was the last effort that he could make for the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

Lin Yuan was about to reply to Listen’s message. He did not expect that before he did so, Listen would send another message.

Lin Yuan could not help but hook the corners of his mouth and say silently, “It seems that I was right.”

Lin Yuan actually did not intend to reply to him. He only wanted to complete the transaction and get the six source-type items for resource accumulation. However, when he saw the words ‘chambers of commerce’, he was quite impressed.

Stores that sold spiritual ingredients and feys on Star Web mostly got their sources from those large and small chambers of commerce.

For example, the energy ores, Butterfly Shells, and Spirit-Siphon Goldfish he had purchased from Zhou Jiaxin’s Star Web store actually came from these chambers of commerce.

Some precious spiritual ingredients and feys often had to be purchased or auctioned from the Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

However, some daily consumption of ordinary spiritual ingredients and circulation of ordinary feys had been greatly occupied by these chambers of commerce in the Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan consumed a lot of low-grade resources daily, and his consumption of energy ores was getting greater and greater.

If Lin Yuan could control a chamber of commerce, whatever he did in the future could be much more convenient.

In the future, he would no longer have to go through the hassle of purchasing low-grade spiritual ingredients and energy ores from Star Web every time.

A chamber of commerce’s resources were priced differently on Star Web. Even if Lin Yuan bought resources from Zhou Jiaxin’s store, he was also earning a portion of the money, which was much better.

However, the price difference was huge from directly buying resources from a chamber of commerce.

It was challenging to apply for the qualification of a chamber of commerce in the Radiance Federation alone. Moreover, a chamber of commerce’s most valuable thing was not only its qualification but also its small detailed methods.

Every relationship that a chamber of commerce established with a Star Web store was akin to a steady income. In the factions’ eyes, even a small chamber of commerce was considered a quality resource.

This was also the reason the veteran faction had been eyeing the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce, which had been in dire straits.

Lin Yuan felt that he should meet Listen on Star Web, so he sent a message.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Bring your 11 source-type items to the Star Web Meeting Center!”

Then, Lin Yuan took the lead and headed over.

When Listen saw Lin Yuan’s message, he suddenly felt blood rush straight to his brain. He was worry-free and felt relaxed a moment ago, and nervous and apprehensive emotions crept up now.

Listen could not see through Lin Yuan’s real thoughts from his message. It was reasonable to assume their meeting on Star Web was akin to giving him a chance to talk.

However, Lin Yuan had also asked him to bring 11 source-type items. It seemed that he just wanted to pick the source-type items to complete the previous transaction.

The disheartened Listen vaguely saw a ray of hope while being apprehensive. He was not afraid that hope was hard to come by. He was only afraid that he might not even have the chance to seize the hope.

At that moment, Listen became unusually firm.

How could a person who might be drowned by the incoming waves at any time not grasp this rare opportunity?

However, ‘Deep Mountain Elder Lin’, who he had never seen but had a transaction with him once, had given him the hope of courage. This was a kind of feeling like ‘a long lane that has no turning’.

This made Listen, who was used to relying on himself and had nobody to rely on, feel cherished. Nonetheless, Listen still had to strive on this path.

Listen knew that the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce was not worth mentioning in front of a power that could casually take out Bronze/Epic feys.

Listen headed to the Star Web Meeting Center with a determined yet apprehensive mood.

When Listen arrived at the place, he saw a cheerful youth with a natural aura sitting quietly, waiting for him. A flash of shock flashed through Listen’s eyes.

Although Listen had heard that the Purchase With No Loss store’s owner was a young man, and many people compared him with the young hero, Black, he had never really believed those words.

This was because Listen could not imagine that a young man could actually own a faction that had a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master and could easily take out Bronze/Epic feys.

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