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Chapter 1975 - 1975 Perfect Touch Wisteria

Chapter 1975 - 1975 Perfect Touch Wisteria

1975 Perfect Touch Wisteria

Yi Huailong’s shock went beyond his expression.

There was a sea of bad blood between the Yi family and the Bai family. Two decades ago, the Yi family had almost been ended by the Bai family.

But Yi Huailong knew that ever since he and his brother joined Lin Yuan and became one of his subsidiary factions, they no longer had the authority to seek revenge.

But now, the way Lin Yuan acted toward Bai Qinghuan automatically made him the enemy of the Bai family.

In such a situation, the Yi family once again had the opportunity for revenge.

Yang Sijie started to examine Lin Yuan and Sky Creation again. Based on his observations, he would decide if he would renew his efforts to become acquainted with Sky Creation.

Since the Bai family’s oldest grandson had been cuckolded during the Crown Wood Banquet, the Bai family’s pride had been completely trampled. It was likely that the Bai family would go after Sky Creation after the Sacred Wood Mystic Realm closed in order to protect their pride.

At that time, he would watch and see how the Su family reacted to the fight between Sky Creation and the Bai family in order to gauge the true relationship between the Su family and Sky Creation.

Yang Sijie pulled himself out and left the battleground to the Su family, Bai family, and Sky Creation.

Since he no longer had a need to get on Lin Yuan’s good side, Yang Sijie did not mind stoking the flames.

“Today is the birthday of the head of our family. All of the direct descendants are celebrating the event in the main residence. Qinghuan is the only one who showed up. It’s unlikely that any other member of the Bai family will turn up. I wonder if the other members of the Bai family would be comfortable with Qinghuan watching the stars in private with Young Master Chu if they were here.”

Bai Qinghuan’s eyes flashed when she heard what Yang Sijie said.

When Lin Yuan mentioned watching the stars, all roads of retreat had closed to her. Thus, all she could do now was put on a good show of loyalty.

A small smile played on Bai Qinghuan’s lips as she said, “Uncle Yang, I wouldn’t be able to spend time with Young Master Chu privately if other members of the Yang family were present. Fruit wine personally brewed by the imperial court’s winemakers and refreshments made by the chefs are served at the Sacred Wood Banquet. Uncle Yang, I would like to have some for when I’m stargazing with Young Master Chu. I’m sure you won’t put me at a spot over some fruit wine and refreshments, right?”

Yang Sijie could not be more disgusted by Bai Qinghuan.

As someone who was being groomed to be a wife, she should have turned down the stargazing invite. Yet, she even went on to ask for fruit wine and pastries.

Fine, if she wanted them, she could have them.

More food was thrown away than consumed every time the Crown Wood Banquet was held.

Are you asking me such a trivial question because you think I’m one of the chefs for the Crown Wood Banquet, or are you trying to publicly make a snide remark about me being petty?

Since Yang Sijie had already given up on getting to know Lin Yuan and linking up with Sky Creation, Yang Sijie immediately turned away, the force leaving his clothes billowing in the gust.

After Yang Sijie left, Su Han also immediately left to return home.

As such, there was now less competition for the auction of rare spiritual ingredients.

During every Crown Wood Banquet, Yi Huailong spent large amounts of money to collect precious resources. This was the reason for the Yi family’s nickname as the Hundred Treasures Family.

Lin Yuan had fully subsumed the Yi family.

Hence, Lin Yuan did not have to purchase precious resources personally and could leave the task to Yi Huailong.

Although Lin Yuan did not encounter more feys that could be used as pure elemental feys that would increase the Flower Calamity Beautiful Devil’s bloodline at the Crown Wood Banquet, his harvest was still substantial.

Now, there was a wisteria on the stand, and the members of the Divine Wood Federation’s factions were placing bids for it.

Lin Yuan knew that he had finally found the fifth fey that was suitable to be spirit locked by Morbius.

He used True Data to check on the golden wisteria.

[Fey Name]: Perfect Touch Wisteria

[Fey Species]: Strong armor wisteria species/long wisteria species

[Fey Grade]: Elite (7/10)

[Fey Type]: Wood

[Fey Quality]: Epic


[Forbidden Growth]: After contracting any lifeform, it can break the limit that comes with the contract. As long as it has sufficient energy, it would be able to continuously increase its power. When it has absorbed the maximum amount of energy, it will be able to comprehend a required Willpower Rune.

[Peak Sturdiness]: A large amount of the absorbed energy can be used up to increase the durability of the vines. When injured, the energy can also be used to repair the vines.

After checking on the Perfect Touch Wisteria, Lin Yuan was confused about why a faction had been willing to put up a fey with such outstanding abilities for auction.

As the Perfect Touch Wisteria was a plant-type fey, it needed three types of energy. The first was pure spirit qi, the second was vitality, and the last was wood-elemental energy.

The pure spirit qi could be used to increase the quality and transform the bloodline of the Perfect Touch Wisteria.

The vitality would speed up the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s splitting rate.

The wood-elemental energy would increase the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s character as a plant.

Besides pure spirit qi, obtaining the other two types of energy in the Divine Wood Federation was not difficult.

The Perfect Touch Wisteria’s ability Forbidden Growth could not only allow it to automatically comprehend a Willpower Rune from the natural world once it reached a certain level of power, making it unnecessary for spirit qi professionals to provide it with a Willpower Rune, but it could also break the contract’s limit.

Through communicating with Morbius, Lin Yuan knew that the Perfect Touch Wisteria would still be able to endlessly increase its power after it was spirit locked.

However, the endless increase of the Perfect Touch Wisteria’s power would not enable Morbius’ grade and quality to rise.

Morbius’ grade and quality would still be the equivalent of the weakest fey it had spirit locked.

It was the dream of any spirit qi professional to have their fey’s power be able to break through the limit of their rank.

This would allow a young person to be able to take on a veteran expert as long as they had sufficient resources.

There were no feys like the Perfect Touch Wisteria in the Radiance Federation. If there were, the large veteran factions and top factions would fight over it viciously.

It was possible that it would cause a new rule banning feys like it that could break through its limit and be strengthened endlessly to be put in place for the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.


Even a rising faction from the Radiance Federation could use resources to evolve the Perfect Touch Wisteria to Myth Breed.

Suppose a 10-year-old child formed a contract with the Perfect Touch Wisteria. In that case, it could use resources to eventually possess the Myth Perfect Touch Wisteria and take up a spot in the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

Forbidden Growth turned the Perfect Touch Wisteria into a plant-type fey that defied one of the basic concepts of feys.


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