Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 27: Dylan

"You were really reckless earlier Alice" Tom said to Alice, "What if Michael or me wasn’t with you back there, then you could have gotten yourself hurt.

"Shut it Tom, I know what I’m doing" Alice snorted, while Michael just smiled at them if he sees one of them looking at him, and then the family of three entered a family restaurant called Den Den Mushi Restaurant.

It’s a well known restaurant three blocks away from their place, and a restaurant they usually frequent, especially Michael, as he always comes here whenever he receives his month pay from his previous work before.

"Michael! Brother! You’re here!" suddenly, a man with a crew cut dirty blonde hair came over, as he and Michael pound hug each other.

"Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Grey! It’s always nice seeing you guys!" then the man turned towards the Grey couple.

The man in front of them is actually Michael’s good friend, and it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that two of them are like real brothers with how close they are.

He is Dylan McGrier, Michael’s good brother, both of them had known each other for over ten years now, and they always do shit together, from fighting, hitting on girls to doing simple pranks on people and currently works as a waiter here at Den Den Mushi Restaurant!

He is younger by a year than Michael, and was raised in a family of three with his mother and little sister, who is probably around 18 or 19 by now as far as Michael could remember. Their father left them when he was only ten and her pregnant mother, who was still carrying her sister in her belly.

The two of them actually met each other when Michael was being beaten by a group of thugs, and it was this brother of his who save his a** that night. Dylan had always been the fighter between the two of them, and on the other hand, Michael was the one who wasn’t always been good at fighting before, but he was always good with his brain.

That event that night was the first time they met each other, and through numerous coincidences that they would always meet each other whenever one of them is in trouble, they became friends, until their friendship grew until they started hanging out with each other and always getting themselves in trouble together, especially with the people from Black Skull, that’s one of the reasons why Michael doesn’t have a good opinion of them.

Among the small and large gangs operating in Central, the branch of Black Skulls here are probably number one in being unreasonable assholes!

But that one event that truly nailed them as being true brothers is when he helped Michael and Amanda in hiding them from the people in pursuit of them, that cost his life. That event was one of Michael’s regrets back then.

It even almost brought trouble to Dylan’s family because of him helping Michael, as the Senator, one of the people who controls Black Skull Gang behind the scenes wanted to cause them trouble or even kill Dylan’s family.

And the only fortunate thing that happened to the mother and sister, aside from losing the only man in their family is that they were living within the territories of the War Angel who gave them protection from the harassment of members from the opposing gang.

And if the Black Skulls are full of assholes, then the members of the War Angels are the opposite of them.

It was because most of the members in the War Angels came from military families or with similar backgrounds, as the core members and the head of the huge gang are retired military or police vets or former mercenaries.

If the Black Skulls are being backed by some politicians, then the War Angels also has the military behind them. After all, the name War Angel came from a famous and well known elite group of shock troopers from the military.

And when Michael was finally making money through accepting commissions, he started taking care of Dylan’s family by giving a full scholarship to his sister into the famous university in Central City called Princeton University, a university built by Mine Tech. Industries!

With a quarterly of $200,000, which shocked the mother and daughter pair! That they even thought that someone was playing with them, but when the money arrived in her bank account and statements, and only then did they finally believed that it was real!

’You’re were a great brother’ Michael thought, smiling, because it means this time, this brother of his won’t die anymore because of him.

"It’s good to see again lad" Tom said.

Alice just smiled at him and said, "I hope our reservation is still there"

"Of course ma’am! Follow me!" Dylan laughed as he led through the bustling crowd of people having lunch together with their own families.

"Here we are" Dylan said, as they arrived at the terrace of the restaurant and led them beside a round table with four chairs around it, as the place is surrounded by a bunch of different floras.

They each took a seat, and Alice then said to Dylan, "Our usual dear"

"Alrighty! It seems you guys are celelebrating something?" Dylan said.

"Yes, we finally adopted Michael" Alice smiled at Michael.

"Seriously!? That’s awesome bro! I’m happy for you buddy!" Dylan said as slapped Michael’s shoulders.

"Thanks bud!"

"Alright, I’m gonna get your orders now! I’ll tell them to give you guys extra portions for this awesome ocassion!"

"Thank you!" Alice smiled, before Dylan quickly went to the kitchen.

"You have a great friend dear" Alice turned to Michael and said.

"I sure do" Michael replied with a grin on his face.

"So are you gonna go back to playing your game after this?" Tom asked.

"Yes, I need to get to Level 10 as fast as possible"

"Kakaka, you should also try to enjoy the game while you’re at it lad!"

"I will...I surely will"

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