Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2740 Divine Kingdom Ability: Bloodline Abundant Harvest!

Chapter 2740 Divine Kingdom Ability: Bloodline Abundant Harvest!

Green Vine was silently enduring this singular biggest transformation in its life. It trusted Lin Yuan to ensure its safety. All of this suffering would eventually culminate in its grade and quality evolution!

At that moment, Green Vine could sense that its soul was transforming from the inside out. This transformation was very foreign to Green Vine.

However, this change did cause Green Vine's soul to come into contact with a mystical space.

When Lin Yuan checked on Green Vine's condition, he saw that its aura had changed enormously in the span of an instant.

Previously, its aura was very similar to that of the Abyss Great Emperor. But it was now clearly more powerful and profound than the Abyss Great Emperor's aura!

Spring stepped in front of Lin Yuan for the first time.

"Lord Saint, you don't have to worry even if a big commotion occurs later. When a World Emperor/Divine Kingdom expert evolves in a Class 2 world, they will definitely attract a lot of attention to this Class 2 world.

"This Class 2 world's wills will also naturally reject the Perfect Touch Wisteria. These are all obstacles to its evolution, and I will be here to remove them!"

While Spring was speaking, Green Vine's life seemed to be extinguished. Its Eternal Heart was burned to destruction, and its spirit fire had stopped burning.

Yet, the aura in its soul was becoming increasingly strong and concentrated!

The main world's sky resembled a choppy sea. Streaks of black and purple scars appeared in the sky, and it looked as though the entire sky had cracked open.

All of the phenomena in the sky were directed at Green Vine.

This was similar to when Night Leaning Moon used her 10 Stars sacred source lifeform to trigger celestial phenomena.

All the lifeforms in the main world could see the phenomena in the sky.

These phenomena were just as startling as the dead spirits crisis. It might even be more astonishing than the dead spirits crisis!

After all, the dead spirits crisis came from underground, and the main world's lifeforms were able to get a clear look at underground happenings. However, they were able to observe the sky clearly.

Lin Yuan was receiving a stack of messages through the Thoughts Letter Paper. Most of them contained questions about the phenomena in the sky.

The dead spirits crisis had just ended, and most of the leaders of factions in the main world were still mentally drained. Any blow would be enough to shock them.

Moreover, the current phenomena in the sky were truly staggering.

As time went by, more energy accumulated in the sky. If the energy was unleashed on the earth, it would annihilate most of the bases on the main world and at least 1/3 of the lifeforms!

Even if the dead spirits crisis was allowed to proceed unrestrained, it would not cause such destruction in such a short span!

Lin Yuan replied to the Moon Empress first.

[Lin Yuan]: Master, don't worry. There are no problems, and everything is going well! The phenomena in the sky are triggered by one of my feys undergoing a breakthrough. Once it has evolved, the phenomena will disappear on their own!

Lin Yuan did not hide anything from the Moon Empress and told her the truth.

The Moon Empress was taken aback.

She had assumed that this was either part of the aftermath of the dead spirits crisis or the work of a hidden faction that was more powerful than Tower Canon!

She had never expected such force to come from the evolution of one of Lin Yuan's feys!

If that were the case, there was no need for the Moon Empress to be concerned. Given her understanding of Lin Yuan, he had to have made advance preparations for his fey's evolution.

An increase in Lin Yuan's fey's combat power benefited the Radiance Federation and all the humans.

Lin Yuan sent the same reply to Wen Yu and Liu Jie as he did to the Moon Empress.

However, he did not send such detailed explanations to others. All he said was that the phenomena taking place in the sky would not negatively impact the world.

Now that Lin Yuan had accounted for the phenomena in the sky, the factions in the main world were no longer as concerned about the subsequent effects.

It was said that there was always someone to catch you when the sky fell. To all of the factions, Lin Yuan was the one who would catch them! Since Lin Yuan was there as a safety net for them, there was no need for the leaders of other factions to be worried!

Iron Prison announced the sentencing and results after dealing with Mang Shui.

Tian Feng did not have any objections.

Iron Prison also had not considered Tian Feng's feelings at all.

He never considered others in his actions. Moreover, he knew that if Tian Feng truly cared about Mang Shui and wanted to save him, he would not have handed Mang Shui over to him!

Mang Shui needed to be eliminated to give a proper warning to those who had dishonest intentions.

These people might not necessarily be blinded by greed like Mang Shui was.

After the dead spirits crisis came to an end, the Radiance Federation would undergo an overhaul.

Although the dead spirits crisis had lasted for a short time, it had still left an enormous impact on the entire main world!

Lin Yuan was also preparing to divide the benefits. The benefits would allow the main world's factions to at least double their power.

When the resources were being distributed, greed would surge within many factions. This kind of greed would have a large influence on the Radiance Federation.

This warning would remove at least 30% of the potential greed.

If there were any factions that did not rein in their greed after witnessing what happened to Mang Shui, Iron Prison would not show them any mercy!

Tian Feng usually protected his own interests and covered up for others' shortcomings. However, his actions usually aligned with Iron Prison's in matters of great importance.

If Tian Feng continued to overlook shortcomings regarding such matters, the impacts would be overwhelmingly negative! It would also cause Iron Prison to doubt Tian Feng's worthiness as a member of royalty!

The Moon Empress immediately quelled the concerns about the phenomena in the sky and began taking the first steps in changing the Radiance Federation.

Even after the Moon Empress was done issuing most of her orders, the phenomena in the sky had yet to cease. Rather, they seemed to have changed significantly.

This current could not be compared to its initial stage!

Nonetheless, the Moon Empress was not worried. Instead, she was shocked at the power of Lin Yuan's fey that was currently evolving!

This evolving fey had already surpassed the level she currently comprehended.

In the past, it was always her replying to Lin Yuan's questions.

The Moon Empress still believed that there was a need to hold question-and-answer questions. But from now on, she would be the one asking, and he would be the one answering!

The Moon Empress had a strong desire for knowledge and wanted to learn about everything she did not know.

In the past two days, Lin Yuan watched Spring fend off attack after attack for Green Vine. However, she did not fully fend off the attacks, only enough so that a portion could be left for Green Vine to train its body.

Green Vine's main body was destroyed and recovered repeatedly. Each time it recovered from destruction, its body's durability was fundamentally improved.

Green Vine's miniature divine kingdom had already formed.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on Green Vine.

[Fey Name]: Perfect Touch Wisteria

[Fey Species]: Strong armor wisteria species/long wisteria species

[Fey Grade]: World Emperor (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Wood

[Fey Quality]: Elementary Divine Kingdom

[Divine Kingdom Grade]: Miniature


[Forbidden Growth]: After contracting any lifeform, it can break the limit that comes with the contract. As long as it has sufficient energy, it will be able to continuously increase its power. When it has absorbed the maximum amount of energy, it will be able to comprehend a required Willpower Rune.

[Peak Sturdiness]: A large amount of the absorbed energy can be used up to increase the durability of the vines. When injured, the energy can also be used to repair the vines.

[Long Vine Application]: Choose two vines that will be applied to one vine. The vine with the two vines applied on it will be able to gain the two vines' abilities.

[Paralyzing Vine Sap]: When damage is sustained, the vine sap with paralyzing effects can be sprayed out from the wound.

[Brutally Pushing Out of Soil]: When faced with the opponent's defenses, the seeds' sprouting strength can be activated to help break past the opponent's defenses.

[Root's Parasitic Restraints]: Pick a target and the target's body will become soil where roots will grow. The roots will absorb the target's vitality to cause harm to the target.

[Splitting Illusionary Spikes]: When the illusionary spikes pierce a target's body, the illusionary spikes will turn into a seed that will germinate in the target's body and produce even more illusionary spikes.

[Avoidance Wedge]: Every time the Perfect Touch Wisteria is injured, a wedge will grow over its surface. Every three layers will turn into a sharp spike that will be able to increase the vines' effects while boosting them.

[Combined Vines Defense]: Pick a target to apply to and help it to defend against external attacks. The Perfect Touch Wisteria's own vitality will be sacrificed to protect the target it is applied to.

[Climbing Vine Armor Transformation]: Its body will transform into an armor, and its body will be linked to the target's energy source. In its armor state, its bloodline will be boosted, and the effects will show after the armor state is removed.

Exclusive Skill:

[Swallow Same Source]: Every vine will have the same grade and quality, but they can be separated to act as individual entities. Every vine can consume something and take control of its attributes. The swallowed entity cannot be spat out, but an even higher-level item can replace it. (Once it gains attributes, the vine cannot be separated again.)

[Broken Vine Replacement]: When a vine is destroyed during combat, another vine can be picked to take on the damage instead to save the first vine.

[Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn]: The energy within the vines can be gathered at a certain spot. An illusionary thorn composed of energy will sprout from this spot. The illusionary thorn will be undetectable.

[Tactile Vine Wood World]: All of the wood-type energy and vitality stored within the vines will be released. The wood-type energy and vitality will transform into a large number of vines. The vines will intertwine and form a world of vines. The main body will fuse with this world to attack targets. Before the wooden world is broken, all the damage sustained by the main body will be reduced and shouldered by the wooden world.

[Entire Body Medium]: Sacrifice the item that the vine had absorbed and release the source of the item through a medium. The released source will not have any knowledge but will possess all of its original power. (Compare the proportion of energy that the source comprises of within the item to determine how long the released source will be able to remain outside.)

[Vine Tempering Garrotte]: Use the long vines to garrotte other lifeforms. If the target's bloodline is more elite than that of the Perfect Touch Wisteria, it can absorb the target's bloodline to strengthen its own bloodline. This will also strengthen every vine that has absorbed an entity through Swallow Same Source.

Divine Kingdom Abilities:

[Bloodline Abundant Harvest]: When the divine tree growing in the divine kingdom consumes a corpse and its bloodline, fruits bearing the bloodline power will grow on the tree. The concentration of bloodline power in the fruit will be linked to the faith power supplied to the tree by the divine tree. The more faith power is supplied, the stronger the concentration of bloodline power in the fruits.

Lin Yuan saw that Green Vine was now a World Emperor I/Elementary Divine Kingdom expert. The grade of its divine kingdom was miniature.

Normally, Green Vine's transformation would be complete.

But the attacks descending from the sky were full of prying intentions.

It was likely that Begin Lady and Celestial Sight's evolutions into faeries had caught the attention of an expert from the Sky Beyond the Clouds, and this expert was now trying to interfere with this evolution.

There was no way that Lin Yuan could use the Abyss Great Emperor to fend off any of these attacks.

Lin Yuan could guess how Green Vine's evolution to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom would end up if Spring was not here to help!

After all the attempts to spy were stopped by Spring, Lin Yuan said seriously, "Thank you, you—"

Before Lin Yuan could finish speaking, Spring had fallen to her knees from the moment he thanked her.

"Lord Saint, I am your follower. Serving you is only the right thing to do! Your thanks gives me panic!"

Spring's reaction vexed Lin Yuan. He did not want an expert like Spring to produce such a reaction toward him at any time.

Clearly, he could not be too polite toward the members of Epoch God Palace from now on!

When Spring saw Lin Yuan move to help her up, she hurriedly stood up on her own. Shame and humility hung on her face.

Lin Yuan could sense that Spring was supplying him with a sea of faith power. The faith power from Spring alone made up 10% of all the faith power in his divine kingdom!

This was enough to show just how devout her faith was!

Previously, Lin Yuan was unable to sense the faith supplied by Spring because she had used a method to suppress her transmission of faith power.

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