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Chapter 15: The Side Effects of Calm Mind

Chapter 15: The Side Effects of Calm Mind

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This man’s brain had such a huge hole that rendered Lin Yuan speechless. How big must the hole be in the brain for a person to think that someone else would want to buy the old cage? The hole must be huge enough to reach straight to the neck.

“Uncle, I mean that I want to purchase one Coiled Horn Goat for 100,000.”

Lin Yuan didn’t show it on his face, but he had a small comment box that was violently cursing at this man with the weak stomach.

Lin Yuan gave a very reasonable price. A regular Coiled Horn Goat could be purchased for the price of around 60,000 Federation dollars. As for that Coiled Horn Goat with the rare ability, its price would be around 95,000 Federation dollars. Lin Yuan was impatient, so he added another 5,000 Federation dollars to express his sincerity.

When the man heard 100,000 Federation dollars, his eyes immediately lit up. He quickly picked up his phone to call his wife.

After a short conversation, the man hung up the phone and also extended up a fist toward Lin Yuan before gesturing with a peace sign. “120,000 Federation dollars.”

Lin Yuan shook his head and turned away.

Elite feys were commonly traded in the market, so they had their own fixed value. Although Lin Yuan had already expressed his sincerity in purchasing the Coiled Horn Goat with the Jolt Horn ability, it didn’t mean that he could accept such an astronomical price.

Since this fey marketplace has other feys similar to the Coiled Horn Goats, I shall just walk around first.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan turn around, the middle-aged man got anxious and said, “Why don’t you give me 105,00 Federation dollars? I will sell you this goat and also give you this cage!”

The comment box in Lin Yuan’s mind was barraged with more curses. If the back of Lin Yuan’s head had eyes, he would certainly roll them at the man.

Who the hell would want your old cage that hasn’t been cleaned in months!?

If it was during normal days, Lin Yuan would definitely walk away without saying anything. However, this involved finding a defense-type fey for his younger sister.

Lin Yuan didn’t act rashly and turned around to say to that man, “I will look around first. If there isn’t anything else suitable, I will purchase that Coiled Horn Goat that is at the innermost of the cage.”

The middle-aged man wasn’t happy when Lin Yuan didn’t immediately purchase it. “If you come back to buy later, I will not be giving you the cage!” he mumbled.

The comment box in Lin Yuan’s mind was now filled with curses as he turned and left.

Not far away, Lin Yuan noticed a very big stall ahead that was surrounded by plenty of people.

These people were all standing beside the stall while holding baskets or bags in a queue. Lin Yuan could see that these people weren’t here to purchase feys.

After taking two more steps forward, Lin Yuan could smell the faint stench of blood in the air. He lifted the wing of his nose and discovered that the stench of blood was coming from the stall ahead.

At that moment, Lin Yuan could see a stalwart man carrying a massive woven bag and walking forward strenuously. The bag was filled with spirit beast meat.

The fey marketplace wouldn’t normally slaughter feys to sell. Even when the federation citizens wanted to eat some fey meat, it would be from feys that were specially bred in slaughterhouses.

After seeing this scene, Lin Yuan could guess that this stall was set up by the breeding base that had been devastated by the dimensional rift.

Just as Lin Yuan was about to head over to see if he could pick up any hidden wares, a boorish voice echoed from the stall.

“I thank everyone for providing your support during the past few days. All of the spirit beast meat has been sold. Allow me to apologize to those who didn’t get to purchase any.”

The boorish man’s voice sounded exhausted and slightly sorrowful.

Naturally, the crowd that had been queuing for a long time to purchase the spirit beast meat was unwilling to leave like this. They started shouting at the boorish man.

“Boss, I can still see a few severely injured spirit beasts inside. Why don’t we just slaughter them?”

“That’s right, Boss! Injured spirit beasts must be slaughtered! I didn’t even spare the Bamboo Rats that we bred in my home when they got a heatstroke. I will bring one to the riverside to barbecue. They are truly mouth-watering!”

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but approve of this person.

That is a rather great speech! I will give you a double like! But you don’t have your distinctive style and should practice more.

The boorish man quickly shook his hand. “Those inside cannot be slaughtered. I apologize to everyone that waited in vain. If you are interested, you can go in and take a look to see if you fancy any of the spirit beasts. There are only three remaining spirit beasts inside. If you buy them, you will surely profit!”

Seeing that there was no more meat to buy, the crowd scattered. Purchasing a severely injured fey might be getting value for money, but who was able to afford to hire a Creation Master to heal the fey?

When the boorish man saw that most of the people had left, he crouched down to carefully wipe off the stains of blood left behind by the spirit beast meat that he had sold earlier.

The boorish man habitually stated when he saw Lin Yuan walking up. “All the meat has been sold. This stall will not sell any more spirit beast meat.”

Lin Yuan could see that the boorish man was exhausted. Apart from the unwavering determination in his eyes that was supporting his body, there was intense sadness.

When the alien insects had invaded from the dimensional rift, it was said that only two individuals had managed to escape from the breeding base. Furthermore, one of two had died because of shock and wound infection, as no timely treatment had been provided.

The boorish man was the only survivor from the fey breeding base.

“Boss, I am not here to purchase any meat. I wish to see what other feys you have to sell.”

When the boorish man heard the business knocking, he quickly stopped what he was doing and stood up. When he suddenly looked into Lin Yuan’s eyes, the boorish man’s heavy mood seemed to have significantly calmed down.

This boorish man felt that this good-looking youth had a very amiable personality, making others feel unconsciously intimate. Even all the sad and exhausting emotions were suppressed because of this youth.

The boorish man stared at Lin Yuan, feeling that it was increasingly pleasant to look at him.

These changes might be slightly related to Lin Yuan’s looks and personality, but Morbius’ awakening was the true reason.

Morbius’ passive ability, Calm Mind, had been activated. Calm Mind should only be effective toward Lin Yuan, but two nights ago, he had experimented with this ability. After that, he had realized that Calm Mind’s effects would affect others within a certain distance from him. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be as intense.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t know that the Calm Mind ability wouldn’t just calm others’ minds, but it would also subtly allow others to have a favorable opinion of him.

It was fortunate that Lin Yuan didn’t know, or else he wouldn’t be using it recklessly.

“Young Brother, I am only a few years older than you. You can just call me Big Brother Yang. There are three severely injured feys inside. If you wish to see them, I will bring you in.”

When the boss called Lin Yuan, Young Brother, he was astonished.

Why did he suddenly call me Young Brother!?

After seeing a little white hair on the back of the boorish man’s head, Lin Yuan started to suspect if he looked anxious.

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