Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1981

Chapter 1981

1981 The Yang Family and Truth Association!

Given that Yi Huailong had managed to pull the Yi family out of the gutter and put them in a prime position to be taking their first steps down the road of prosperity at any time, he was extremely smart.

He had already guessed that Sky Creation had appeared so abruptly in Sacred Wood City because of the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm.

It was likely that the only thing in Sacred Forest City that a Class 5 Creation Master could not obtain was a fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline.

However, Yi Huailong never could have guessed what Lin Yuan’s plans for the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm were.

If he just wanted a plant-type fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline, Lin Yuan could have just established a partnership with a few families who had the chance to enter the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm and use Class 5 Creation Master resources to trade for the fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline.

Take the Yi family, for example. Yi Huailong would have been more than willing to use a fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline to trade for Class 5 Creation Master resources that would be able to increase his power.

Yi Huailong would never have been able to guess that Lin Yuan was after the being in the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm that created feys with the Sacred Wood bloodline.

But even if Yi Huailong did know what Lin Yuan was thinking, all he would do was stand loyally by Lin Yuan’s side to help him.

This was because he had become Lin Yuan’s servant and because Lin Yuan could lead Yi Huailong and the Yi family to a bright future.

After the Yi family entered the imperial court, Yi Huailong would lead the Divine Wood Federation toward glory.

Yi Huailong felt that Lin Yuan had to have a plan in mind since he asked to meet.

Su Han and Yang Sijie had left the Crown Wood Banquet long ago.

This had never happened before.

Yi Huailong could already distinctly pick up the scent of rain.

When Yang Sijie returned to the imperial court, while he was standing in a long corridor talking with an elderly man, he spotted a black flood dragon taking to the sky in the distance.

A tall and skinny young man was standing behind Yang Sijie, and his features were rather feminine.

His brow was currently furrowed, adding a tinge of malice to his expression.

“Fifth Uncle and Grandfather, no matter who they are, it is an insult to our imperial court to be riding on an avian-type fey within the imperial court’s premises! We should immediately send out nearby guards to arrest and punish the perpetrator! Why are the two of you letting him do as he pleases?”

Yang Sijie took a deep breath and glared at this young man silently.

The elderly man next to Yang Sijie said, “Ji, you have been by my side for so long. Yet, you haven’t grown at all! You should really learn from your sister and think more! Then, you’ll know why I’m letting him do as he pleases and ride an avian-type fey in the imperial court!”

Yang Ji’s face immediately fell.

Whenever he misspoke, his grandfather would compare him to his older sister and tell him to think more. Why would he have to ask if he could understand it for himself?

Yang Ji lowered his head and said, “Yes, Grandfather! Tonight, I will go and ponder over it carefully!”

Yang Hanxian felt his chest tighten when he heard what Yang Ji said. Although he had become an Immortal expert, this grandson of his would shorten his lifespan by at least 50 years.

“You don’t have to wait until you return. Go into the hall and reflect now!”

Yang Ji’s temper flared when he heard that his grandfather was going to lock him up again. He did not even bother to bid goodbye to Yang Sijie and Yang Hanxian as he turned on his heel and stomped away into the hall.

Yang Hanxian was so ticked off that he tossed the chain of Item-Storing Walnuts in his hand to the ground, causing them to clatter against the stone.

Yang Sijie hurriedly picked up the chain of pearls and said, “Father, Ji is still young! Why bother being angry with him?”

Yang Hanxian replied angrily, “Ji is like this because all of his uncles, you included, have spoiled him rotten! Your daughter is still the best! She has always been obedient!”

Yang Sijie smiled as his eyes flashed. If he had not spoiled his nephew, how could his daughter have climbed onto the pedestal that she currently sat on?

At that moment, Yang Hanxian asked, “Are the people from the Truth Association done arranging the secret room inside the main hall?”

Yang Sijie’s expression turned stern as he replied, “Father, everything has been prepared to perfection!”

Yang Hanxian smiled coldly and raised his gaze to look out in the direction of the Su family’s residence.

“The Su family had indeed been hiding a secret all these years. Does Su Zhenmu really think that every one of the Su family’s inner circle is uncrackable? The Su family wants to attack us to take over the imperial court, but they have no clue that we’ve been waiting for them to make their move for months!”

Worry crossed Yang Sijie’s face as he said, “Father, we don’t have to worry about the Su family! However, if we agree to the Truth Association’s condition, our family will become a subsidiary of the Truth Association once you become a member. At that point, the Divine Wood Federation would essentially be subservient to the Great Lush Federation!”

Yang Hanxian did not respond immediately. But, an uncontrollable tinge of fear appeared deep in his gaze.

He seemed to remember the boy who had walked out of the gruesome ball of flesh three months ago.

In a few months, the boy had become Yang Hanxian’s nightmare.

“Jie, when one is lacking, one has no choice but to ally with stronger powers. You will understand this in the future!”

Yang Sijie did not mention the Truth Association again. Even if the entire Yang family opposed the idea, his father was adamant about seeing it through.

For this reason, his father had even sacrificed Yang Sijie’s older brother, who had long been favored by him.

This made Yang Sijie aware that if he voiced his opposition, there was no question that he would end up just like his older brother.

Yang Sijie’s tone turned sharp as he said, “Father, the rumor of Sky Creation having a Class 5 Creation Master should be true. Should we become acquainted with Sky Creation? The Su family is unusually close with Sky Creation. I’m afraid that even with the support of the Truth Association, we might not be able to fend off the Su family when they have Sky Creation backing them.”

Yang Sijie had always been the type to play things safe. Otherwise, he would not have given up on connecting with Sky Creation and chosen to stay on the fence the moment Su Han released an unverified claim.

The Truth Association’s hold over the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court made Yang Sijie think of the concept of many weaklings overpowering the strong.

However, his father’s attitude toward the Truth Association made Yang Sijie too afraid to mention this concept. This was because it could be said that Yang Hanxian no longer placed the Yang family’s benefits first.

He had assumed that his words would incite contemplation from his father. Alas, his father turned down his suggestion without hesitation.

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