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Chapter 204: Two Frauds

Chapter 204: Two Frauds

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In the past few months, ever since Black had appeared, his achievements and talents had been discussed and admired, and his age had also been the focus of discussion. Black had always worn a mask and never showed his true appearance. Everything was well hidden, making people could not help but want to delve into it. Although he had a kind of faint youthful aura, he could not be determined as the Radiance Federation’s younger generation.

Today, however, in Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room, countless viewers looked at the hole in Black’s shoulder. They saw his healthy honey-colored skin and heard his clear and cold voice. Although this could not prove his age, it could prove that he was indeed a youth.

The viewers in Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room had been cheering Black’s name. They had witnessed the resolute youth who was still standing tall after an arduous battle. His aura was like a poplar. They saw his firm gaze through his silver mask.

Other comments finally took over the ‘Black, so awesome!’ comments in Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room.

Water Drips Through the Stone: “Black, I’m going to be your fan from today onward.”

Coffee Geek: “I can’t handle this anymore. The warm-blooded soul inside my body is raging. I also want to climb the tower. Today, I have to climb from the 50th floor to the 60th floor.”

Wind and Rain Parting Sorrow: “Chen Hongfeng did not lose unfairly. If he hadn’t been decisive and let the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard use the Blood Burning Strike, he would have lost even more badly.”

A Small Goal in Five Years: “My wife cut a Silver watermelon for me. I wanted to eat it as I watched the duel, but I only ended up taking a bite and could not take the second bite. It was simply too exciting.”

Fluffy Little Hamster: “Ahhh! Is there anyone who finds the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly really beautiful?”


In the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s conference room, Long Tao looked at Black, who was standing there outstandingly, and said seriously, “Fang Duoduo, do you have anything to say about this duel?”

Fang Duoduo subconsciously replied, “Boss, Black really has a Fantasy Breed fey! It allowed his wounded shoulder to completely recover. This is too shocking.”

Long Tao frowned as if thinking about something. “I’m not talking about his healing-type fey. Do you think there’s anything wrong in the duel just now?”

Fang Duoduo recalled the live-streaming scene he had seen just now, and his pupils suddenly contracted before he answered, “Boss, where did the spiritual power come from when Black used the healing-type fey to recover his injuries?”

Long Tao frowned even more.

“Based on this duel alone, Hongfeng’s and Black’s strength is comparable. Besides planning, a duel with two people of comparable strength also depends on the control of their own spiritual power.

“The strange plant’s large sea of flowers and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly’s constant release of Silence Scale Powder consume Black’s spiritual power.

“When that bee fey inflicted a huge burst of damage, not a trace of Black’s spiritual power was left.

“Because Black had commanded the bee fey to use a fatal move against the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard, with a goal to nullify it, reserving spiritual power is unwise. This is the first point.

“Secondly, if Black still had spiritual power, when the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard used the Blood Burning Strike, that strange plant beside him could spawn child ramets to block the energy beam. However, Black did not do so.”

Long Tao carefully analyzed while speaking. This was actually what he could not understand about the duel.

There were many reactions in a duel between two spirit qi professionals that relied on instinctive subconscious actions. It was like how people would instinctively avoid danger. When encountering bright light, one would blink instinctively, and when one’s hand was burned, they would retract it instinctively. Long Tao did not think anyone could change their instincts in times of peril.

Therefore, Black must have run out of spiritual power at that time. However, he had summoned a healing-type fey to heal himself, which would have consumed a lot of spiritual power.

Upon hearing Long Tao’s analysis, Fang Duoduo subconsciously replied, “Could that Silver Fantasy Breed fey have some special exclusive skill? Or it’s a source-type lifeform? The way source-type lifeforms heal is different from ordinary feys?”

Fang Duoduo did not think about it in other ways, let alone thinking that Black had another fey that could restore his spiritual power. Based on the duel alone, Black had revealed his five contracted feys. Such a number of feys was already a significant burden for the younger generation.

As Radiance Hundred Sequence #43, Fang Duoduo only had three contracted feys. He had barely poured in any resources into nurturing one of them.

Even the Radiance Hundred Sequence #3, Long Tao, only had four contracted feys. He had a Platinum X/Fantasy III Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus as his main fey, with two Platinum V/Fantasy I Deep Blue Dragon Jellyfish as his substitutes. He also had a Platinum VI/Epic Reef Sturgeon that could cooperate with the Sea King Chalk Azure Dragon’s exclusive skill, Extremity of Sea.

Long Tao had only nurtured four feys, while Black had nurtured one more fey than him. Therefore, Fang Duoduo really could not imagine that Black had a sixth fey.

When Long Tao heard Fang Duoduo’s speculation, he shook his head and still felt that something was amiss, so he said to Fang Duoduo, “Go and call Chen Hongfeng out of Star Web and tell him to make a copy of the video of the duel between him and Black. I’ll take a closer look. Also, go and get in touch with Black and see if he has any intention of coming to our Dragon Gate Guild Club.”

Upon hearing that, Fang Duoduo asked in surprise, “Boss, are you trying to get Black to join our team?”

Long Tao shook his head but nodded again. “Get in touch with him first. You’ll handle this matter.”

Long Tao spoke very seriously, making Fang Duoduo become serious right away. Fang Duoduo knew that Long Tao had approved of Black through that duel just now and had the intention to let Black join the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s main team.

At that moment, Long Tao said, “Give Black a promise that if he can fit into our main team in a month, our main team can sign him.”

When Fang Duoduo heard that, he responded immediately, “I’ll go on Star Web now and get in touch with Black.”

The Dragon Gate Guild Club had been the third-place team last year. It had been placed third among the top 16 A-level guild clubs. If they had a healer in their team for the S Tournament last year, they could have a hope of attaining the championship.

Since the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s main team consisted of four members that were all Radiance Hundred Sequence members, it could be said to be an all-star lineup. Thus, in Fang Duoduo’s opinion, Black would not refuse it if he was not a fool.

But when he got on Star Web and was prepared to send a message to Black in the name of the Dragon Gate Guild Club, he felt horrible.

When he saw the Star Web’s system notification, he realized that the other party refused to accept any messages. His face seemed like he had eaten 30 bitter gourds.

Why did I have to accept this mission!?

Since Black refused to accept any messages, he did not even give him any chance to have a private chat with him!

Fang Duoduo had countless total possible guesses, such as when Black received the news, he would jump in joy and come to the Dragon Gate Guild Club on the same day to attend the interview. Or maybe, Black would propose some conditions when he received his invitation, and Fang Duoduo had even thought about how to reply to him.

However, Fang Duoduo had never expected this situation before his eyes. This was simply ‘dying before gaining victory’! Wasn’t that so?

Fang Duoduo suddenly could not help but ridicule, Long Tao is a fraud! No, that’s not right! Black is a fraud! No, that’s not right either! Both of them are frauds!

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