Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 49: When A Real Expert Is Too OP

Michael immediately activated [Stealth] and pulled out his dagger, and then he slowly crept towards the back of the nearest goblin.

Michael appeared behind the goblin like a devil, as his eyes flashed with a cold light, and his other hand immediately covered the goblins mouth, as Michael started to repeatedly stabbed the goblin at the place between its neck and shoulders.

This is what Michael really like about this game, because he could attack monsters even without the need of the activation of skills from the system like it was just, like the real world.

But the only downside is that the damage dealt mostly relied on his attributes, passive skills and his weapon, so the damage dealt would be on the weaker side if he doesn’t use his skills even with his [Dagger Mastery], but for him, it’s already enough as he just confirmed that he’s stronger than the goblin who’s flailing wildly in his hands because the goblin can’t even wriggle off from him.

Sadly in its panic, the goblin accidentally managed to kick a small rock towards one of its companions, immediately attracting its attention towards them, as it shriek in anger when it saw its companion flailing wildly with its mouth covered in the hands of a human and is repeatedly getting stab!


The other goblin also noticed them because of it, as then both goblins stood up and charged angrily at Michael with their rusty swords in their hands.

Michael ignored the scattered items from the dead goblin on his feet as he immediately back away and until his back hit the nearby wall.

The two goblins pounced towards him as they clumsily slashed their swords towards him, but Michael just rolled to the side as a two big miss floated above him.

Michael kept dodging backwards in circle while the two goblins relentlessly attacks him, while he on the other hand just observe their attack patterns.

The goblins are quick on their feet but predictable, and their attacks is also the same, probably because the rusty swords in their hands are quite heavy for their arms, so dodging their attacks isn’t that hard for Michael.

Of course, this only applies to Michael and a few others, or else those players who had weak willpower would probably be disgusted and shriek in horror when they meet this ugly looking goblins who’s appearance are so horrible that the Green Goblins who’s already considered quite ugly back at Haven City doesn’t even compare to these two in front of him!

He watched them until he learned enough of their attack patterns, and It’s not like it was hard for him to fight and kill them, but he at least wanted to study them as he was sure that he’d meet more goblins the deeper he goes inside the mine, which he would need to kill them one by one if there are too many of them for him to take on at the same time or worse, he’d need to take on an entire group of them.

Michael suddenly appeared behind a goblin like a shadow and activated [Backstab] and [Bleed] simultaneously as the health of the goblin who was on the receiving end of the attacks immediately plummeted by a chunk, and it continued to lose more because of the [Bleed] effect!

Michael attack once more as the dagger in his hand drew a shiny-white trace in the air in a fraction of second.

Michael had timed the attack so precisely that the goblin could not even try to dodge it.


A message window that was visible only to Michael popped up. Critical hit!

That only appeared when the damage was doubled as a result of an effective attack, the outcome of exquisite timing and attacking a vital or vulnerable part of a monster!


The goblin immediately died, from another flurry of multiple normal attacks of Michael that the other goblin didn’t even managed to see how its companion died, because it immediately disappeared in a flash, leaving behind a rusty sword and a couple of silver coins.


Michael didn’t even have the time to pick those items up from the ground when the other goblin immediately turned around and started attacking him again.

When the goblin thrust its sword towards Michael’s abdomen, he just sidestepped and kick the goblin at the side of its head, sending it tumbling backwards.

It looks like Michael kicked a kid because the goblin is so small that it’s height just barely reached Michael’s waist.

Michael was then suddenly covered in hazy dark mist, as he activated [Shadow Dance], the goblin was a bit startled at first when Michael suddenly disappeared from its sight, and replaced by a gloomy looking dark mist, but it immediately started hacking at the mist in front of it where Michael is standing, watching the goblin.

And the most amazing thing happened, as multiple [Miss] appeared above Michael’s head everytime the goblin tries to attack him.

"Hmm..what a cheat" Michael muttered as he watched the sword of the goblin just passed by his body from inside the dark mist, like he was already one with it.

"So this is why this class is called Chaser" Michael chuckled, as he imagined anyone with this class chasing monsters or other players with this skill activated that actually let’s them immune from physical attacks during the duration of four seconds.

And with this skill, it just made Michael far more dangerous.

Just imagine a real assassin equipped with top quality items in a PK while using [Shadow Dance]...it would be a one sided battle during those four seconds!

And after four seconds was up, the dark cloud that covered the entirety of Michael immediately disappeared, and then he immediately appeared behind the goblin while dodging its attack as he plunged his dagger at the goblin’s back and sent a flurry of normal attacks, then after that, he kicked it on its back as the goblin stumbled forward.

Michael immediately followed behind, and put the goblin in a choke hold and both of them landed on the ground on their backs, as Michael released his hand holding the dagger and repeatedly stabbed the goblin in its chest as multiple bold red numbers and letters appeared above them.

Good thing, the game doesn’t allow blood to splatter around or it would truly be a gory sight right now.



Moments later, the goblin turned into light and disappeared, leaving multiple trash items on the ground, with only one item that’s considered okay so far.

[Black Steel Boots] [Rare]

Durability - 90/90.

Defense - 25.

Additional effects:

+15 Bonus Speed.

+5 Strength



Michael then only picked up the coins before standing up and looted the items from the previous goblins, before proceeding deeper inside the mine.

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