Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1934 - 1934 Can the Yi Family Afford it?

Chapter 1934 - 1934 Can the Yi Family Afford it?

1934 Can the Yi Family Afford it?

Lin Yuan immediately thought of the Snake Blood Nether Rose pollen inside the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse’s body.

It was likely that Yi Huailong wanted to nurture a batch of snake-species feys for the owner of the Snake Blood Nether Rose.

However, the Yi family had pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters who were capable of evolving Diamond X/Fantasy V feys to Suzerain/Myth. There was no need to seek help from Sky Creation.

It was likely that plant-type feys with the Sacred Wood bloodline were special.


Lin Yuan had already observed two plant-type feys with the Sacred Wood bloodline.

The more he learned about plant-type feys with the Sacred Wood bloodline, Lin Yuan and Morbius’ speculation would be more accurate.

Hence, Lin Yuan had already decided to accept Yi Huailong’s business.

But before he could make this known, they still had to discuss the specific details and prices.

To Lin Yuan, the Yi family was no different from a piece of meat that was being spoon-fed to him.

Yi Lingxi had just given him a surprise, and he was excited to see if Yi Huailong could add to the surprise.

Yi Huailong had been observing Lin Yuan since he made his request.

Su Han had tested Lin Yuan yesterday night but had only insinuated. This meant that Su Han was a tactful person.

But Yi Huailong was much more direct than Su Han.

Besides needing law crystals as guides, only Class 5 Creation Masters could evolve Diamond X/Fantasy V to Suzerain/Myth.

Su Han had not said what the plant-type fey with the Sacred Wood bloodline he wanted Lin Yuan to nurture was. Hence, Lin Yuan could not be certain if he had suitable law crystals.

Lin Yuan revealed a small smile when he heard the way Yi Huailong was testing him, and his guess about Yi Huailong was proven.

“What’s difficult about evolving a fey from Diamond X/Fantasy V to Suzerain/Myth? It’s extremely easy for Sky Creation. Nonetheless, it will still come with a high price. Will the Yi family be able to afford it?”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Yi Huailong to breathe in sharply.

Yi Huailong had come up with countless possibilities before they arrived at the second floor. But the only possibility he had not predicted was that Lin Yuan would easily be able to admit to a task that only a Class 5 Creation Master could accomplish.

Yi Huailong was taken aback by Lin Yuan’s straightforwardness.

He had been afraid that Sky Creation would conceal their power. But it was clear now that Sky Creation was willing to fully expose their capabilities because it meant that the Class 5 Creation Master was willing to work with the Yi family.

Lin Yuan’s words had proved this.

However, the Yi family would have to tear a hole in their wallet in order to work with Sky Creation.

But as long as they could obtain Class 5 Creation Master resources, Yi Huailong was willing to pay the price no matter how large of a hole it would leave in their wallet.

A storm was brewing in Sacred Forest City, and the Su family’s intentions were clear.

The Yang family of the Divine Wood Federation’s imperial court had also invited numerous strange people.

The Yi family had managed to struggle to their feet amidst the storm, but their foundation was much shakier than that of the Su family.

Once the storm started to pick up, the Yi family would have to protect themselves first.

Yi Huailong had always believed that the Yi family had the ability to save themselves during these chaotic times.

But Sky Creation’s appearance allowed other thoughts to sneak into Yi Huailong’s mind.

He now entertained the possibility of earning profits while self-preserving.

This would put the Yi family in a completely different situation a century later.

Yi Huailong said seriously, “Young Master Chu, the Yi family has been accumulating resources these past few years. We have plenty of valuable resources. If the Yi family can’t afford the price, no other family in Sacred Forest City will be able to either!”

Yi Huailong spoke confidently with the air of a spendthrift. This was not a smart attitude to put on during a deal. No one with trading experience would do such a thing.

Yi Huailong did so because he knew that acting poor in front of a figure as important as a Class 5 Creation Master would not lead to opportunities.

Rather, acting like a spendthrift would not only leave a good impression on the Class 5 Creation Master but also because the Class 5 Creation Master had to be aware of the value of all the trades. Thus, there was no point in depressing the prices.

Since Lin Yuan had openly declared his intentions to bleed out the Yi family, Yi Huailong decided to go all-in with the Yi family’s resources so Lin Yuan could bleed them out as much as he wanted.

Yi Huailong’s attitude pleased Lin Yuan.

From the information that Su Yiren had gathered, Lin Yuan knew that the Yi family was known as the Hundred Treasures Family of the Divine Wood Federation.

Yi Huailong held down his entire family’s combat power on his own.

Instead of expanding his family’s power, Yi Huailong had been accumulating as many resources as possible. Thus, the Yi family was the biggest treasure trove in the Divine Wood Federation.

If Yi Huailong died, the Yi family would be plundered dry.

This was why Lin Yuan was willing to tell the Yi family that Sky Creation had a Class 5 Creation Master.

“Since the Yi family can afford to pay up the resources, I will do my best to help you to nurture the snake-species feys to Silver/Epic or Silver/Legend. If they need to be evolved further, I can evolve the feys to Diamond X within a day.”

Yi Huailong was ecstatic when he heard what Lin Yuan said.

At that moment, Lin Yuan went on to say, “If the spirit qi professionals who want to contract these feys have Willpower Runes, it’s also possible to evolve them from Diamond X/Fantasy I to Suzerain/Myth. But the fees for this will be separate.”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Yi Huailong to be stupefied for a few seconds before he burst out laughing. The glint of ambition surfaced in Lin Yuan’s eyes.

Lin Yuan had no idea that his words were like mutterings from devils that immediately filled Yi Huailong’s heart with ambition.

“Young Master Chu, I have 50 snake-species feys that need to be nurtured. All of them evolved to Diamond X/Fantasy V when they were at Silver/Legend. Ten of them were further nurtured to Suzerain X/Myth. Would you or that Lord like to come to the Yi family’s treasure vault to take a look for yourselves? You can take anything you want!”

When Yi Huailong mentioned that Lord, Lin Yuan knew that Yi Huailong assumed that he was just a representative put in place by the Class 5 Creation Master.

It went without saying that Lin Yuan was not going to explain anything to Yi Huailong.

Lin Yuan was willing to work with the Yi family because he wanted to gather resources. It went without saying that he was willing to visit the Yi family’s treasure vault. He wanted to see just how well-padded it was.

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