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Chapter 2187 - 2187 Change in the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's Skirt!

Chapter 2187 - 2187 Change in the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's Skirt!

2187 Change in the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s Skirt!

Bai Qinghuan’s heartlessness had exceeded both Weng Baochuan and Jin Qianxun’s expectations.

It would be a struggle for even thearch-class experts to make it up the stairs covered by the Silver Bamboo Charcoal.

Even a thearch-class expert would be reduced to a pile of ashes before he reached the main palace.

However, Weng Baochuan and Jin Qianxun thought about it from a different angle.

It was true that one needed to be made of stone in order to express one’s might.


The best way to secure control of the Great Lush Federation would be to be merciless at times like this.

Jin Qianxun said to Jin Che in a low voice, “Go and send 50 imperial servants to carry this out. Don’t forget that all of them have to come from different aristocratic families.”

Jin Che’s body trembled as he left to carry out Jin Qianxun’s order.

Bai Qinghuan’s smile had not left her face at all. In fact, her smile became broader after she made her suggestion.

Jin Qianxun had not been the only one who was holding back these past few days. Bai Qinghuan had also been stewing in anger.

The Great Lush Federation appeared to be calm, and Jin Qianxun’s claim to the throne was secure.

However, the members of the secret aristocratic families always procrastinated when it came to doing the tasks that Jin Qianxun had given them.

Although Lin Yuan had acknowledged Bai Qinghuan, she still had not made any significant contributions.

But now, her chance was finally here.

After Lin Yuan returned to the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Green Vine immediately started to look around the area as though it was a tourist at an attraction.

It did not take long for it to start playing with Universe, the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope, Gray, and Chimey.

Green Vine had been growing in the Spirit Lock spatial zone previously and was well-acquainted with Universe, Chimey, Gray, the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope, Genius, and Purple Afterglow.

Previously, Chimey and the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope had avoided Green Vine because it was unable to retract its dark gold flames.

Now that Green Vine was in human form, it could retract its aura and would not affect anyone around it.

At that moment, Morbius’ figure appeared next to Lin Yuan.

Besides Lin Yuan, not even Begin Lady could see Morbius.

Lin Yuan was slightly stunned for a moment before he shook his head gently.

“So far, the only healing-type fey I’ve contracted is the Jasmine Lily. When it comes to attack, defense, healing, and control, the one I lack the most is healing. Thus, even if I were to make a choice now, I would still go with the Jasmine Lily and not Green Vine.

“As long as Green Vine’s grade can be raised, it can make up for its lack of abilities by gaining more exclusive skills.

“Previously, I assumed that the stem would start to grow quickly once Green Vine reached Creation Breed. Yet, the stem still looks the same as when Green Vine was Myth Breed. Flowers will only grow from the stem when Green Vine reaches Immortal!”

Morbius nodded in agreement.

Once Green Vine produced flowers, it would truly become the cream of the crop of vine-species feys.

After Begin Lady entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone, it picked up the 10 Stars Law Staff again.

The Law Staff had always been under Begin Lady’s care.

Although the Law Staff was almost no different from dead now that Fifth Page Truth had died, it would not be easy for the 4 Stars Sacred Sword Wielding Queen to absorb the energy within it.

Begin Lady needed to keep the Law Staff fully restrained and puncture a hole at the core of its energy. This would make it convenient for the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen to absorb the energy within it.

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen looked exactly like a homeless vagrant who had been starving for seven to eight days.

Meanwhile, Begin Lady was a chef who took its own sweet time.

The Sacred Sword Wielding Queen was already drooling within Lin Yuan’s soul.

He hurriedly summoned it out for fear of his soul ending up drenched in the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s saliva.

After the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen evolved to 4 Stars, its appearance had changed completely.

There were two main reasons for the change.

The first reason was that the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen had absorbed Shark Awn’s Immortal body.

Shark Awn had been a pinnacle Immortal fey that was both water- and blood-type. Thus, it greatly impacted the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s type.

Previously, the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen had absorbed more water-type Law and World Crystals. Hence, its main type was water.

There was an immeasurable amount of willpowers, laws, and energy within an Immortal body.

Although the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen had not absorbed many blood-type Law and World Crystals, the second-most dominant type in the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s body was blood-type.

There was an ocean on the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s skirt. But instead of being blue, it was a stretch of blood instead.

When the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s blood-colored skirt billowed in the wind, the figures of various ferocious sea beasts could be seen within the ocean of blood.

There was a giant whale swimming about in the ocean of blood that occasionally spurted out a pillar of blood from the surface of the ocean. It added a terrifying and wild aura to the ocean of blood.

If one took a closer look at the ocean of blood, one would see the eerie outline of a shark below the whale.

The whale was only about the size of this shark’s fin.

The shark seemed to be releasing unending malice and terror.

There was a light green snow pine on the shore of the ocean. It was as though it had shrunk and was very short after being exposed to water.

A black crow was resting on the bows of the snow pine as it dispersed fear throughout the other lifeforms.

The giant rainbow-colored python had long given up on taking on the black crow and had been chased to the grassland in the distance.

A giant silver turtle that resembled a small mountain was resting on the shore.

This giant silver turtle had no earthly desires and had become a playground for many of the lifeforms.

A giant pegasus in the sky was flapping its wings repeatedly. The image of a warrior goddess could occasionally be seen on the pegasus’ back.

When one took a closer look, one would notice that the warrior goddess’ image changed into 13 different forms.

There was a large bat with nine thorns behind the pegasus.

The bat was hunting the pegasus down.

The nine spikes on its tail created gusts of wind that boosted its speed.

There was a smaller bat with an aura of death and dreams behind the large bat. It stuck close to the large bat as though it was an obedient puppy.

A yellow land dragon was slamming its tail on the ground. It had the opposite temperament to the giant turtle. No lifeforms dared to get close to the violent dragon.

It could be said that from all angles, the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen’s skirt appeared to be a detailed and intricate painting of mystery.

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