Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 24: First Wild Boss

Michael then left the City Lord’s Mansion, after receiving his rewards from the Lord’s Treasury.

He had received 20 Gold, a fishing rod, +2000 Reputation Points for Haven City.

And lastly, an item of his choice that he chose from the treasures stored in the treasury.

[ Shiva’s Leather Armor ] [ Rare ]

Level Requirements: 5

Properties: Defense 13-17, Strength +5, Dexterity +5

Class Restriction: Assassin, Barbarian, Hunter

He had chosen and received the very first rare item in the game, and at the same time, he received a lot of exp, immediately filling up his Exp. Bar to ninety seven percent, and now he’s just three percent away from reaching Level 6.

He immediately equipped his new armor and tossed the old ones out.

"But seriously though, I thought they were gonna cook it, but it actually turned out to be a gift for the little miss of the Lord’s Mansion" Michael muttered as he passed through the stone, and at the same time, he was confused about why such a cute little would like something like that as a pet.

"Haa~ The way the NPC’s talks and acts are just too real. I wouldn’t even think they are just made from computer programs if I didn’t know that I’m inside a game right now, and not in some kind of another world"

"I really learned a lot about the game from the City Lord"

Michael smiled widely, as he slowly walked towards the Eastern Gate of the city, as he plans to grind the last three percent missing from his Exp. Bar.


"That’s the last one"

Michael said, as he finally saw his experience bar filling up.

[ You are now Level 6! You received 5 Extra Attribute Points and 1 Skill Point! ]

Michael then smiled as he allocated 3 points in Agility and 2 points in Strength.

He then picked up the scattered loots dropped by the [Green Goblin] he had just killed.

"What’s this?" Michael said as he picked up a small white horn, with a hollow inside.

[ Horn of the Goblin King ] [Epic] [Consumable]

Description: It could summon a Goblin Troop or through certain conditions, a Goblin Army.

The levels of the summoned goblins would depend on the level of the summoner.

Usage: 2/2

Michael vomited blood inside his mind when he saw the rarity of the item, as he didn’t expect that he would stumble upon an item like this from just casually killing a goblin.

"The hell with this? How the hell did I get an item like this in a low level zone? Is this some kind of a mistake?"

Michael rubbed his temples as he didn’t know what to think about this situation.

"They won’t ban me if they found out that I got an item like this, right?"

"Heh! I’d sue them if that happens"

Michael smirked as he immediately put the matter at the back of his mind, as he immediately headed back towards the direction of the city.



System Announcement: Congratulations to the War Angel Party led by Party Leader, Falling Moon and its members, Moon Bunny, Heaven Trampler, Ethreain, and Purist Thunderwrath on a successful kill on the First Wild Boss: [Level 8 - Savage Bear] !

System Announcement: Congratulations to the War Angel Party led by Party Leader, Falling Moon and its members, Moon Bunny, Heaven Trampler, Ethreain, and Purist Thunderwrath on a successful kill on the First Wild Boss: [Level 8 - Savage Bear] !

System Announcement: Congratulations to the War Angel Party...

Suddenly, a reverberating robotic voice rang out throughout the game, announcing the first successful subjugation of the very first wild boss!

None other than a party from the well known guild, War Angel.

MIchael just smirked at it, without any care at all.

But for the others, it was a shocking and pleasant news for their allied guilds and for the regular players, but on the other hand, it was certainly a huge blow towards their rival guilds.

At the graveyard.

"Dammit!" Judgement Fall kick the pebble on his feet the moment he resurrected.

Then behind him, numerous lights flashed as the others resurrected behind him, and there are at least over thirty of them but it seems they are divided into two, as the two groups just glared at each other.

"Hmmp! Let’s go!"

Judgement Fall just snorted towards them, and led his group.

"What a bunch of s*ckers!" one of the players said in disdain as he watched the members from Black Skull leave.

"We should get moving and meet up with the others, we don’t want us getting ambush from Black Skull again" a Barbarian wielding a cheap looking huge sword said.

"I wonder what the boss’s drops were" a Hunter laughed, as their group slowly trickled out of the graveyard at the back of some kind of church, surrounded by men in suits of silver armor, armed with huge swords or maces.


"Damn, I didn’t expect that War Angel would immediately take down a Wild Boss this early"

"Yeah! And I heard that Black Skull even ambushed them, but the latter failed, and got most of them wiped out that even Judgement was among them"

While walking through the streets, Michael would hear a lot of discussion about the System Announcement earlier, and a lot of those talks are mostly about Falling Moon and them getting ambushed by Black Skull while they were fighting the boss.

"I wonder how powerful a Boss Monster is?" Michael muttered, suddenly feeling curious at how he would fare against a Boss.

"Maybe, I’ll go look for one later, when I’m not busy leveling"

Then Michael walked inside the City Administration building, ignoring the gazes directed at him, specifically his armor eye catching leather armor that has a bluish hue on it, like the color of ice.

Inside the building.

"Huh? There’s no new quest? This sucks. It seems I need to go back grinding monsters"

"Wait, let’s check if there are NPC’s that needs my help around here, preferably the City Guards"

Michael was muttering to himself as he exited the building and headed towards the nearby city gate.

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