Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 38: Arche Longbow

This event marked the first legend of the player called, Shadow, as every player, from ordinary players to the elites paid attention and made sure to engraved the player called Shadow in their minds!

After all, soloing a Field Boss is a huge feat, and the thought that he used a bug on the game didn’t even surfaced in their minds, as there was an announcement about the game company before that they had made sure to fix all of the loopholes inside the game with the help of its powerful A.I that oversee the entire game world like its own goddess or god!

Michael was suddenly surprised as the system announced it without his permission.

"The heck I wanted to keep a low profile" Michael smiled bitterly.

"Good thing, this place is in the deepest part of the forest or else there would be a horde of players heading towards here"

"Oh my goodness! Was that you!?" Dylan’s voice suddenly boomed from the side.

’Right, there’s still this guy’ Michael thought as he rolled his eyes, as he finally remembered that Dylan hadn’t yet hang up the call.

"Nope, not me, must be someone else" he tried to deny it.

"Don’t lie, the game doesn’t allow players of having the same name!" Dylan raged at him.


Falling Moon, Judgement Fall, Solitary Tempest, Storm Breaker, including all of the players within the Player Rankings were all shocked by the announcement.

"This guy..." Falling Moon bitterly smiled, as she seems to have underestimated him, and Moon Bunny who is with her had an unsightly look on her face as she didn’t expect that Michael would be this skilled that he’s able to solo a field boss on his own.

Inside the City Administration.

"Kakaka...it seems like a huge upheaval is coming!" Storm Breaker laughed heartily, as he already imagined the unsightly looks of the other rankers after hearing the announcement.

At the Central Plains.

"Shadow...just who are you?" Judgement Fall muttered with a gloomy look on his face.

Meteora City.

"Shadow..." Amanda murmured, as she felt that the name is somewhat familiar to her, but at the same time its not.

Inside a gloomy looking forest.

"Shadow...it seems an interesting fella appeared" a black haired man in a full leather armor and armed with a short sword muttered, with eyes full of curiosity and interest.

Every single Rankers, made sure to engrave this player’s name in their minds, some even sent people to investigate this player, especially those guild leaders who wanted to recruit him to join their guild.

And even the nine major guilds are also on the move, Judgement Fall who received an order from the higher up to recruit Shadow, felt frustrated.

Falling Moon and Storm Breaker also received an order directly from their guild leaders to recruit this player into their guild no matter what.

These two guild leaders War Angel and War Temple and the other leaders aren’t fools, they know that an expert had just appeared, because even them aren’t sure if they could solo a boss by themselves, of course, they might be able to do it if they prepared things they needed.

But from the information that the two guild leaders received from Falling Moon or Storm Breaker, the player named Shadow is a lone player, who only relies on himself, and he’s even the highest leveled in their starting location.


Michael was busying himself on picking up the loot after a short rest, as Dylan continued to chatter about his achievement and how realistic looking the game is.

"How come you didn’t tell me you’re actually this good!?"

"Soloing a field boss? Seriously!?"

"Shut up! Go and get levelling!" Michael yelled and hung up on him, as he finally got enough of his annoying chattering

Michael stood there for a few moments as he thought of something, "I wonder why the system randomly chose a startling location for Dylan, while I, on the other hand, was given the chance to pick my location"

"Meh...must be because I was one of the earliest users to get into the game" Michael then shrugged it off at the back of his head, as he started making his way towards the City of Haven through the dense forestry.

Michael acquired three specific items from the boss’s drops, one of them is leather pants, a hunter bow and a pair of black leather gloves, along with one gold, fourteen silvers, and ten copper coins.

[Soft Leather Pants (Uncommon)]

Level Requirements: 7

Properties: +4 Defense, +3 Agility and +1 Vitality

Class Restrictions: Hunter, Assassin

[Arche Longbow (Rare)]

Level Requirements: Level 8

Properties: Attack 23-43, Agility +9, Strength +7

Attack Speed: 2

Restrictions: Hunter

[Soft Leather Gloves (Uncommon)]

Level Requirements: 6

Properties: +3 Defense, +2 Agility

Class Restrictions: Hunter, Assassin

"Hmmm...now thinking about it, I wonder if Amanda plays Fate Online" Michael mumbled to himself, as he remembered that she had never once mentioned to him if she was playing the game before the events that happened to both of them.

"I would have reserved some items for her if she’s playing" Michael sighed.

"Wait, maybe I could ask Jenny...but we’re not close though and she might become suspicious of me, thinking that I’m some kind of a stalker" Michael didn’t know why, but he noticed that he would always feel embarrassed if its something related to Amanda.

"Anyway, I need to go back to the city first. I’m sure there are a lot of people looking for me" Michael said, as he ran through the forest like an agile mountain lion!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A few moments later, his silhouette slowly disappeared through the dense thickets.

A few minutes later, a silhouette passed through the City’s West Gate, and stopped just beside the nearby barrack.

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