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Chapter 229: Breaking All Laws With One Force

Chapter 229: Breaking All Laws With One Force

Chimey’s body was burning with a glazed flame like a clear glow, just like a divine bird that had added radiance to its body. It had turned from an azure blue sparrow into its current state in just a moment.

This instant was so fast that Poison Beauty could not react in time, nor could she command any of her contracts feys.

While Poison Beauty was stunned, the Gold VII/Flawless Poison-Weaving Dark Spider instinctively used its Silver ability, Mist Transformation Spider Web, and Gold ability, Web Attachment, to produce Poisonous Spider Webs to protect itself and its contractor.

It wanted to use the Poisonous Spider Webs to stop the momentum of Chimey’s impact, but the glazed flame on Chimey’s body was simply too hot. Coupled with the fact that it had been releasing Scattered Light while charging over, the burning Scattered Light and the glazed flames on its body caused these Poisonous Spider Webs to be burned to ashes immediately at ten meters away from it.

The Silver X/Elite Carrion Parasol Mushroom was desperately releasing fungi and toxins into the air. But before any toxins could get close to Chimey, the glazed flame had burned them into nothing.

As a duelist who had experienced 1,000 Star Web duels, Poison Beauty had come back to her senses.

Two words flashed in her mind—Fantasy Breed!

This petite azure blue sparrow fey had not exerted its full strength in the previous Celestial Stairway promotion duel but had instead used its body to help Black block the energy beam. However, it was actually a Fantasy Breed.

Poison Beauty no longer had the mood to think so much. She relied on her deep combat consciousness and commanded the Tainted Toad by her side, “Swallow me and then quickly jump away.”

The Tainted Toad’s limbs were buried deep in the land beneath it, incessantly polluting the land. When it received Poison Beauty’s order, it shot out its tongue and swallowed her into its stomach. She had discarded this Tainted Toad at this moment.

In this duel, she wanted to use this Tainted Toad as a meat shield to protect herself. It was a kind of lifeform very good at jumping. It could jump dozens of meters due to its hind legs’ strong muscles.

Poison Beauty believed that as long as the Tainted Toad could jump away, she could still survive even if she was severely injured. However, when it was about to pull out its limbs from the polluted land and jump to the side, it found that its limbs were firmly locked in the soil and could not move at all.

There was no time for the Tainted Toad and Poison Beauty to think. The Twilight Starbird, Chimey, was burning with glazed flames as it crashed into the Tainted Toad that had swallowed Poison Beauty.

Such a collision was not bloody because when the Tainted Toad and Chimey made contact, the Tainted Toad’s body also ignited with glazed flames just like the sun’s clear glow.

Under this glazed flame, it was as though the dirty and ugly Tainted Toad was purified. It vanished into the air with Poison Beauty.

At this point, Lin Yuan’s second Celestial Stairway promotion duel came to an end. He had now ascended the Celestial Stairway and climbed to the top of the Star Tower.

Lin Yuan looked at where Poison Beauty and the Tainted Toad had vanished and said in a clear and cold voice, “Breaking all laws with one force.”

He was not saying these words in order to show off the victory he had obtained. Rather, he wanted to let Poison Beauty be inspired if she could once again watch this duel in the live-streaming room.

Not only was her fey pairing not good for a team and would not be accepted by any teammates, but as a support-type spirit qi professional, she also did not have a pillar in her lineup that could carry the battle. It was up to her to think about the fey to fill in this position as the pillar.

In a combination without a pillar, she could not make effective moves during a sudden attack and could only bear with it. This would prevent her from displaying her strength.

Poison Beauty’s current flaw was the same as his flaw he had exposed during the last Celestial Stairway promotion duel.

In fact, the Gold IX/Elite Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw’s mist could not effectively protect her. It was just that before this duel started, Lin Yuan had made up for his missing defensive ability from his last duel.

By the time he left the dueling ground, Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room was in a buzz, with the entire screen being flooded with six words: “Breaking all laws with one force!”

This phrase perfectly explained how this heroic silver-masked young man had revered the battle with absolute power in a flash.

There were occasionally one or two comments saying, “Why was there some flash where Poison Beauty had disappeared?”

However, they were soon drowned by the countless ‘Breaking all laws with one force’ comments.

Lin Yuan would certainly give a knowing smile if he saw these comments.

The soil’s reflective part was due to the sand created by the Source Sand that was baked into glass by the glazed flame on Chimey’s body.

The unsolidified glass reflected the residual light left by the Scattered Light in the polluted soil.

The Radiance Hundred Sequence #87, Ranger Bai Hao, was staring at Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room, feeling dumbfounded.

He suddenly felt gloomy. Since he had felt that the azure blue bird’s chirp was pleasant, was that considered mentally cheating on the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess?

He was the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’ top fan! How had this happened!?

Bai Hao felt guiltier and guiltier. Thus, he entered the Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’ live-streaming room. Even if she was not live-streaming, he still gnashed his teeth and rewarded her with the remaining 5,000,000 Radiance dollars in his Star Web Card.

As he looked at himself at the top of the list and the huge gap from the second top-contributing fan, Bai Hao felt comfortable.

In the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s viewing room, Long Tao glanced at Fang Duoduo after watching Black’s duel, and he said, “I misjudged the last time. This avian fey is actually a Silver Fantasy Breed.”

Fang Duoduo gulped and nodded with great difficulty.

Black had displayed two Silver Fantasy Breed feys. Regardless of his talents or whether his two Silver/Fantasy Breed feys were source-type lifeforms or feys, he could be called the Radiance Federation’s true pride with the ability he was revealing now.

Although Black’s current strength was infinitely higher after this Silver/Fantasy Breed avian fey had launched its power, there was still a considerable gap between him and the Radiance Hundred Sequence members.

At present, he did not even qualify to enter the Radiance Hundred Sequence without a Platinum combat ability. Of course, if he had a Gold/Fantasy Breed fey, that would be another story.

Long Tao pondered for a while and replied, “We’ll settle with the current members of the guild club’s main team. If Black joins the team, the main team of this year’s S Tournament will bring him along. If he doesn’t, Little Feng will join the main team. For this year’s S Tournament, we’ll continue with our five outputs fiercely.”

Chen Hongfeng should be hoping that Black would not join the team in any case when he heard Long Tao’s words so that he could enter the main team. However, the showdown sincerely convinced him that he had lost fairly to Black previously.

Even though he wanted to enter the main team and gallop around the dueling ground, he knew he was a Dragon Gate Guild Club member.

Chen Hongfeng knew that if Black joined, he would be much more useful to the team than himself, given his healing abilities.

As a spirited young man, Chen Hongfeng might be an utilitarian or jealous of geniuses similar to himself, but he also had a sense of honor and mission as a Dragon Gate Guild Club member. Such a sense of honor and mission made him hope more that Black could join the main team.

Although this sense of honor and mission seemed very weak, there was actually a faint radiance hidden in it.

Fang Duoduo touched the back of his bowl-cut head and asked, “Boss, can you get in touch with Black?”

Upon hearing that, Long Tao shook his head and answered, “I’ll think of a solution. You don’t have to worry about this.”

Then he added seriously, “Review the duel between Black and Poison Beauty first. I feel that there’s a problem with the land under her feet. After watching it, we’ll no longer train in the training room. There’s still more than a month to the S Tournament opening. We’ll go to the Class 2 dimensional rift to undergo real training.”

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