Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 47: Timor Village

Almost an hour later.

Michael and Hanks are just about to arrive at Hank’s village.

As they got nearer towards the village, Michael could already make out of what the village looks like, it was surrounded by a wooden wall made from logs, with sharpened tips, and the walls encompasses the entire village in a circle, with two guards holding spears, stationed in front of the village gate, he could even hear the sound of metal colliding against each other coming from inside the village, as the sound becomes more distinct as they got nearer.

"We’re here!" Hanks said to Michael, as they slowly approached the village gate.

The gate opened before them, as Hanks greeted the guards as they passed by them.

And inside, Michael saw rows upon rows of small houses and shops with the biggest he saw only having two floors , all of them made from logs, like a cabin would. There are also a lot of NPC’s walking around the village that would greet Hanks as they passed by them while they would also curiously size up Michael, all of them are levelled between 25 and 32.

He also saw some players running around the village, doing quest on their own or in teams of two or three.

"This is the mining village of Timor, all of us here are believers of God Erhai, who governs fire, blacksmiths, craftsmen, and volcanoes"

"You could say that our village houses most of the craftsmen and blacksmiths around the kingdom"

Hanks started telling him about the village, and before long, they finally parted ways.

The kingdom where Michael is located is a small kingdom called Sharval Kingdom, and though small, they boast a powerful military force, and one of the few kingdoms or countries in the continent that houses a lot of craftsmen and blacksmiths around.

A kingdom with a landsized equivalent to the State of New York.

All of these things are something he learned from his few interactions with Old man Hanks and Marcus.

"Now that I’m here, what the heck do I do?" Michael was confused, as he can’t any quest indication at the NPC’s around him.

So what he did next is that he started walking around the village because he wanted to get, a more clearer outlook of the village.

The village is as big as two football stadiums combined where he finally saw the biggest building around is five floors tall, he also saw a lot of players holding pickaxes as they formed groups, preparing to go towards a nearby mining pit.

Michael was suddenly curious about them, so he approached one of them and asked, "Hey, why are you guys forming teams if you’re just gonna go to the mines?"

His questions suddenly attracted the attention of the nearby players, as they looked at the cloaked figure in front of them with suspicion.

After all, they can’t even see the level and name of the person in front of them, so they suddenly grew excited as they thought that it was a powerful NPC, and it had never came to their minds that it was actually player hiding under the cloak.

"It’s because there are also monsters inside the mine" the player in question answered excitedly as he thought he had bumped into a special NPC like in those previous games he played before.

"Ohh...okay" the cloaked figure said nonchalantly before turning around and left the player with disbelief in his eyes.

"D-did I answer it wrong?" the player suddenly stuttered in disbelief, as he felt like his luck just disappeared in an instant.

"Hahaha! How dumb!"

"Shut up! As if you guys could do any better than me!" the said player angrily shouted at them, before he and his party headed towards the direction of a nearby mine, all of them are around level 6 and 7, which is somewhat amazing...but the main reason is probably the lack of competition as there are fewer players here than in the cities.

Michael then suddenly stopped walking as he remembered something when his gaze lingered on his left arm.

"Now that I think about it, I don’t have any off hand weapon yet" Michael muttered as he slowly made his way to a Blacksmith Shop that he had passed by earlier.

He then arrived in front of a Blacksmith Shop called Falre Forge, as the sound of hammer hitting a metal sounded from the inside.

Michael then entered the shop, where he immediately noticed the back of a huge man, with a huge hammer in his hand, as he hammered a metal in the rough shape of a sword against the anvil.

"Just look around and tell me if you’ve decided to buy something"

Michael had just stepped inside, when he heard the voice of the man rang throughout the small shop.

Michael wasn’t surprised as he couldn’t even see that man’s level except for his name, and at the same time, he also felt the tingling sense of danger inside him, telling him that the man in front of him is a very dangerous character.

’Heh, this game...is it really only 90% and not beyond that? The realism is almost the same as reality’ Michael thought, surprised that his spidey sense is actually tingling in the virtual world.

But nevertheless, he started looking around the shop, all of the items are mostly uncommon, with a few rares here and there, but Michael still did not see the weapon he wanted to obtain right now.


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