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Chapter 309: Law Crystal

Chapter 309: Law Crystal

Lin Yuan immediately heard a sound that resembled iron getting shattered.

Immediately after, Lin Yuan saw the Mother of Bloodbath pulling a black crystal the size of a fingernail out of the Suzerain/Myth II Night Calamity Crow.

The black crystal seemed to have a layer of unclear night mist that was flowing around, and it looked as though something was constantly getting corroded. It felt like the night mist could corrode anything into ashes.

Endless Summer looked at the fingernail-sized black crystal and said, “This is the Night Death Law Rune, and it has a kind of withering power. This Law Crystal is extremely complete and doesn’t have received any damage.”

When Lin Yuan heard the words, ‘Law Crystal’, his eyes immediately widened. He then carefully looked at the black crystal that was in the Mother of Bloodbath’s hands.

Lin Yuan had heard of the Law Crystal from the Moon Empress. Only Myth Breed feys would produce Law Crystals, so Lin Yuan hadn’t asked about them in detail. He didn’t think he would have the chance to see one.

The Mother of Bloodbath noticed Lin Yuan’s observant eyes and handed this the black crystal to him. “Keep it well. This is truly a rare treasure.”

Subsequently, the Mother of Bloodbath cleared its throat and explained, “When a Myth Breed fey perishes, the Law Rune that it comprehended won’t vanish. It will be crystallized into the Law Crystal.

“However, it is very rare for a Law Crystal to be this complete. After all, a Suzerain/Myth fey will use its law rune during combat.

“Once the Law Rune’s energy is used or if it clashes with other Law Runes, there will be cracks.

“Once a fey reaches Myth II, it will comprehend a method to burn Willpower Runes. That’s why most of the Law Crystals are cracked and seldom complete.”

Lin Yuan couldn’t help asking in return, “What about this Law Crystal?”

When asking this question, Lin Yuan had a conjecture in his mind.

The Mother of Bloodbath took the Night Calamity Crow’s corpse and started to disassemble it while it said, “That is because this idiotic crow didn’t manage to use the Law Rune in time before dying. Big Sister Xia’s Enlightenment Law Rune is able to calm the thoughts too.

“Because of Big Sister Xia’s full-powered attack, my sneak assault, along with the final blow, it ended the Night Calamity Crow’s life, allowing us to have this complete Law Crystal.

“When a Myth III fey perishes, the Law Crystal will be different too. Take a look at the darkness-elemental Law Crystal that you have. Doesn’t it have two golden notches? Each golden notch represents the Myth grade of the fey.”

When the Mother of Bloodbath explained until this point, it suddenly saw an image of the Moon Empress smiling creepily at her. The Mother of Bloodbath felt that chills coursed down its entire body.

If the Moon Empress finds out that I am imparting knowledge to Lin Yuan, she will certainly mark this as a feud.

As Lin Yuan was listening seriously, the Mother of Bloodbath suddenly spoke softly. “The next time you have a question and answer session with the Moon Empress, don’t tell her that I have explained about this topic before. It is better to use the Moon Empress’ knowledge as it is more accurate.

“Here, I have already sorted out all of the spiritual ingredients that could be found from this pinnacle Suzerain/Myth II Night Calamity Crow.

“However, none of these spiritual ingredients are superior to that Law Crystal with the two notches.”

Lin Yuan received the spiritual ingredients that were disassembled and sorted by the Mother of Bloodbath. He had a sudden feeling that the Mother of Bloodbath was simply a poultry butcher specialist as this Night Calamity Crow was butchered cleanly.

But be it the ingredients obtained from the Night Calamity Crow or that black Law Crystal, they weren’t useful to Lin Yuan right now.

Putting aside the rare spiritual ingredients from a Suzerain/Myth II fey, that Law Crystal could only be obtained if one could instantly kill a Suzerain/Myth II fey. How many individuals in this world had such strength?

This Suzerain/Myth II Night Calamity Crow was truly Lin Yuan’s treasure. Be it the Heaven and Earth Fey, Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree, or the orange-gold metal disc, they were all things that Lin Yuan wouldn’t be able to obtain so easily.

Finally, the Night Calamity Crow fulfilled its responsibility to the greatest extent by delivering itself to him. Lin Yuan was truly overfed right now.

Endless Summer looked at the environment of the Endless Forest and felt emotional as she said, “Ever since I gained wisdom, I have never left this place. But in the future, I will be visiting all the mountains and rivers.”

Endless Summer sounded rather reluctant to leave, but she looked forward to the future more.

For animal- and insect-species feys, as long as they could survive until Normal grade, they would be able to travel the world and see all sorts of sceneries. On the other hand, Endless Summer was only able to leave the soil after reaching Myth III.

Seeing that Endless Summer was fine now and that her grade was already stable, Lin Yuan immediately mentioned his objective for this trip.

“Endless Summer, the Mother of Bloodbath said that you have the resources to upgrade Red Thorn from Epic to Legend quality? I wonder if you are able to upgrade Red Thorn’s quality?”

Lin Yuan already summoned Red Thorn as he spoke, and Red Thorn’s thornless vine immediately wrapped around his wrist.

Lin Yuan was able to sense Red Thorn’s emotions; apart from reliance, there was also a sense of relief.

Lin Yuan suddenly realized that he had been focusing on his own matters during this period and neglected his partner feys, be it Genius, Chimey, Red Thorn, or Morbius.

To him, he had family, friends, and plenty of feys. However, for each of his contracted fey, they only had him. Because as their contractor, he was their everything.

At that moment, Morbius’ voice suddenly rang in Lin Yuan’s mind. “Yuan, for each and every one of us, having you around is the greatest blessing. You don’t have to consider too much about us. Focus on your path because we still have a long time with you, an entire lifetime.”

After hearing Morbius’ words, Lin Yuan’s mind flashed with the words, ‘an entire lifetime’.

Lin Yuan said softly in his spiritual spatial zone, “A lifetime is the longest time in a human’s life. It is truly great to have all of you around in this lifetime.”

When treating a fey, a person’s attitude was actually very easily identified from the interactions between the spirit qi professional and the contracted feys.

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