Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2179 - 2179 The Perfect Touch Wisteria Begins its Evolution!

Chapter 2179 - 2179 The Perfect Touch Wisteria Begins its Evolution!

2179 The Perfect Touch Wisteria Begins its Evolution!

This was not the first time that Shadow was helping spirit qi professionals overcome their World Cleansings and Trials of World Creation. It was well aware of how strong they were.

Presently, Shadow had reached Immortal. With its power, it could take on the Trials of World Creation without breaking too much of a sweat, much less the World Cleansings that Fantasy Breed feys needed to face to evolve to Myth Breed.

Lava and lightning relentlessly flew down toward the Lava Dragon Lizard, Sea King Cretaceous Dragon, and Dark Snake Dragon Lizard.

All three feys were gripped with anxiety, and Zhou Luo was frozen as well.

But rather than being immobilized by fear, he was excited for his feys to increase their power.


Zhou Luo knew that Lin Yuan had been paying more attention to nurturing the white-clothed followers of late.

He had been promoted to S-rank spirit qi professional not long ago.

S-rank spirit qi professionals could use their spiritual power to produce spirit qi vortexes and absorb the spiritual energy of their surroundings to protect themselves and increase their stamina during combat.

Due to this, S-rank spirit qi professionals had no restrictions in the grade of feys they could contract.

Zhou Luo knew how much Liu Jie and Lin Yuan favored him.

Although he was only a king-class expert, he believed that Lin Yuan would provide him with many resources once he reached emperor-class.

Soon, his main feys would evolve from Myth I to Myth II, then to Myth III, until they finally reached Creation Breed.

Zhou Luo badly wanted to increase his power. This went for the other white-clothed followers as well.

The white-clothed followers hoped to increase their power and that their feys would transform into human form.

There was something that Liu Jie had not told Lin Yuan yet.

For some reason, Sky City’s white-clothed followers now all shared the same proclivity as Duan He.

There were some that started treating their feys as their wives once they ascertained that they were female.

There was no difference between them hoping for their feys to transform into human form and them waiting for their wives to arrive.

At that moment, the white-clothed followers froze.

A black shadow cleaved two bolts of lightning and a stream of lava into half.

The shadow that was attacking the World Cleansings reminded the white-clothed followers of the shadow that had cut down the Miao family’s veteran thearch-class experts on the ultimate fighting ground.

The earliest members of the white-clothed followers had been there during Sky City’s blood pact ultimate fight against Connected Beast Park.

The Miao family had been a top faction with a Creation Master role. They had maintained their place amongst the top factions for decades.

None of the white-clothed followers were worried about Sky City’s future.

It was the black shadow that had killed Liu Yanshan and Han Tianhe that made the white-clothed followers aware of how powerful the faction they had sworn their loyalty to was. It also filled them with firm confidence.

The white-clothed followers had all been looking up to the black shadow. Now, they were getting to see it in the flesh, and it was helping them to overcome their World Cleansings.

With Shadow’s help, the three World Cleansings were quickly defeated.

While Zhou Luo’s three main feys were absorbing the World Graces, the Pure Land of Bliss was also absorbing its part of the World Graces.

A pile of spirit qi crystals appeared on the Pure Land of Bliss.

The Wind Speed Rapid Antelope was rushing to use the wind elements to gather the spirit qi crystals.

There were so many spirit qi crystals that it was difficult for the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope to quickly clear the Pure Land of Bliss.

When Gray saw what was happening, it went to help and transformed into a puff of cloud covering the Pure Land of Bliss.

Next, it sensed where the spirit qi crystals were and relayed the information to the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope so it could quickly dig them out.

The two of them worked together swimmingly.

As the spirit qi professionals’ took turns sending their feys to undergo their World Cleansings, two large wooden chests in the Spirit Lock spatial zone were soon filled with spirit qi crystals.

Gray ended up having to stack the spirit qi crystals next to the two wooden chests.

Lin Yuan had always been short on spirit qi crystals.

But now, there were clearly more of the spirit qi crystals than there were heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls.

By the time the last white-clothed follower’s three main feys were done with their World Cleansings, more than four hours had passed.

After these four hours, Sky City gained another 47 emperor-class experts who could stand proudly as the linchpins of any faction they were in.

It was unlikely that even a faction like Tower Canon would be willing to invest so many resources into nurturing their subordinates.

The white-clothed followers were always busy.

Before Sky City started making any big waves, all of them had been focusing on training and did their best every day.

Thus, Lin Yuan did not interfere much with them.

After the 47 white-clothed followers left, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie prepared to leave to have dinner.

Liu Jie had already conquered the stomachs of countless people with his culinary skills.

The first few stomachs to submit to him belonged to Lin Yuan, Wen Yu, and the Mother of Bloodbath. Later came Su Yiren and Ta Lei.

Now, even Begin Lady, who was not picky with food, asked to eat the food he cooked daily.

That night, Liu Jie picked a few fish-species feys native to the Great Lush Federation and cooked up a feast.

After filling his belly, Lin Yuan retired to his room and went into the Spirit Lock spatial zone with Begin Lady.

Once he entered, Lin Yuan saw the pile of spirit qi crystals that was akin to a miniature mountain.

The Wind Speed Rapid Antelope and Gray were currently counting the spirit qi crystals.

When they spotted Lin Yuan, Chimey, Gray, and the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope rushed to greet him.

Lin Yuan soothed and played with them for a short while.

The Wind Speed Rapid Antelope was about to return to counting the spirit qi crystals when it was stopped by Lin Yuan.

This was because the number of spirit qi crystals was unimportant to Lin Yuan.

He would soon use all of them to evolve the Perfect Touch Wisteria.

Lin Yuan looked forward to the Perfect Touch Wisteria increasing its power.

Since the Perfect Touch Wisteria was spirit locked by Morbius, it would not gain any new abilities when it evolved.

However, as it continued to increase its quality and grade, it could gain more exclusive skills.

Exclusive skills were always stronger than abilities.

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