Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1998 - 1998 Lin Yuan's Biggest Opportunity!

Chapter 1998 - 1998 Lin Yuan's Biggest Opportunity!

1998 Lin Yuan’s Biggest Opportunity!

As its intelligence rose, its affection toward Lin Yuan also increased.

Now, there was no need for Lin Yuan to use True Data to pinpoint the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp because it often poked out of the water beneath him and leaped into his arms when he flew lower.

It could be said that the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp did not feel even an ounce of wariness against Lin Yuan.

Although the Diamond X/Legend Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp was a fish, it had the intelligence comparable to that of a seven or eight-year-old child.


Moreover, Lin Yuan had Genius.

He could smoothly communicate with the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp using Connected Tails.

Lin Yuan used Connected Tails to ask the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp, “You’ve just consumed so much bloodline power and must be extremely familiar with its taste. I would like you to help me find the source of the bloodline power. This way, you’ll be able to continue feasting from now on.”

When it heard that it could continue feasting, the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp excitedly swished its tail, creating fractals of light in the water.

Through Connected Tails, Lin Yuan heard the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp’s gentle voice in his head, “Okay! I just had a huge meal, but the water still has the same scent. It’s coming from ahead.”

While it was communicating with Lin Yuan, the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp continued to move forward.

As Lin Yuan flew, he sensed through Morbius that the aura of bloodline energy in the water was so faint that it had become extremely difficult to pick up.

The bloodline power was so faint that it would take tens of thousands of years to collect it at the same previous rate.

Thus, Lin Yuan could tell that the bloodline power was being retracted.

As it continued flying ahead for another three hours, it suddenly saw that there was a faint spatial fluctuation in the previously pristine environment.

Lin Yuan was able to sense the spatial fluctuation because his ability to sense spatial fluctuations had improved after the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen had swallowed a spatial-type world crystal.

At that moment, the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp swam into the fenced-off space and fell out of Lin Yuan’s range of sensing.

Lin Yuan immediately knew that the spatial fluctuation was meant to hide something from view.

Many spatial-type feys could achieve this.

Lin Yuan summoned White Speak and did not give White Speak time to exchange pleasantries before bringing them through the spatial fence.

Lin Yuan did this because he was worried for the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp’s safety.

After the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp entered, it started to gulp down bloodline power.

It was possible that it could be killed at any time.

Furthermore, it was likely that behind the fence made of spatial power was where the lifeform was hiding.

There were no Bloodline-Cutting Black Carps inside the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm.

When it forced itself past the fence, the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp would immediately catch the attention of the lifeform.

Lin Yuan did not want to give the lifeform another chance to hide or flee.

When he passed through the spatial fence, Lin Yuan was immediately stunned by the sight he saw on the other side.

Lin Yuan could be certain that he had never ever been so struck dumb ever since he became a spirit qi professional.

The waters surged and flowed toward the sky.

The pink and gold water contained an aura of vastness and an enormous amount of energy.

A pink-haired and golden-eyed special lifeform made of mystical water was at the top of the stream of water.

It was as though the water that connected the earth and the sky was the lifeform’s garment.

The lifeform’s appearance was clearly not that of a fey that had transformed into a human. It also did not have the petite figure of a fairy. Its size was between a human and a fairy. It also did not have wings, which were what set fairies apart from the rest.

The lifeform currently had its eyes closed and was in an otherworldly state.

Once the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp entered the area past the spatial fence, the bloodline power that hit it was so concentrated that it almost choked.

The Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp excitedly started to absorb the bloodline power.

Although the Bloodline-Cutting Black Carp had reached Diamond X/Legend and was trying to absorb the bloodline power at full force, the amount of bloodline power did not seem to decrease in the slightest.

The fluctuations of wills in its body became stronger, and it officially started to comprehend the Willpower Rune to evolve into a Fantasy Breed fey.

In front of him was a breathtakingly beautiful world. It was formed completely by a long river of pink and gold.

The girl, with her eyes closed, gave the vast world the aura of serenity.

Lin Yuan was about to use True Data to check on the girl in the sky when he heard Morbius’ astonished voice, “It’s a river that, by some miracle, transformed into a faerie!”

When Morbius said the word ‘faerie’, Lin Yuan immediately recalled a page in the Annal of Monster Information that only had the words ‘Everything has spirit. The mountains, rivers, and nature are all made of spirit. With a miracle from nature, they will be tempered. If they fail, they will return to the ground. If they are successful, they will gain access to the heavens.’

Lin Yuan felt that reading the Annal of Monster Information took a toll on his brain. It was not because he did not want to read it but because there was no difference between him reading it or not.

It was likely that the words on that page of the Annal of Monster Information were referring to faeries.

The pink and blue river that turned into a faerie had an aura solidifying around it. The torrents of water it was swept up in stored energy for it.

It seemed that the faerie was being tested by nature. If it failed the test, the faerie would be obliterated. But if it passed, it would gain access to the heavens.

Could access to the heavens refer to awakening its birth horoscope and walking down heaven’s path? Or did it refer to setting the spirit fire alight?

When Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the girl in the sky, he found that he could clearly see its information.

The river’s original name was called the Gaea Begin River. It was currently at Sovereign X/Creation VIII.

With such power, it was not considered powerful in the Divine Wood Federation. The Yang, Su, and Bai families all had the power to tackle the Gaea Begin River.

It was no wonder that the Gaea Begin River wanted to hide.

While Lin Yuan was thinking, Morbius said in an equally excited and stern voice, “Partner, you’ve encountered the largest opportunity of your career as a spirit qi professional thus far.”

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