Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290: Start of Plan 4.0 to Change Iron Bucket Sister

Lin Yuan decided to try and see if he could use the Spirit Lock spatial zone to nurture a fey that would be suited to the abyssal world’s environment, did not require maintenance, and would be able to change the abyssal world’s environment to a large extent.

Since Wang Ce had not returned, Lin Yuan lowered his head and started to study the Steel Spike Iron Oyster.

Since the Raging Waves Guard had chosen it, it had to have impressive defense-type skills.

Lin Yuan used Morbius to check on the Steel Spike Iron Oyster, and he was delighted to see that it suited Chu Ci’s current fey system well.

The Steel Spike Iron Oyster’s Normal abilities Iron Thorn Cross had a similar effect to the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly’s Counterattack Tremor. The difference was that Counterattack Tremor would reflect a portion of the damage sustained to the shield regardless of whether it was magical or physical damage.

However, Iron Thorn Cross would shoot out many iron thorns while holding out against the damage. When the iron thorns made contact with a friendly target, it would cause the target’s bloodthirst level to rise. But if it made contact with an enemy target, it would become even sharper, resulting in even more serious damage.

This meant that if the Steel Spike Iron Oyster used Iron Thorn Cross on a target, it would also cause added effects to surrounding targets, and friendly targets would benefit from being attacked.

Iron Thorn Cross was enough to qualify the Steel Spike Iron Oyster to join Chu Ci’s fey team. It would fortify Chu Ci’s defensive ability while pushing forward the Iron Bucket plan.


With the Steel Spike Iron Oyster, Lin Yuan felt that he would be able to start Plan 4.0 to turn his sister into an iron bucket.

Since Lin Yuan had sealed such a large deal with the Raging Waves Guard, he was certain that Wang Ce would not turn him down if he asked for one Bronze Steel Spike Iron Oyster.

At that moment, Wang Ce returned holding a Gold fey storage box.

“There are 200 Steel Spike Iron Oysters in here. 100 of them are Bronze grade while the other 100 are Normal quality and Elite quality.”


Wang Ce smiled sincerely and added, “All the Creation Masters who worked for the Raging Waves Guard had invested their efforts into evolving fey grades and qualities. It’s inevitable for the Raging Waves Guard to run into danger while out on assignment. The feys whose roots are injured also need a large amount of Creation Master resources to heal them. There are only 100 Bronze Steel Thorn Iron Oysters, but they are our treasures. All of them are equipped with an exclusive skill that’s suited for external terrain combat.”

Lin Yuan received the fey storage box and looked through the box. He saw that all the Steel Spike Iron Oysters were truly exceptional.

With Iron Thorn Cross, they could produce above-average defensive skills. This would enable them to return damage to their attackers even if their defense fell short while still aiding their teammates.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed a purple-pink Steel Spike Iron Oyster amongst the sea of purple and black. It was considerably more ostentatious than the other Steel Spike Iron Oysters.

Additionally, it was not a mix of pink and purple but a gradient from pink to purple where the colors slowly became lighter from the outside in. This made the Steel Spike Iron Oyster appear mystical.

The black and purple Steel Spike Iron Oysters looked like coarsely dressed middle-aged women, while the pink and purple gradient Steel Spike Iron Oyster looked like a little princess dressed in a flowing skirt.

Lin Yuan flipped over his hand and plucked out the pink and purple Steel Spike Iron Oyster before using True Data to check on it.

[Fey Name]: Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster

[Fey Species]: Folded-shell/Steel-shell

[Fey Grade]: Bronze (4/10)

[Fey Type]: Water/Spiritual

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[Iron Thorn Cross]: Add a shield to protect targets while shooting out many iron thorns. When the iron thorns make contact with friendly targets, their bloodthirst will be raised. When they make contact with enemy targets, the targets will feel affection, and their desire to battle will be lowered.

[Bubble Crystal Shield]: Rapidly shoot out bubbles from within the shell. The bubbles can form a shield as a final attempt to hold off damage or aid when the target’s defensive abilities are falling.

Exclusive Skill:

[Tool Transformation]: Capable of transforming into a tool for the contractor to use.

Lin Yuan was overcome with excitement when he saw the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster’s True Data. It basically had Chu Ci’s name written all over it.

Compared to the Steel Spike Iron Oyster, the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster’s Iron Thorn Cross was different.

The Steel Spike Iron Oyster’s Iron Thorn Cross would result in damage to a certain area. This would be very useful in a low-grade fight. But in a high-grade fight, the effects would not be as impactful as feys that excelled in defense would be able to overcome the attacks easily.

On the other hand, the Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster’s Iron Thorn Cross’ area of attack had a mesmerizing effect instead.

The stronger Lin Yuan became, the more he understood the importance of willpower during combat. Those with stronger combat willpower were able to create miracles that those who were weaker could not.

However, the difference in Iron Thorn Cross was not the only reason Lin Yuan felt that it suited Chu Ci.

Bubble Crystal Shield was practically made for Chu Ci’s battle system.

Chu Ci’s Burning Sunflower Twins and Obsidian Iron Wild Bull were not defense feys in the traditional sense.

The only fey in Chu Ci’s team that could produce a shield was the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly. Moreover, its shield only covered individuals.

The Pink Piercing Crystal Oyster’s Bubble Crystal Shield would improve the shielding of Chu Ci’s team. She would no longer have to specialize in one-on-one combat. Rather, she would gain a team protection ability that defense spirit qi professionals needed.

When Bubble Crystal Shield was used with the Yellow Jadeite Golden Butterfly’s Explosive Shield Counterattack, it would produce a magnified killing effect as Bubble Crystal Shield would not only be able to protect many targets but also be stacked in front of an individual.

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