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Chapter 1583 - Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow

Chapter 1583: Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow

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As such, the attack from the phoenix cry would turn into a phoenix-species fey. Moreover, it would be able to increase its power through the burning phoenix breed.

Lin Yuan was willing to create a fey breeding base for Chimey where it could nurture phoenix-species feys.

Chimey would have as many souls of phoenix-species feys as it wanted in the future.

Chimey could temper the phoenix breed to increase its power.

Sunlight Rays had turned into Falling Sky New Day.


Sunlight Rays was a very simple support ability with a large range. It could weaken all the targets while increasing the liveliness of plant-type feys within the range.

Now, Falling Sky New Day would increase the benefits that it could bring to their own side and combine it with Nirvana Light Swansong to create the territory of light for Falling Sky New Day.

Chimey would be resistant to most physical and elemental damage within the territory.

As such, Chimey would be able to do as it pleased and dominate the battlefield.

Speak Spirit Singer was the ability that Chimey unlocked through its Sound Bird bloodline.

It would use up its soul to bring the willpowers in the song into reality while making use of its abilities.

Although Chimey mostly sang older songs, Lin Yuan knew numerous special songs, such as ‘A Bloody Love Story’, that he had heard in his previous life.

‘The more blood flows, the more the hand aches, the more empty the heart is, the more painful the flesh, the more vivid the emotion.’

If Chimey sang such lyrics, the enemy would immediately experience aching hands, stalled blood flow, and weakness. They would lose their faith and experience pain akin to thousands of knives.

If such negative effects were applied to the enemy, they would essentially be cursed.

Negative effects could be removed by purifying effects.

But special feys with special abilities would be needed to remove a curse.

If one did not have such feys, Chimey would be able to sing various cursed songs to torture its enemies.

There were also many songs of benefits that could be called blessings.

Just like curses, blessings could not be easily purified.

Speak Spirit Singer would enable Chimey to have endless possibilities.

Clear Zither Change Voice had not changed in the slightest.

Previously, Chimey’s first exclusive skill was Clear Sky. It used a bird cry to dissipate the clouds and summon the sun.

However, Chimey could now produce a sun of its own.

Thus, Clear Sky became Double Sun Reins.

Chimey could use the sun it produced to communicate with other suns. It could even offer up a song to the sun to borrow its energy.

Besides the main world, every dimensional world had its own sun.

Double Sun Reins could be used in any world and allow the sun it controlled and its ability to communicate with other suns to become even more powerful.

This meant that Chimey could depend on itself to produce a sun and communicate with suns without needing the Mother of Bloodbath’s help.

It would also make it easier for it to use Clear Zither Change Voice.

The sun in the main world would become its anchor.

Double Sun Reins made Lin Yuan feel that Chimey’s combat style was no different from that of heavenly family feys.

However, Chimey did not communicate directly with the sun but with the sun in its body.

The exclusive skill that Chimey obtained when it evolved to Fantasy Breed was Radiant Body.

But now, Radiant Body had become New Sun Body.

New Sun Body’s description was very simple. Chimey would fuse with the sun it produced and enter the Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow state.

Lin Yuan was stunned when he saw the name Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow.

Lin Yuan immediately instructed Chimey to use New Sun Body.

Chimey flapped its wings and fluttered its tail feathers.

The 99 suns on Chimey’s tail feathers fused together, and a sun rose above its head.

Soon, Chimey called the sun over into its body, and it was set alight with blinding orange-red flames.

Chimey turned into a sparrow with a 30-meter-long wingspan.

When Chimey let out a cry, the golden birds all turned orange-red.

They had the same orange-red light on their bodies that Chimey had.

When Lin Yuan read the description of True Data, he finally understood what it meant by not changing the original effects but only changing one’s attributes.

Chimey entered the Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow state, and the Command Phoenix New Day Sparrow’s type changed from light and sound to fire and sound.

All of its original light-type abilities became fire-type. This was considered an increase in its attacking power.

However, it also reduced Chimey’s agility and range.

In a battle, deciding how one would adapt to the battleground’s size would dictate the real consequences of what happened.

For example, the Command Phoenix New Day Sparrow would not be curbed by water-type feys, while the Non-Burning Nirvana Sound Sparrow would be extremely effective against plant-type feys.

Lin Yuan looked at Chimey, who had suddenly turned into a giant bird, and said softly, “Chimey, change back.”

Usually, Lin Yuan did not use Chimey and Genius in battle.

However, now that this Radiance Hundred Sequence selection would involve the Freedom Federation’s schemes, it would be a good chance for Lin Yuan to give Genius and Chimey exposure.

He had never exhibited Genius or Chimey before.

The evolved Genius and Chimey would become Lin Yuan’s best secret weapons in any other situation.

Lin Yuan’s fey evolution had reached its temporary limit until he was promoted to an A-rank spirit qi professional.

Until then, his feys would not be able to improve by much.

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan had reached the peak of what the young generation in the Radiance Federation could achieve.

He had five Diamond X/Fantasy V feys. This was already better than most members of the younger generation.

However, Zong Ze, Gu Lang, and An He were also advancing. Moreover, their feys with the Barren bloodlines had reached adulthood.

Shiny needed at least a year before it could reach adulthood.

After this, Lin Yuan just needed to wait for the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection to take place.

At that moment, at a certain corner of the main world, a pair of cold eyes flew open on the throne of a palace.

There were crimson and bronze circular totems behind the cold eyes.

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