Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1387

Chapter 1387: The Extreme Member of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence

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Luo De patted Luo Ya’s shoulder, and she begrudgingly turned around to face a young man dressed in a yellow cloak standing on a large brown hornet.

This young man was not ugly. However, his eyes were of different sizes, and it made him appear vulgar and listless. He had a decent physique and was tall and stocky.

Unfortunately for him, Luo Ya only cared about looks. Anyone with unappealing looks was offensive to her.

Currently, her heart was fully set on Lin Yuan, and she could not even be bothered to spare Huang Yu a glance.

Huang Yu smiled and tried to greet Luo Ya. He had no clue that she was gnashing her teeth and cursing him for wasting her time when she was so anxious to get to Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard.


Luo De was slightly embarrassed by how Luo Ya blatantly ignored Huang Yu. “Xiao Yu, you’re becoming more powerful by the day. The Piercing Needle Hornet has already evolved to Gold X/Flawless in the two months since I last saw you.”

While he spoke, Luo De was shocked by how quickly Huang Yu was able to increase his power. Evidently, the Huang family had invested a lot of resources into him. Once he became a Class 2 Creation Master, he would be able to take over the Huang family at any time.

Huang Yu had always liked Luo Ya, but his affections have never been returned. Luo De was afraid this would eventually cause Huang Yu to become resentful, and he would decide to marry one of the daughters from the Meng family or Li family instead.

Huang Yu proudly replied, “All the credit goes to my aunt who convinced my uncle to evolve the Piercing Needle Hornet’s grade and quality. if the Piercing Needle Hornet had not started showing signs of mutating during its evolution, the Piercing Needle Hornet you’re seeing now would have reached Platinum grade.”

Luo De was startled by what Huang Yu said. It turned out that the leader of the Zhang family had helped evolve Huang Yu’s fey.

Huang Yu’s aunt had married into the Zhang family and was the Mistress of the Zhang family. She was the only one who could persuade the leader of the Zhang family to help evolve one of the juniors’ feys. This was the benefit of being linked through marriage.

If Luo Ya could marry Huang Yu, the Luo family would be able to use their relationship with him to become a distant relative of the Zhang family. It would even be possible for the Luo family to obtain some benefits from the Zhang family.

As she watched her father and Huang Yu speak for ten minutes straight with no sign of stopping anytime soon, Luo Ya became increasingly manic. When she could no longer control herself, she said, “Huang Yu, we need to go to Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard urgently, so we shall take our leave now.”

Luo Ya reached out and grabbed her father’s arm to signal for him to instruct the Poison Dust Flying Moth to continue flying toward Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard.

Huang Yu was already used to Luo Ya’s attitude. His eyes lit up when he heard her mention Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard, and he said, “Ah Ya, Uncle Luo, so it turns out that you’re going to Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard. It just so happens that I’m going there too. Big Brother Zhang Tong will be there today to welcome Lord Jian Li. I wasn’t aware that Ah Ya was back. Otherwise, I would have invited her to come with me.”

Luo De and Luo Ya’s expressions changed vastly.

Luo De did not expect Jian Li to visit a small, insignificant city like Phoebe Zhennan City. Moreover, the First Young Master of the Zhang family, Zhang Tong, had managed to become acquainted with Jian Li.

Jian Li was the cream of the crop of the Divine Wood Federation’s younger generation and was Sequence #83 of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence.


Compared to Jian Li’s brilliance and talent, the most impressive thing about him was his background.

The Jian family was a veteran family in the capital of Divine Wood Federation, Sacred Forest City.

Luo De did not know if they had any Class 4 Creation Masters, but they had three Class 3 Creation Master families under their control. One of these Class 3 Creation Master families had a pinnacle Class 3 Creation Master.

Although he was the leader of a Class 2 Creation Master, Luo De had not heard the news that Jian Li would be arriving at Phoebe Zhennan City. Yet, because of his relationship with the Zhang family, Huang Yu had the right to welcome Jian Li at Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard. This proved that Phoebe Zhennan City’s inner circle had already excluded the Luo family.

At that moment, Luo De decided he would seal the marriage between Luo Ya and Huang Yu by hook or by crook.

Meanwhile, Luo Ya was nervous.

Just like in the Radiance Federation, the members of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence were household names and superstars in the Divine Wood Federation. Every member of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence was seen as a blindingly bright star that existed beyond the reach of all other spirit qi professionals in the Divine Wood Federation.

Given that Huang Yu was on his way there now, it meant that Jian Li would be arriving at Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard in an hour. This seemed to coincide with Lin Yuan’s estimated time of arrival. Would they end up bumping into each other?

Every member of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence had an imperial court-appointed expert by their side.

Although Jian Li was not one of the higher ranks of the Divine Wood Hundred Sequence, he was notorious for being tyrannical. There was no way he would allow another person riding on an avian-type fey to arrive at the same place and at the same time as he was. Did this mean that Luo Ya had doomed Lin Yuan?


She hastily took out her phone and called Lin Yuan. Alas, he did not pick up even after the call rang for some time. The result did not change even after the multiple calls she made in succession.

Luo Ya was so anxious that sweat started to drip down her forehead.

She was certain that Lin Yuan’s background was nothing to turn up one’s nose at either, and he was likely from one of the Great Lush Federation’s secret elite families.

However, he was going to confront Jian Li on Divine Wood Federation territory, and it would be impossible for him to gain the upper hand.

When Huang Yu saw Luo Ya making so many calls, he wanted to ask her who she was trying to get in contact with. But at the same time, he was afraid that asking would set her off and cause her to blow her top.

Suddenly, Luo De’s lips curled into a strange smile.

It was impossible that Luo Ya could come up with a thought that he could not. He would like nothing more than for Luo Ya to be unable to contact that person she liked, so he would unsuspectingly arrive at Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard at the same time as Jian Li and get himself killed.

Once the person she liked was dead, Luo Ya would not have any more hang-ups. Luo De would then kindly coax her and use reason to get her to agree to marry Huang Yu.

Huang Yu treated Luo Ya well, and she would become the Young Mistress of the Huang family once she married him. A life like that would be free of hardship.

Luo Ya was relentlessly calling Lin Yuan. She had no idea that after their previous call, he had stored away this phone that he did not often use in a Diamond fey storage box.

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