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Chapter 2172 - 2172 The Secret That was Recorded!

Chapter 2172 - 2172 The Secret That was Recorded!

2172 The Secret That was Recorded!

The distant relatives from the Freezing Hammer Tribe were still sitting soundly in their homes.

Although people were dying from hunger and cold on the streets of the Iron Hammer Federation, even the servants of distant relatives could drink steaming bowls of lamb soup and fresh fruits every day.

The collateral descendants who took advantage of their status as being part of the Luo family and the distant relatives who held a certain amount of power never had to worry about going hungry.

After every meal, the leftovers would not be given to the starving and poor people, nor would they be gifted to the servants. Rather, the leftovers were all tossed out.

The wastage of precious resources has always been a way of demonstrating one’s status.


Luo Cai had been able to take the throne because of the power of the Truth Association.

This had resulted in the distant relatives suffering greatly.

After all, there had been a powerful martial force supporting Luo Cai that these distant relatives could never hope to match up to.

After suffering at the hands of Luo Cai, the distant relatives did not want to go through the same experience a second time.

The distant relatives believed that capturing Luo Cai and delivering him to Luo Lan when she took over the throne would be the best way of gaining her favor.

But at the same time, these distant relatives also wanted to control Luo Lan.

All of them had watched Luo Lan grow up. In their eyes, she was nothing more than an insecure kitten who they would be able to puppeteer at will once she was on the throne.

They would be able to use her to suck the Iron Hammer Federation dry.

Even if they had started out with pure hearts, spending a prolonged period under the smog of riches and debauchery had caused their principles to decay generations ago.

When Luo Lan’s father had been the Iron Hammer Federation’s king, his pressure forced the distant relatives to suppress such ideas.

But now that the young Luo Lan was there, these distant relatives saw their chance.

Right before the sound of a roaring tsunami arose, the distant relatives had been huddled together, enjoying a feast as they discussed their plans for Luo Lan.

During the talks, the distant relatives all ended up on the same page.

They even assigned all the roles they were going to play and how the profits would be distributed.

Those who would not be of much help would receive fewer profits, while those who contributed more would gain more.

The friendly banquet soon turned ugly as many of them were willing to contribute more and were unwilling to do less and thereby receive less.

Luo Lan’s shout traveled up and down the mountain, frightening the distant relatives.

However, Luo Lan’s intention and resolve to kill did not involve giving these distant relatives the chance to fight back.

At first, Luo Lan was like any other regular person and had been blinded by hate.

She had insisted on taking Luo Cai’s head as revenge for her father.

But now, it did not matter to her if she was the one who ended up killing Luo Cai.

She knew that Luo Cai had either been captured by the distant relatives or was hiding somewhere in the Freezing Hammer Tribe.

Regardless of which case it was, he would eventually end up as a corpse.

Luo Lan remembered how her strict father had nurtured her.

She had been doing her best to continue going down this path.

Now that she had joined the Astronomical Parliament and received help from Lin Yuan, the Iron Hammer Federation was about to walk down a path more glorious than even her father could have ever dreamed of.

The best way she could keep the memory of her father alive was to do her best as the ruler of the Iron Hammer Federation and help the federation to climb to even greater heights.

This would also be the best way for her to repay Lin Yuan’s help.

The sound of horseshoes rattled throughout the Freezing Hammer Tribe.

This was an impending disaster for both the distant relatives and Luo Cai.

However, to the members of Freezing Hammer Tribe, this sound was music to their ears during winter.

A large amount of Soldier Ration Radishes was distributed.

Within the short span of a day, none of the citizens of the Iron Hammer Federation continued to go hungry.

Such a feat had never been accomplished in the history of the Iron Hammer Federation.

The first instruction that Luo Lan gave as the ruler of the Iron Hammer Federation’s imperial court was to the servants as she ordered them to reconstruct the statue of the god that all the tribes worshiped.

At first, Luo Lan worshipped that celestial on the snow-capped mountain as well.

But now, she had redirected the object of her faith.

When she had been in danger, she had thought about praying to the celestial for protection. But, she had received no reply.

The person who had truly ended up protecting her was Lin Yuan.

Luo Lan had picked her servants from amongst the Black Gold and Platinum tribes.

All of these servants had seen Lin Yuan in the sea of flowers.

Thus, when they received the order from Luo Lan to construct a statue of Lin Yuan, none of them had voiced any objection. Rather, they felt touched and were in agreement.

She knew that this first order she gave seemed ridiculous and unorthodox. However, she would not hear of any objection.

Since Lin Yuan needed faith power, Luo Lan would do her best to create the best conditions for him to receive what he needed.

The celestial on the mountain was preceded by the legends surrounding it. Luo Lan had never actually laid eyes on it before.

If there truly was a celestial being on the mountain protecting the Iron Hammer Federation, it would be angered by all of the citizen’s redirection of their faith.

However, Luo Lan did not care in the slightest.

It did not matter whether there truly was a celestial being.

If one did exist, Luo Lan hoped that it would be angry. At least then, she would be able to ask directly why it acted like a coward during a true crisis and allowed so many to die after receiving centuries of worship from the citizens of the Iron Hammer Federation.

Luo Lan had always been a materialist.

Demons and celestial beings were all powerful lifeforms.

Lin Yuan had mentioned that he was very interested in the celestial being. This had to be because of the legend.

If she could lure the celestial being out, it would also be a form of helping Lin Yuan.

Luo Lan did not know that Lin Yuan was not just interested in the celestial being on the mountain.

Before falling into a coma, Lin Yuan had a habit of flipping through the Annal of Monster Information.

The contents of the Annal of Monster Information were mystical. It was difficult for Lin Yuan to understand them immediately; some were too ineffable. Thus, Lin Yuan did not have the chance to test them out.

He had already read 1/3 of the Annal of Monster Information.

One of the parts that Lin Yuan had been able to understand was the one about the Snow Celestial Mountain.

There had to be a secret hidden in the Snow Celestial Mountain for it to be mentioned in the Annal of Monster Information.

This was why Lin Yuan had promised Luo Lan that he would head to the Iron Hammer Federation one more time before leaving for the marsh world.

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