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Chapter 2163 - 2163 20 Island Whales!

Chapter 2163 - 2163 20 Island Whales!

2163 20 Island Whales!

As Jin Qianxun spoke, he carefully observed Lin Yuan’s expression.

Alas, he was unable to pick out any out-of-the-ordinary expressions on Lin Yuan’s face.

Jin Qianxun mustered his courage and said, “I intend to rule with an iron fist and keep all of the secret aristocratic families in order using force. This way, they won’t be able to become undisciplined.”

Su Yiren and Liu Jie frowned when they heard what Jin Qianxun said.

If a family or faction could not even keep a hold of its resources, it would lose all of its vigor.


Not even Fifth Page Truth had done such a thing when he ruled over the Great Lush Federation.

But now, Jin Qianxun would use this method to control all of the Great Lush Federation’s secret aristocratic families.

Although this method would undoubtedly rake in large profits for Lin Yuan, it would be disastrous for the Great Lush Federation in the long run.

Jin Qianxun could rule with an iron fist without taking all of the secret aristocratic families’ resources.

Given Liu Jie and Su Yiren’s backgrounds and statuses, they scorned the method that Jin Qianxun chose to try and curry favor with Lin Yuan.

They also knew Lin Yuan intended to properly develop the Startling Lines Continent.

Jin Qianxun’s actions went against Lin Yuan’s intention.

Lin Yuan looked deeply into Jin Qianxun’s eyes. He felt that it was necessary for him to make some things clear to Jin Qianxun.

He knew that Jin Qianxun was doing this to try and gain favor with him.

Jin Qianxun had to be lacking a sense of security.

Lin Yuan intended to give Jin Qianxun this sense of security with what he was about to say.

If Jin Qianxun still decided not to prioritize the Great Lush Federation’s welfare, he would not be fit to continue occupying its throne.

When Lin Yuan did not respond immediately to what Jin Qianxun said, the latter immediately became nervous.

At that moment, Lin Yuan said sternly and solemnly, “Before Yi Huailong took the throne of the Divine Wood Federation, I told him what I expected of him. I want him to rebuild the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence and make it so that five Divine Wood Envoys are able to attend the Major Federation Meeting a few decades later and fight for glory on the Divine Wood Federation’s behalf.

“I have the same hopes for the Great Lush Federation. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Lin Yuan looked straight into Jin Qianxun’s eyes when he spoke.

Instinctively, Jin Qianxun wanted to avert his gaze.

But Lin Yuan’s words ended up lighting a spark within Jin Qianxun that he had been trying to suppress for a long time.

After being lost for so long, Jin Qianxun finally knew what he had to do.

As long as he could bring glory to and strengthen the Great Lush Federation, he would be able to meet Lin Yuan’s expectations.

At that time, he would no longer lack a sense of security.

Jin Qianxun would rather be worshiped in the Great Lush Federation than just in the Jin family. He wanted to be cemented into the Great Lush Federation’s history books and be remembered for generations to come.

Jin Qianxun balled his fists and said loudly, “I understand! I know what to do! I heard that you want to rebuild the harbor. I should be able to help!

“Many of the secret aristocratic families have spirit qi professionals who are skilled at working underwater. I can gather them together. Since the Great Lush Federation is so close to the sea, there are many canals. These spirit qi professionals who are skilled at working underwater are definitely capable.

“In the future, I intend to center the Great Lush Federation around academics. We will go to the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation to teach and set up schools.”

When Jin Qianxun was done speaking, he looked to Lin Yuan to see if he approved his plan.

Su Yiren started looking at Jin Qianxun in a slightly different way after listening to him.

While the Great Lush Federation’s aristocratic families were on the way to Clean Brahma City, Lin Yuan had told Jin Qianxun about how he wanted to take control of all the trading activities within the Startling Lines Continent.

It could be said that Lin Yuan’s decision changed the Great Lush Federation’s previously indolent nature.

But now, apart from trading, Jin Qianxun found a more suitable way to develop the Great Lush Federation.

Jin Qianxun had pinpointed the Great Lush Federation’s strength.

There were many Scholars, Spiritual Ingredient Analysts, and Fey Observers in the Great Lush Federation. They had several times the number that the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation had.

The education level in the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation was much lower than that of the Great Lush Federation.

In the Great Lush Federation, every child underwent 15 years of education as long as they could afford the school fees.

Many of the Great Lush Federation’s secret aristocratic families had previously formed chambers of commerce to make their living. As a result, they had accumulated a mountain of experience.

Now, they could export their Scholars, Spiritual Ingredient Analysts, and Fey Observers to the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation.

There was a lot of revenue to be earned from investing in chambers of commerce, but the cost of operations was also not low.

But to set up the schools, all they needed was to send over their Scholars, Fey Observers, and Spiritual Ingredient Analysts. This would not cost much at all.

If an academic was willing to settle down in one of the Divine Wood Federation’s smaller cities or tribes, the locals would be more than willing to provide a tent or tree castle.

Lin Yuan smiled assuredly at Jin Qianxun.

“That isn’t a bad idea! I will let Yi Huailong and Luo Lan know. They will ensure the safety of the Scholars while they’re in the Divine Wood Federation and Iron Hammer Federation.

“I do need some spirit qi professionals who are skilled at working underwater for the new harbor project. While I want to take control of the Great Lush Federation’s trading, I also want to compensate the Great Lush Federation.

“You thought of the Great Lush Federations’ new development direction all on your own. After the harbor’s construction, I will arrange for at least 20 mature Island Whales. At that time, you can send some of your trusted men to ride the Island Whales to trade with the other federations. Given the Great Lush Federation’s advantageous geographical position, long-distance trading is the best option.”

Lin Yuan’s words instantly broadened Jin Qianxun’s horizons.

He had been solely focused on the Startling Lines Continent and had never considered crossing the ocean.

But Lin Yuan had casually said that he would place 20 Island Whales in the harbor.

Being a native of the Great Lush Federation, Jin Qianxun had seen less than 20 Island Whales in his life so far.

Since there were no Class 5 Creation Masters in the Great Lush Federation, it did not even have one Island Whale.

However, with his background as a member of one of the Great Lush Federation’s secret aristocratic families, Jin Qianxun had seen the Island Whales from other federations that had come to trade with the Great Lush Federation.

The Great Lush Federation was finally about to have Island Whales of its own, and 20 at them!

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