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Chapter 1963 - 1963 Tide Rain Mantis

Chapter 1963 - 1963 Tide Rain Mantis

1963 Tide Rain Mantis

Luo Lan sat down on the Corona Borealis seat.

Su Yiren stood up and walked over to Luo Lan as she said, “I can understand how you’re feeling. However, you must get your head straight and not let revenge cloud your mind. The Astronomical Parliament will be your home from now on. You can trust Leo with anything.”

During Lin Yuan’s conversation with Luo Lan, Su Yiren had guessed Luo Lan’s identity.

After all, Su Yiren had been keeping tabs on the Iron Hammer Federation. Thus, it was not difficult to guess Luo Lan’s identity.


Su Yiren had said what she said to Luo Lan because she could understand how she felt.

When Seventh Page War conquered the Seven States of Darkness, she experienced the same feelings that Luo Lan was currently going through.

However, Luo Lan was much luckier compared to Su Yiren, who truly could not have been in a worse state before she entered the Astronomical Parliament and met Lin Yuan.

Su Yiren also comforted Luo Lan because she knew that Lin Yuan hoped that the members of the Astronomical Parliament could get along.

Luo Lan was currently in her weakest state, and Su Yiren’s attitude gave Luo Lan a sense of intimacy.

Yin Lin looked at Luo Lan with surprise.

She had not expected the person with two Willpower Runes wrapped around her, who Lin Yuan had pulled into the Astronomical Parliament, to turn out to be the first princess of the Iron Hammer Federation. She was the rightful successor to the throne.

Overall, there was no denying that the nine members of the Astronomical Parliament were shining almost too blindingly.

As the Moon Empress’ disciple, Lin Yuan was almost assured a spot as a Radiance Envoy.

Yin Lin came from the Azure Cloud Leopard aristocratic family and was one of the Azure Federation’s Azure Envoys.

Bu Po was one of the Spirit Mother’s reserve disciples and had a high chance of becoming the next Spirit Mother.

The Seven States of Darkness had already been destroyed, but Su Yiren was still a Dark Envoy, and no one besides her would be able to revive the Dark Continent.

Now, the first princess of the Iron Hammer Federation was joining the fray.

Amongst the nine of them, five of them held high positions in their respective federations.

Yin Lin could not imagine what kind of faction the Astronomical Parliament would become once all the north-south constellation seats were filled up.

Meanwhile, Wen Yu had already selected around seven candidates.

While they were sorting through the candidates, Lin Yuan and Wen Yu both had the same thought that it seemed as though only bad people made wishes. It seemed difficult to even find a regular person.

As they filtered the candidates, they experienced one after another reel of life experiences.

The instant that a figure wrapped in one Willpower Rune appeared in the constellations, sympathy immediately bubbled up within both Lin Yuan and Wen Yu.

This girl’s life was much too hard! Yet, she was still adhering to the basic law of living, which was to survive! She saw surviving as her sole wish and motivation.

Before this figure could get a good look at the constellation-blanketed sky around her, she felt herself crumple.

Lin Yuan knew that this girl was about to die due to fever, dehydration, and over-exhaustion.

When they came across this girl, Wen Yu could not bear to kick her out of the Astronomical Parliament.

She turned to Lin Yuan, clearly to ask him if he wanted to save the girl.

Without any contemplation, Lin Yuan instructed Wen Yu to use the Astronomical Parliament’s ability Star Spirit Seat and spent willpowers to send vitality from the Jasmine Lily into the young girl’s body.

The instant the vitality was transferred, the young girl’s body consisted of willpower and her soul solidified.

Frankly, from the moment that Lin Yuan saw the young girl’s life experience, he decided that she would be the 10th member of the Astronomical Parliament.

The fundamental reason for the Astronomical Parliament’s existence was not to search for people with high-ranking positions and impressive backgrounds. If that were the case, Bei Xu, Ta Lei, Wo Lun, and Bu Po would not be members.

When Yin Lin was rescued, her mind had been blank, and she knew very little about the real world.

Lin Yuan did not even know that Yin Lin came from the Azure Cloud Leopard aristocratic family.

Although by coincidence, all of the members of the Astronomical Parliament were people of means, Lin Yuan had not lost sight of the fundamental reason.

As he looked at the young girl with eyes full of wariness and amazement, Lin Yuan said, “I can turn you into a Rain Master so that you’ll have an endless supply of water to drink. Are you willing to join the Astronomical Parliament?”

To people living in the Broiling Rock Continent, becoming a Rain Master and having an endless water supply were both lifelong dreams.


The young girl was about to agree when he hesitated, just as the words were at the tip of her tongue.

This was not because she wanted to request more but because she did not think she had it in her to become a Rain Master and gain an endless supply of water to drink.

Thus, the girl was in a dilemma. She could not decide if she should agree.

But eventually, her fundamental desire to survive overwhelmed her inferiority complex, and she raised her head to say to Lin Yuan, “I’m willing! Even if I don’t get water to drink or become a Rain Master, I’m willing as long as I can continue surviving!”

A simple and cautious smile appeared on the young girl’s face.

This smile caused Lin Yuan and Wen Yu’s hearts to ache.

This girl’s background was even more pathetic than Bei Xu’s when he first joined the Astronomical Parliament. After all, Bei Xu used to have to spend his days digging in the mines, but he still had food to eat and water to drink. He did not have to put his life at risk for the sake of having a mouthful of water to drink.

When Lin Yuan used the Jasmine Lily to inject vitality into the young girl, he noticed that she was affiliated with insect-species combat-type feys. This was why she had been able to form a contract with the Finger Blade Insect.

If this young girl had managed to dig another few feet deeper to uncover the Duck-Mouthed Lungfish and found water to drink to survive, she would have realized that she could not form a contract with the Duck-Mouthed Lungfish.

That girl would have been in even greater despair because she would have drunk water and not made the wish to continue surviving that brought her into the Astronomical Parliament.

The young girl’s dream was to become a Rain Master. In order to do so, the most basic requirement was for her to form a contract with a fey that could use a water source to create more water.

Very few insect-species combat-type feys could produce water, but such lifeforms did exist.

The Tide Rain Mantis was the best of such lifeforms.

When the Tide Rain Mantis’ forelegs moved, they could produce water blades.

When spiritual power was used up, its body would be the center of a rain shower that would turn into a moving tide.

Besides Long Tao and Fang Duoduo, all the members of the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s main team, including Zhao Xiaochun, had contracted the Tide Rain Mantises.


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