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Chapter 2697 - 2697: Epoch God Palace in Action!

Chapter 2697 - 2697: Epoch God Palace in Action!

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Liu Wencheng looked at the time and said sternly, “All of you can go in now!

Later, the Radiance Hundred Sequence members will be sent to the various

Dead Spirits Wells to train. The ten of you will be the leaders. It will be good for you to gain a prior understanding of the dead spirits.”

The members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence were all experienced. However, facing the perils of the Dead Spirits Wells on Star Web would be a shock to their systems.

Albeit, Lin Yuan would not be one of those people.

Not only had he witnessed the situation around the Dead Spirits Wells, but he had personally led the demon insects to the Dead Spirits Wells to take control of them as well.

Frankly, Liu Wencheng had thought about swapping Lin Yuan out for another member of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. He knew that Lin Yuan was swamped with things to do.

He had discussed this with the Moon Empress.

She responded that it would be Lin Yuan’s decision, so Liu Wencheng asked Lin Yuan. He only sent Lin Yuan in as part of the ten people when he confirmed with Lin Yuan that he wanted this.

While Long Tao, Li Fan, and the rest had austere expressions, Lin Yuan looked excited. He looked forward to being pleasantly surprised by the Radiance Federation’s youths.

Long Tao, Wang Fan, and the rest were all veterans of the Radiance Hundred Sequence and knew Liu Wencheng well. They knew what kind of person he was. He would never repeat his warnings repeatedly unless the dangers were truly serious.

It seemed that this Radiance Hundred Sequence selection would test both the Radiance Federation’s youths and the top ten ranks of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

Tian Ningning was extremely busy checking the dueling record drafts and did not have the bandwidth for anything else.

Tian Ningning picked two capable spokespeople and gave them the information sent by the Radiance Sacred Hall’s staff so they could give a detailed introduction of the setting.

This was a good chance to demonstrate her capabilities to the Radiance citizens. Everyone assumed that she would make sure to grab the opportunity. No one expected her to give such a rare opportunity away.

In the past, it was not just Liu Hao who had doubted Tian Ningning. There were many members of the special teams who had done the same.

Tian Ningning first led the team in accomplishing the tasks and proved her abilities. Now, she was proving her character to all of Star Web’s departments.

It was rare for a supervisor to be willing to give away benefits that were supposed to belong to them.

The two spokespeople Tian Ningning chose were extremely grateful to her.

With her current reputation, no one would stop her from being one of the Star Web reporter spokespeople. Moreover, she had been a spokesperson for Black in the past.

Although she was only a Star Web reporter, she still caught the Moon Empress’ eye by being linked to Lin Yuan.

Tian Ningning had no idea that the Moon Empress had been observing her. She was very satisfied with Tian Ningning’s action.

Lin Yuan and the rest were delivered to the test ground.

Once they entered, Lin Yuan frowned slightly. This was because he could sense that the concentration of death aura in the environment was higher than what regular people could handle.

If a regular person got a whiff of this concentration of death aura, they would be dead in around 18 hours due to their bodies being infected and decaying. In around a week or two, they would become a dead spirit.

Although spirit qi professionals had stronger physiques than regular people, they could not last more than three days unless they had reached A-rank and their spiritual energy had concentrated to a certain degree.

Even A-rank spirit qi professionals who could concentrate their spiritual energy to defend themselves against death aura would not be able to last in this environment for more than a week.

Lin Yuan could tell from this environment that Liu Wencheng was taking the test extremely seriously.

The environment was a perfect copy of the concentration of death aura around actual Dead Spirits Wells.

Moreover, to ensure that the Radiance citizens could quickly understand the danger, dead dimensional lifeforms would also appear during the simulated dead spirits crisis.

With Lin Yuan included, there were six A-rank spirit qi professionals among the top ten members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence. The other four and their feys would not be able to fend off the death aura. Despite being leaders, they would not be able to last more than three days.

When Lin Yuan entered, he noticed that Liu Wencheng gave him a profound look.

The Thoughts Letter Paper could also be used on Star Web.

The top ten members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence all received a Thoughts Letter Paper so they could communicate with each other conveniently.

Lin Yuan noticed that the four members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence who had yet to reach A-rank were nearer to him. It seemed that Liu Wencheng was hoping that he could look after the B-rank spirit qi professionals.

This selection that was being broadcast on Star Web was also meant to be somewhat performative.

Hence, Lin Yuan could not allow these four members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence to fall.

Now that he had become aware of this, Lin Yuan knew what to do later.

The selection had yet to officially begin. Lin Yuan and the rest could not set up defenses in advance, but they

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