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Chapter 2205 - 2205 Population Number Limit!

Chapter 2205 - 2205 Population Number Limit!

2205 Population Number Limit!

This shortcoming was that she lacked the strong power that Jin Qianxun and Yi Huailong had.

Lin Yuan was one of the reasons for Jin Qianxun and Yi Huailong being able to sit securely on the thrones of their respective federations. Another reason was that both of them had the power to back it up.

But the only thing she could rely on was Lin Yuan’s help. Once she was apart from him, she would not even have the confidence to protect herself.

This was a source of anxiousness for Luo Lan.

With Luo Lan’s pride, there was no way she could make the first move to ask Lin Yuan to give her an expert who could remain in the Iron Hammer Federation to protect her.


At that moment, Lin Yuan gently waved his hand,, and a thin figure dressed in white robes with gold patterns and blue clouds appeared.

This figure was wearing a large hood that covered almost his entire face. There was the rune of a sharp sword drawn on the hood.

Luo Lan felt that there was an aura of magnificence coming from this attire.

At that moment, Lin Yuan said, “Luo Lan, I didn’t consider every angle. From now on, Eternal Weapon One will stay here to protect you. If you need any martial force, you can let Eternal Weapon One know. He will do all that he can to the best of his abilities!”

When Luo Lan heard Lin Yuan say that this figure who he had suddenly summoned was going to stay here to protect her, she felt a burst of delight that soon morphed into shock.

Eternal Weapon One?

As the First Princess of the Iron Hammer Federation, her father had mentioned to her before that there was a level above Immortal. However, not even he knew the name of that level.

When Luo Cai was hunting her, in order to make her lose hope and sink into despair, he had revealed to her that the name for the level above Immortal was Eternal.

When she joined Lin Yuan, Luo Lan came to fully understand what power beyond Immortal was like. She finally had a clear idea of what Eternal power meant.

There was no doubt that Lin Yuan’s subordinate had Eternal power.

Lin Yuan said that he would be leaving Eternal Weapon One with her. Was Lin Yuan really going to assign an Eternal expert to guard her?

More importantly, she could even order the Eternal expert around while he was protecting her.

If Lin Yuan had placed such a powerful figure by her side earlier on, she would not have been so troubled by the Iron Hammer Federation’s current circumstances.

Previously, Lin Yuan had sent a figure cloaked in black to receive her.

Luo Lan clearly remembered that the black-cloaked figure had been called a thearch-class weapon and indeed had possessed therach-class power.

Luo Lan was slightly speechless. After all, Lin Yuan had given her a gift immediately after they met!

It would clearly be too shallow just to say thanks.

Given how generous Lin Yuan was to Luo Lan, it was likely that he would do the same for Su Yiren once she started recovering the Dark Continent!

Lin Yuan’s actions showed how much he cared for the members of the Astronomical Parliament.

This treatment was comparable to Yi Huailong and Jin Qianxun’s benefits.

The Insect Queen’s voice appeared in Liu Jie’s mind,

“Master, because of the limited snow, Ice Bite has reached the maximum population number. It cannot grow its army anymore. Please give the order to use up some of the mature Polar Region Frost Pupas.”

Liu Jie immediately said, “Lin Yuan, the best way to settle the fighting Platinum tribes is to use Ice Bite’s army of insects to stop them. On our way here, we have taken control of a total of 31 tribes. But this is just one aspect. If the other aspects aren’t controlled soon, some problems might arise.”

When Liu Jie was in the Divine Wood Federation, he heard that the tribes had united during the Iron Hammer Federation’s time of crisis.

But the truth was that the tribes were just as bloodthirsty and merciless when they fought with each other over profits.

Liu Jie knew that the Iron Hammer Federation was on the weak side.

When two Platinum tribes fought, it always ended in one of the tribes being exterminated.

Given the situation, every minute in advance that the fighting could be stopped could save thousands of lives.

Lin Yuan did not react immediately after hearing what Liu Jie said. Rather, he cast his gaze at Luo Lan.

Luo Lan was the ruler of the Iron Hammer Federation, and this could be considered the Iron Hammer Federation’s personal matter. This was not part of the deal between Lin Yuan and Luo Lan.

Hence, Lin Yuan needed to seek her opinion on what to do. This was also Lin Yuan’s way of respecting her.

When Luo Lan saw Lin Yuan looking at her, she said with sincerity, “Young Master, for now, I have no means of handling the situation in the Iron Hammer Federation. Since I’m so helpless, I could only wait for you to step in and help me. Big Brother Liu, please help to stop the fighting between the tribes and preserve the Iron Hammer Federation’s experts.”

Liu Jie gently lifted his hand toward Luo Lan and gave an order to Ice Bite through the Insect Queen.

The weather was freezing, yet Luo Lan could feel the snow around her halting.

A wave of white was rushing over from a distance.

Soon, the wave of white split off into numerous streams of white that traveled in different directions. They were almost like a disciplined army that a general had organized.

After some movement from the streams of white, the stone beneath was uncovered.

All Luo Lan did was blink, and she noticed that the sea of white actually consisted of translucent insects.

After living in the Freezing Hammer Tribe for so many years, regardless of the winter or summer season, this was the first time that Luo Lan saw the bare ground.

Liu Jie’s action went beyond Luo Lan’s understanding. It also gave her more assurance.

From the speed at which the white streams of insects flowed, Luo Lan estimated that all of the fightings in the Iron Hammer Federation would be eliminated within three days.

Luo Lan had always been passionate. She thought that as long as she was diligent and did her best, she would be able to achieve most things.

But now, she finally knew that power was the stepping stone to reaching all goals.

Luo Lan bowed to Liu Jie in gratitude before she hurriedly said.

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