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Chapter 2510 - 2510 Repeated Stabs in the Back!

Chapter 2510 - 2510 Repeated Stabs in the Back!

2510 Repeated Stabs in the Back!

“Lord Lin Yuan is already very good to us. What we need to do now is ensure that we prove our worth is deserving of such rewards. We shouldn’t be greedy nor compete with others. If you insist on doing so, you will end up on a path of no return!”

Once Evening Crystal was done speaking, she returned to her original position.

When it came to such decisions that involved life choices, all she could do was advise Sweet Vanquish. She was unable to make decisions for him. He would not allow her to do so either.

Upon hearing Evening Crystal’s words, Sweet Vanquish quickly realized that he had overstepped his boundaries. As someone with inadequate power, he had no right to feel anger toward Eternal Source.

As long as he escaped the Earth Ancestral Palace and Hollow Earth’s control, there was nothing that Hollow Earth could do to him! When he fell out with Hollow Earth, he could choose to betray him or continue to do labor in the Earth Ancestral Palace.

But if he clashed against Eternal Source, there was no way that Lin Yuan would help him.

Even if Lin Yuan did not interfere in this matter, Eternal Source could seek him out and kill him after he fled.

Thus, if he ever lost control and let his anger explode in front of Eternal Source, the only one who would end up hurt was him.

Lin Yuan had been using the Abyss Red Lotus’ roots to take apart the Earth Ancestral Palace and rescue the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators.

Eternal Source sensed what was happening inside and said, “It seems that the entity called Earth’s Sacred Fruit is somewhat intelligent. The auras of the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators stopped disappearing from the moment you gave the order to surround the Earth Ancestral Palace. This means that that thing has stopped harming the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators.

“After sensing our auras, it chose to hide instead of attacking us. This means that it knows that its power is no match for us! All you need to do is find it, and you’ll be able to take control of it!”

The Turning Wheel Realm Dictators in the Earth Ancestral Palace were safe for now.

Although the Abyss Red Lotus allowed Lin Yuan to gain more power than Eternal Source, his sensing ability was not stronger than that of Eternal Source, especially when it came to sensing dimensional lifeforms.

Since Eternal Source said that that entity had stopped moving, there was no need for Lin Yuan to be anxious.

However, Lin Yuan could not confirm if that entity was truly the Earth’s Sacred Fruit before he sought out the entity that was absorbing the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators’ earth-elemental energy.

Frankly, this was not a difficult thing to verify.

Besides seeking out that entity, Lin Yuan could also ask Mountain Furrow, Hollow Earth, and Rock Underworld.

There could only be one possibility if they were unaware, which was that they were lying.

He needed to show off some of his power and prove to these three that he was the true boss of the subterranean world.

“Eternal Source, bring over the nine Samsara Realm Dictators who are strung up on the Abyss Red Lotus’ roots. I need to ask them something!”

Eternal Source bowed, and the nine Samsara Realm Dictators soon appeared in front of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan glanced at the nine Samsara Realm Dictators kneeling before him and didn’t bother with pleasantries as he asked straightforwardly, “Tell me, what’s happening in the Earth Ancestral Palace that’s taking the lives of so many Turning Wheel Realm Dictators?”

Lin Yuan did not use any threats. He believed that those who understood the circumstances would be aware of their situation.

Through the reactions of these Samsara Realm Dictators, Lin Yuan could judge who was smart enough to deserve to be used by him.

After hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow all looked at each other, but none spoke.

It was not that they were unaware of their circumstances. If that were the case, they would not be kneeling in front of Lin Yuan now.

It was just that the three of them were still unsure of what exactly was happening and did not know if it would be the right thing to do to tell this expert who had appeared out of nowhere about the subterranean world’s big secret.

When the eyes of Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow met, a female Samsara Realm Dictator with long gold and green hair said, “Lord, the thing in the Earth Ancestral Palace that is consuming the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators is a flower of disaster! It is planning on sacrificing the lives of all the Turning Wheel Realm Dictators to enable itself to ripen!

“I hope you can help us. Otherwise, the entire world will be destroyed by that flower! The three of them are already under that flower’s control.”

This female Dictator with long gold and green hair pointed at Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow while she spoke.

Without giving the three of them the chance to respond, she went on to say, “All these Turning Wheel Realm Dictators rushed to the Earth Ancestral Palace after receiving a summons from the three of them.”

The female Samsara Realm Dictator did not look at Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow after she was done speaking. Instead, she fixed her gaze determinedly on Lin Yuan. It was as though this invader who was going to take control of the subterranean world was actually the savior of the subterranean world.

Hollow Earth, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow would have never expected that they would receive a stab in the back at the same moment they looked at each other.

This stab in the back was meant to be lethal as it made the three of them seem like traitors of the subterranean world.

What was happening?

Hollow Earth had already been betrayed by Sweet Vanquish once. He had not expected the new Samsara Realm Dictator he had nurtured to stab him in the back as well!

Frankly, Hollow Earth had not been overly affected by Sweet Vanquish’s betrayal.

But after Demon Star’s betrayal, there was a high chance he could never make a comeback.

If an attendant he had nurtured truly ended up pushing him, Rock Underworld, and Mountain Furrow off the cliff, Rock Underworld and Mountain Furrow would definitely dump all the blame on him if they managed to survive.

Hollow Earth did not want to be targeted by Rock Underworld and Mountain Furrow.

Hollow Earth opened his mouth to defend himself. But before he could make a sound, the powerful lifeform controlling the black spikes asked, “Is the flower of disaster the Earth’s Sacred Fruit?”

Lin Yuan had posed his question to Demon Star.

After secretly listening in on Hollow Earth’s conversation, Sweet Vanquish had heard about the Earth’s Sacred Fruit.

Hollow Earth was no stranger to betrayal and mutinous subordinates due to Sweet Vanquish’s past actions. Consequently, he refrained from sharing any secret information with Demon Star, seeing her merely as labor to serve him.

Upon noticing Demon Star’s hesitation and lack of response, Lin Yuan furrowed his brows.

Considering her previous statement, it seemed evident that this female Samsara Realm Dictator with long gold and green hair intended to distance herself from Hollow Earth, Mountain Furrow, and Rock Underworld and align with Lin Yuan instead. If she indeed knew the answer, there was no reason for her to withhold it from him!

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