Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 45: Chaser

Early in the morning, on a street where there is already a few people walking about.

And while Michael is on his way home, he suddenly noticed that the street he’s walking to is somewhat familiar to him.

"It should be around here" Michael muttered as he turned into a corner and arrived in front of a barricaded two story building that’s currently being renovated, where there are already workers inside doing their work.

The place in front of him is something very familiar to Michael as he had been or "will be" working in this place for a couple of years.

"There’s less than a month left before this place opens for business" Michael muttered to himself, before walking away from there, his back...looked somewhat lonely.

Michael didn’t see the two women who are walking towards him from the other side of the street, and a few meters behind them are seven men dressed in casual clothes following behind, as they kept a keen eye towards their surroundings, like what would bodyguards do when their protecting VIPs.

"Wasn’t that Michael? What is he doing here?" Jenny said as she caught a glimpse of Michael before he disappeared at the corner of the street.

"Michael? Someone you know?" Amanda turned towards her, confused as she doesn’t recall anyone that goes by the name of Michael.

"Yeah, but he’s gone" Jenny nodded, then continued, "He’s the guy who helped us back at the gym with Kevin, and also the guy who saved me before"

"Oh~" Amanda uttered in surprised, as the figure of someone suddenly appeared in her mind.

"And it seems he’s interested about you, as he asked about you the other day" Jenny said with a mischievous smile.

"Don’t smile like that, we don’t even know each other" Amanda said, as both of them finally arrived in front of the building being renovated.

"Sure~" Jenny smiled at her, which resulted in her getting pinched on her waist.



Arriving at his apartment building.

Michael immediately headed towards his own apartment on the second floor, where he took ample time to take a bath, changed into a comfortable clothes, before taking a quick breakfast at his parent’s place.

Michael then went to his own bedroom at his parents apartment, and lay on his bed as he wore his virtual helmet.

Connect to Fate Online?



Michael then appeared at the Eastern Gate of Haven City.

Where he went to the City Administration, and took a quest that gives a lot of experience points, and immediately headed outside of the city, towards the Eastern Forest and started hunting monsters and grinding levels.

This continued on for several days, where he just kept killing monsters, then going back to the city to replenish his supplies and taking a quest, then back again to continue grinding monsters.

He was like a game addict that didn’t want to stop, and between those, he had helped Storm Breaker in raiding a Field Boss, and another successful raid at another Boss by himself.

His value as an expert skyrocketed because of those, where the nine major guilds scrambled to invite him to their side by offering him multiple benefits and high salary, but he just ignored all of them, as he just focused on quickly leveling his character so that he could finally leave the beginner zone for good.

And finally a week inside the game of mad grinding.

"Graa!" a monster screamed as it burst into light and loot are scattered along the ground.

[You have leveled up!]

[You have successfully reached Level 10, make your way towards the City Administration and get your official badge to finally become a full pledge adventurer!]

Michael finally reached Level 10!

So Michael immediately picked up the items on the ground and hastily made his way back towards the city.

At the second floor of the City Administration.

Michael is currently talking with an NPC woman, in front of a counter, that reads "Class Advancement".

From what Michael had learned from the NPC in front of him, this would be where players who had reached Level 10 would receive their first class advancement, where they could choose one out of the two primary classes derive from their own class.

Michael then put his hands over a crystal ball as instructed by the woman, and the crystal ball immediately burst into a blinding light, as a message window appeared in front of Michael.

Advancement Class:



Michael clicked on the "Chaser" as an information about it appeared in another window.

Chaser - one of the primary class advancement on the path of an Assassin. Possesses assassination weapons that have been handed down from Ancient times.

[He hides his weapons surreptitiously in his clothes and uses them to finish off his enemies instantly]

Main weapon: Curved Dagger/Shortsword

Offhand: Hidden weapons

Micheal then brought up the description of the "Rogue" class.

Rogue - The fast and deadly fighter from afar, she/he could lay siege to her/his enemies from a range and also disarm traps that are more difficult inside a Dungeon.

[Undisputed Masters of burst and surprise attacks, and experts in disrupting the battle rhythm of their enemies!]

Main weapon: Chained Blades

Offhand: Throwing Knives

Michael raised an eyebrow, as he was suddenly curious at what a chained blade looks like, as he had never once used a weapon like that.

But even with his growing curiosity for the other class, Michael still choose the first one, where he suddenly got enveloped by a soft light for a moment.

[Congratulations! You are now a full fledged adventurer and inherited the basic abilities of a - Chaser!]

"Congratulations on graduating from being a greenhorn into a full pledge adventurer" the NPC smiled as she handed him a badge in the shape of a small shield, the size of a palm and made from some kind of wood, and in the middle of it is an engraved wolf head.

Michael had just received the small badge when a shocking announcement reverberated.

[Congratulations to both Solitary Tempest and Shadow for successfully becoming the first two players in advancing their respective classes!]

[Congratulations to both Solitary Tempest and Shadow for successfully becoming the first two players in advancing their respective classes!]

[Because of the feat of the two said players, the shields in beginner zones are now slowly dissipating! Players will now be able leave the beginner zones within 24 hours real world time, and could now embark on a new adventure in the Continent of Nevareth!]

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