Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 30: Chapter 30

Arrows, swords, axes or fireballs competed to see who has the fastest speed and take the last hit.



System Announcement: Congratulations to the War Temple Party led by Party Leader, Storm Breaker and its members, Soaring Shadow, Tempest Huntress, Red Oblivion and Sky Fall for slaying the Wild Boss [ Level 8 - Hobgoblin] !

System Announcement: Congratulations to the War Temple Party led by Party Leader, Storm Breaker and its members, Soaring Shadow, Tempest Huntress, Red Oblivion and Sky Fall for slaying the Wild Boss [ Level 8 - Hobgoblin] !

System Announcement: Congratulations to the War Temple Party...

The Boss immediately burst into loots, and Michael suddenly activated [Shadow Blur] and picked an item before disappearing into the bushes, no one noticed what he did because of how chaotic the place had become after the boss died, and the pitiful players from Black Skull was wiped by the combined forces from War Angel and War Temple.

They didn’t even managed to secure at least one drop from the Boss before all of them died!

Michael just left them and didn’t even bother to say hi to Falling Moon and Storm Breaker, as he immediately left for another monster map, and on the way there, he received a notification from the system that $20,000 had been sent into his bank account along with a message of thanks and a future cooperation.


"Shadow! Damn you!" Judgement Fall resurrected, and gnashed his teeth in rage when he found out that it was Shadow who ambushed him, it would’ve been okay if they managed to kill the Wild Boss, but they didn’t and it was stolen by War Temple, of all people!

Judgement Fall gnashed his teeth in rage and swore in his heart that he would make Shadow pay for what he had done, while those members who also resurrected in the graveyard had dark expressions on their faces, especially Micheal’s good "old friend" Jin, who is gripping his fist in anger, as malice flashed across his eyes when he learned who were the causes of their failure.

"Tell me, how the hell did they found out about the boss?" Judgement Fall turned around and asked, after all, he did tell them to just tell the players that wandered towards them that they are occupying the grounds for grinding monster, and there were no mention about the wild boss.

This is the reason that made Judgement Fall confused because they made sure to control the information about the Wild Boss, but what he didn’t know is that Michael had been following their movements since the moment his eyes laid upon Jin.

"It must have been Shadow! After all, he appeared too near from where we were standing and he even managed to get behind you without our notice" Jin said, his voice containing anger and a hint of hatred.

Judgement Fall’s expression looked dark and he told them in a cold voice, "Send the word out, whoever kills Shadow will receive $300 from us. They only need to send a video proof of killing him and they will receive the reward!"

"We might not be able to kill him back to Level 1, but hindering his leveling progress is enough! Let’s see if he can still play normally like he used to when almost the entire player base in the city is out looking for his blood!"

Judgement Fall grinned maliciously, along with Jin and some of the other members, while some of the others are secretly shaking their heads, as they clearly knew that Shadow is an expert, and putting a bounty above his head would certainly make them bitter enemies, and would certainly push him to join a rival guild! Which would a certain loss to them!

Some of them are even casting furtive glances towards Jin as they realized that there must be something going on between them.

After all, getting killed by the same player once would be considered as just a coincidence, but thrice and wouldn’t any good reason?

Now, that is something for them to think that there’s some kind of a friction between Jin and Shadow because for Jin to always get himself killed by Shadow everytime both of them bumped into each other.

Now, that is no coincidence at all.

"Hmmp!" someone snorted as he passed by Jin, with some of the others following behind the woman.

Jin’s expression immediately darkened, but endured blowing out as Judgement Fall is also looking at him, his eyes full of questions.

Most of them came from influential or powerful families, so they aren’t really scared of Jin, even though he’s a senator’s son.

After all, there’s a saying that businessmen doesn’t easily disappear, but a politician does when he or she loses favor of the masses or the people behind them.

Half an hour later, an announcement in the game forum immediately garnered a lot of interest and attention from the player base, especially those players in that particular area that was mentioned.

It was the bounty put above Michael’s head.

"Black Skull is at it again!"

"They’re always like this at every game, every time they meet a player they can’t beat!"

"What can we do!? These people are crazy as they have a lot of money!"

"Anyone who kills Shadow is making an enemy with us, War Angel!" an ID called Falling Moon suddenly commented, which immediately cause a ruckus!

"I may not be able to speak for the whole guild, but Shadow has this brother’s back!" a [Storm Breaker] account followed suit.

"The Goddess is here! Oh my god, is this player called Shadow from War Angel!?"

"It could be either War Angel or War Temple! It’s so early in the game but the rivalry between the largest guilds is already starting to heat up!"

"Us Black Skull are the best! Edyrem are beneath us!"

"F*ck you poster above me!"

"People from the Council are a bunch of hoodlums! They can’t easily be trusted!"

"What bold words! I clearly remember that you guys lost the war from the last virtual game, Age of Empire against the Edyrem Alliance! If it wasn’t for the Alliance of Horadrim saving your a**ses, then you would’ve all been wiped out!"

People from their guilds, friends or just casual players or fans of the two suddenly started voicing their support for the two players, causing a huge battle of words between the two camps in the thread.

And the person behind this, is obviously oblivious to what’s happening in the official game forum as he was already logged off of the game.

Michael is out of his apartment, he is walking through the busy streets with a box in his hand, with a logo of Mine Tech. Industries.

He is currently headed towards Dylan’s place, as he wants to give him the virtual helmet to his friend.

And his other hand is holding a plastic bag, and inside of it is a roast chicken.

"I’m sure the people from Black Skull is raging by now" Michael grinned coldly, and the people who passed by him, suddenly felt shivers running down their spines as they looked around their surroundings uncomfortably before they continued on their way.

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