Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1957 - 1957 Sun Ningxiang’s Hope

Chapter 1957 - 1957 Sun Ningxiang’s Hope

1957 Sun Ningxiang’s Hope

Wendy had not seen Lin Yuan in some time.

When Lin Yuan was last in the marsh world, Wendy had been at the back of the mountain preparing the carnivorous plant-type feys it had promoted to become its Favored Believers. Thus, it had not been able to meet him.

As such, Wendy missed him terribly.

When Lin Yuan saw Wendy this time, he thought, Wendy finally isn’t bald!

Previously, Wendy only had a few strands of hair, and its hairline had been shockingly high. Now, it had more than 50 strands of snake hair and was looking like a true medusa.

Since Wendy was the Snake Change Medusa, its scales’ color changed according to its venom’s strength.

The stronger its poison, the more vibrant the color of its scales would be.

Now, Wendy was beautiful enough to stand out amongst the Medusa Snake Demons.

Every time the three dimensional lifeforms that Lin Yuan had turned into Apostles saw him, they would start to report their achievements to him.

Previously, Rising Lizard had managed to distinguish itself in front of Lin Yuan.

White Pavilion’s evolution was slow, and it could not say much in front of Lin Yuan.

This time, it was time for Wendy to shine.

“Dad, I have taken in another five believers and one more Favored Believer! The new Favored Believer is the Water Demon Support Willow! It now has another natural skill, Overload Fixing, on top of Excessive Splitting. It can quickly use up the energy of the bodies of water around it to fix itself.”

Wendy knew that Lin Yuan looked highly on the Water Demon Support Willow.

Thus, although Wendy had carefully picked out all of its five new believers, it still chose to promote the Water Demon Support Willow to Favored Believer first.

Delight spread across Lin Yuan’s face.

He always saw the Water Demon Support Willow as a miniature underwater kingdom.

Because of its natural skill, Excessive Splitting, it could grow endlessly as long as it had sufficient vitality and its roots were not damaged.

Hence, the Water Demon Support Willow would be able to expand Lin Yuan’s territory even further.

After Wendy promoted the Water Demon Support Willow to Favored Believer, its new natural skill, Overload Fixing, did not have combat abilities but could ensure that Lin Yuan’s underwater kingdom did not collapse.

The Water Demon Support Willow could only have been injured because a war had taken place in the marsh world.

Wars in the marsh were always accompanied by the mass deaths of the Marsh Crocodiles. As a result, the water would be filled with energy.

Thus, the endless amount of energy available would enable the Water Demon Support Willow to fix itself and did not require it to use the energy stored in its branches.

Wendy smiled sweetly when it saw Lin Yuan’s smile.

Wendy loved Lin Yuan voraciously. When he was happy, Wendy was even happier than when it increased its power.

Other than the Water Demon Support Willow, Wendy had more good news for Lin Yuan.

“Dad, not only is the Water Demon Support Willow more useful than before, but the Marsh Ground Sphagna has also evolved significantly. It is already sleeping deeply. Once it awakes, it should have transformed into a Class 12 dimensional lifeform. At that time, it will be able to return large amounts of faith power to me.”

Lin Yuan looked even more excited.

Previously, the Marsh Ground Sphagna had only been a Class 10 dimensional lifeform. But in the short span of a few months, it had managed to evolve to Class 11/pinnacle Kalpa VIII and had gained Immortal power.

This was strongly related to the emerald green ancient tree that was growing in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

It seemed that the most useful function of the emerald green ancient tree was not its ability to speed up the growth of feys but its ability to speed up the growth of plant-type dimensional lifeforms.

This was because the Medusa Snake Demons did not evolve in any way despite working near the emerald green ancient tree.

From what Wendy said and based on Lin Yuan’s own observations, Lin Yuan now had a better understanding of the effects of the emerald green ancient tree.

However, the area covered by the emerald green ancient tree was much too small, and it could not reach the Water Demon Support Willow.

Otherwise, the Water Demon Support Willow would also have been able to evolve rapidly.

Lin Yuan said to Wendy, “Wendy, if you can find more small plant-type dimensional lifeforms, plant them near Klein Hub. This way, they will be able to increase their power just as quickly as the Marsh Ground Sphagna.”

Wendy let out a gasp of joy. If this was true, its believers and favored believers in the future would greatly increase in power. Then, even if it did not have enough believers and Favored Believers, it could still quickly strengthen its faith power.

There was even a possibility of it surpassing Rising Lizard soon.

Lin Yuan looked at the Marsh Ground Sphagna under his feet.

He wanted to know if the emerald green ancient tree could help the Marsh Ground Sphagna to evolve again. If this was possible, Lin Yuan wanted to see how far the Marsh Ground Sphagna, the lowest plant-type lifeform in the marsh world, could go.

If it could already evolve to such an extent in just 15 days, how much longer would it need before it could reach Class 12 and even Class 13?

There was a possibility that the Marsh Ground Sphagna would catch up and surpass White Speak to become Lin Yuan’s strongest combatant.

While chatting with Wendy, Rising Lizard, and White Pavilion, Lin Yuan spotted Sun Ningxiang walking toward him from a distance and said to the three Apostles, “The three of you continue to increase your power. A while later, I will return to focus on developing the marsh world, and we’ll be able to see each other every day. Then, I will take the three of you to visit the Palace of Everything in the Marsh East Palace.”

After Rising Lizard, White Pavilion, and Wendy left, Sun Ningxiang walked over to Lin Yuan and smiled serenely at him.

She had made a series of decisions ever since she entered the marsh world.

Her grandmother had more than once advised her to increase her power or risk being left in the dust by Lin Yuan.

After she saw Lin Yuan represent the Radiance Federation to take on the Freedom Federation envoy group, Sun Ningxiang understood that she would not be able to cover the gap between her and Lin Yuan with hard work alone.

No matter how hard she worked, she would still be far from catching up to Lin Yuan.

Now that she knew this, she stopped trying to use her power to catch up to him. Instead, she focused on using her talents to flourish the territory and make herself indispensable to Lin Yuan.

But after developing in the marsh world for some time, she had even contracted the Vitality Sloth so she would not have to sleep as much each day.

After days of unending hard work, Sun Ningxiang was done settling in the 20,000 people who had left society to work in the territory.


Now, the marsh world was finally starting to emit brilliance.

After achieving this, Sun Ningxiang had fulfilled her hope.


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