Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 304: I Couldn’t Win You Even if I Didn’t Sneak Attack You

Chapter 304: I Couldn’t Win You Even if I Didn’t Sneak Attack You

Lin Yuan noticed that the Mother of Bloodbath’s peculiar yet pleasant voice sounded stern.

“I smell a pinnacle Suzerain/Myth II fey in front.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan did not really understand what the Mother of Bloodbath meant.

Although the possibility of such feys appearing in the depths of the Endless Forest was very low, it was still possible!

However, Lin Yuan frowned. He had heard the Mother of Bloodbath mention before that this area should be a Suzerain/Myth Breed fey’s territory. Otherwise, it would not have forbidden flying in the air.

After a fey reached Suzerain, no matter what species it was, they would have an extremely strong sense of territory.

Except for some feys used to living together as a family, like the mandarin duck feys, few Suzerain feys would live together in a territory. The temperament and living habits of Suzerain/Myth Breed feys were different. Thus, the rules within the territory of each Suzerain/Myth Breed fey were different as well.

Since the Mother of Bloodbath was aware of the Suzerain fey in this territory, the aura of the pinnacle Suzerain/Myth II fey that it had mentioned just now was clearly not the one that the Mother of Bloodbath was familiar with.

The Mother of Bloodbath cautiously said in a cold voice, “This pinnacle Suzerain/Myth II fey’s aura contains a dark and stinky smell. It’s the same as the smell of the Myth Breed fey back in the dimensional rift.”

Upon hearing the Mother of Bloodbath’s words, Lin Yuan immediately knew how serious it was. The Mother of Bloodbath looked very grim now, and it was in a bit of a dilemma.

Although the Mother of Bloodbath was also a Suzerain/Myth II fey, it had just reached Myth II. If it really fought against a pinnacle Suzerain/Myth II fey, the Mother of Bloodbath did not dare to say that it would definitely be its match.

The Mother of Bloodbath did not care about its own safety, but it now had Lin Yuan. As a party involved in the battle, the Mother of Bloodbath was simply unable to ensure Lin Yuan’s safety while fighting.

When Lin Yuan saw the Mother of Bloodbath’s expression, he smiled brightly and revealed his white teeth.

He immediately took a wooden token out of the Diamond fey storage box, cupped it in his hands, and said, “My master gave me this. She said that when I use this source-type Extreme Token, I can immediately release a one-time moonlight domain.”

The Mother of Bloodbath’s expression immediately relaxed. With this trump card on hand, Lin Yuan would use the moonlight domain engraved within this Extreme Token when he was in danger. Under the moonlight domain’s protection, probably nobody could hurt Lin Yuan in this world.

The last time Lin Yuan had helped the Mother of Bloodbath survive the World Cleansing, it had been akin to giving it a new lease of life. In the Mother of Bloodbath’s opinion, it was not only Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, but he was also its benefactor. In peril, the Mother of Bloodbath was willing to protect him with its life.

At that moment, Lin Yuan only felt the white snow on the ground under his feet instantly melt into the soil. Then the land became barren in the blink of an eye.

The fertile land in the depths of the Endless Forest lost all its nutrients. It turned into a dry land without nutrients and was covered in ravines.

Then, a desperate and furious shout sounded.

“You actually plotted against me while I was breaking through! I’m going to make you pay for this with your life!”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan could sense a desperation in that voice as if its way had been blocked, as well as the anger of being brutally hurt with ruthless methods.

A brash, malicious peal of laughter echoed. This voice sounded a little like the sound of scraping a blackboard with fingernails, sharp and hoarse.

Although this voice spoke the human language, when Lin Yuan heard this voice, he immediately sensed it was unique from a kind of avian fey.

This voice belonged to that dark-type Suzerain/Myth Breed avian fey that the Mother of Bloodbath had said its aura had appeared in the controlled Class 3 dimensional rift,

if it were to be said that Chimey’s voice was extremely pleasant among the avian feys, then Lin Yuan really could not think of a more unpleasant voice than this avian fey.

“If it wasn’t because you were evolving into Myth III, I couldn’t beat you even without sneak attacking you!”

It sounded very insolent, but there was some shamelessness of a weak mentality. As early as when it heard that shout, the Mother of Bloodbath’s expression had turned very ugly.

At that moment, the insolence in that unpleasant voice unique of an avian fey slowly turned vicious.

“You just used the Willpower Rune to communicate with heaven and earth to prepare to experience the World Cleansing. The World Cleansing is coming soon. I took out your tree core at this time. With your tree core and the World Grace that will descend after you survive the World Cleansing, it should be enough for me to break through my current quality!”

When Lin Yuan heard that, he knew things were bad. Even though having their tree core ripped out was not as bad as dying immediately like an animal having their heart ripped out, plant feys would be akin to losing all their energy essence without the tree core.

Although they might be able to recondense the tree core after a long period of recuperation, the plant feys’ grade would remain the same during that period. Also, they would continue to be in a weakened state of having damaged roots.

Take the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus as an example. In order to produce a new tree core, it had always been absorbing the huge amount of pure spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. But even after such a long time, its tree core still had not yet been condensed.

On the contrary, the Cinnabar Osmanthus Haworthia on the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus had regained its health. It was absorbing a huge amount of pure spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone and slowly growing.

The Mother of Bloodbath ground its teeth, while its expression turned cold, full of worry. It transformed into a palm-sized red spider and landed on Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

“Lin Yuan, I’ve withdrawn all of my aura. Take me nearby carefully.”

Upon sensing the anxiety in the Mother of Bloodbath’s tone, Lin Yuan immediately understood what it meant. The Mother of Bloodbath was going to sneak attack the avian fey. After all, it was a fey that was good at assassination.

Only when suddenly sneaking an attack could the Mother of Bloodbath show its full strength. It could even double its killing power during an unexpected moment.

Lin Yuan quickly walked forward and held the source-type Extreme Token tightly in his palm.

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