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Chapter 227: Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw and Poison-Weaving Dark Spider

Chapter 227: Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw and Poison-Weaving Dark Spider

Wasn’t this azure blue bird Lin Yuan’s contracted Silver/Fantasy Breed fey?

Liu Jie had become very familiar with Chimey during this period. Since Chimey knew that Lin Yuan was usually close to Liu Jie, it was also rather close to Liu Jie and would occasionally eat the Usnea Liu Jie fed it.

Now that Liu Jie had seen Chimey in Black’s Celestial Stairway promotion duel, Black’s identity was self-explanatory.

Before Liu Jie had become Lin Yuan’s retainer, he knew that Lin Yuan had his bottom line and persistence, as well as his own perception and views on things. He was also very hardworking usually.

Lin Yuan had always been an impenetrable mist to Liu Jie. At first, Liu Jie only knew that Lin Yuan was a Class 2 Creation Master. However, the more he had interacted with Lin Yuan, the more he would feel that Lin Yuan was even more mysterious when he felt that he should have already understood him.

Liu Jie unexpectedly learned about Lin Yuan’s identity accidentally—the rising youth hero in the Radiance Federation, Black.

Liu Jie remembered he could always hear people comparing Black’s achievements and his. He had an instinctively favorable impression about Black. Perhaps this was like a type of acknowledgment between people with the same beliefs. However, he did not expect his allegiance was both to Lin Yuan and Black.

Liu Jie recalled all his interactions with Lin Yuan. It was such a youth that had made the same choice as him in times of peril.

As Liu Jie looked at Lin Yuan and the support-type spirit qi professional Poison Beauty, he could not help but feel a little anxious.

Given Liu Jie’s combat experience, at a glance, he naturally saw that Poison Beauty was stalling for time, trying to get her own support-type fey to expand the attack.

Thus, Liu Jie was a little worried about Lin Yuan at this moment, afraid that he would lose this promotion duel because he let Poison Beauty have a lot of preparation time.

Although Liu Jie knew that Lin Yuan had a Silver/Fantasy Breed, Chimey, he never knew how strong he was as a combat-class spirit qi professional.

When Poison Beauty had actually gotten up from the ground, her four contracted feys had fully drawn their stance. She was now trying to find ways to converse with Black for entertainment effects and forcibly suppress her excitement.

As a host who had always been stuck at the Celestial Stairway promotion duels, Poison Beauty could not have been unaware of the popularity caused by Chen Hongfeng’s and Black’s duel. This popularity had made the viewers in Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room increase by over ten times than before.

Poison Beauty was very envious of his popularity. She had been imagining how good it would be to encounter Black in the promotion duels. In the duel between Black and Chen Hongfeng, she had carefully studied Black’s combat power, and the conclusion she got made her envious of Black.

In her opinion, even though Black was rather strong, most of his true strength stemmed from his feys’ extremely high quality and their species.

Poison Beauty felt that based on Black’s strength with the duel with Chen Hongfeng, she could likely have an absolute victory in this duel with Black.

However, she had never expected that she would be lucky enough to meet Black when she matched with an opponent on the Celestial Stairway promotion duels for live-streaming.

Poison Beauty had a feeling that she would get ten times more viewers in her live-streaming room than before. She even thought of defeating Black with a magnificent stance. She believed that as long as she could defeat Black, she could become a top-rated Star Web duel host with absolute topicality and popularity.

When she heard Black’s words, she felt furious, but she did not show it. She just stood there, looking overbearing. At a closer look, she said with a comical look, “Black, I’ll magnificently end your legend of being undefeated today.”

Lin Yuan felt that he really could not understand this old woman called Poison Beauty.

How could someone be so delusional? He had only won some consecutive victories on Star Tower, but how had he become an undefeated legend?

What the hell was ending it magnificently? Did she not know how ugly her contracted feys were?

At that moment, he ignored her. He used True Data with the mask Genius had transformed into to check Poison Beauty’s four summoned feys.

[Fey Name]: Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw

[Fey Species]: Feathered Crow/Common Raven

[Fey Grade]: Gold (9/10)

[Fey Type]: Water/Poison

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[Crow Caw]: Produced violent caws that can cause the target to feel irritable and annoyed.

[Turbid Mist]: Releases thin mist that contains a large amount of water vapor with a hallucinogenic effect. Upon inhalation, it will put the target in a confused state.

[Eroding Cold Mist]: The icy mist will gradually slow down the target and speed up the rate of energy loss in the cold mist.

[Flaring Poisonous Mist]: When a healthy target absorbs it into the body, it will not cause any damage, but when the target has wounds, it will rapidly draw the target’s vitality into the mist.

Exclusive Skill:

[Mist of Illusion]: Causes the mist produced to turn into illusory white, which can perfectly isolate the target’s vision in the mist. The target’s visibility in the mist will reach the lowest level.


[Fey Name]: Poison-Weaving Dark Spider

[Fey Species]: Theridiidae/Stemonyphantes

[Fey Grade]: Gold (7/10)

[Fey Type]: Poison

[Fey Quality]: Flawless


[Spider Silk Spray]: Spray sticky spider silk at the target that will greatly adhere to the target’s body surface.

[Poisonous Spider Web]: The Poison Web it spits out does not contain toxicity, but if the air contains toxicity, the spider web will quickly absorb the toxicity. At the same time, it will purify the toxicity in the air and attach it to the spider web.

[Misty Spider Web]: The unformed spider web in the spinneret can be dispersed into the air into a misty spider web. It can survive in the air for a short while.

[Web Attachment]: After the unformed misty spider web comes into contact with toxicity, it will rapidly absorb the energy from the toxicity and form a complete Poisonous Spider Web.

Exclusive Skill:

[Web Attraction]: The sticky spider silk has an innate attraction on the Poisonous Spider Web. After the Adhesive Spider Web is formed, it will automatically cover the sticky spider silk.

Upon seeing Poison Beauty’s four contracted feys’ True Data, Lin Yuan immediately deciphered her combat style as a support-type spirit qi professional. She was truly a spirit qi professional who had matched her feys completely for the Star Tower duel.

Her contracted feys were not only unsuitable for field battles alone, but they were also unsuitable for a team. This was because if combat-class spirit qi professionals formed a team with her before they started the combat, they would be affected by her feys and get poisoned when they stayed near them.

Besides having two Gold feys, Poison Beauty also had two Silver/Elite feys. One of them was a Silver X/Elite Carrion Parasol Mushroom that could release a large amount of fungus that accelerated the festering of wounds and toxins that caused healthy skin to fester and bleed.

These fungi and toxins would be in the air when released.

Except for the contractor Poison Beauty, other feys, including her other contracted feys, would be affected by the Carrion Parasol Mushroom’s poisonous gas when they were within the range.

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