Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 20: Nevareth Continent

Almost three hours later, with only a few seconds left before the update is finished.

"Phew, now I don’t need to worry about my rent anymore"

Michael as he sat on his bed while holding his virtual helmet, and at the same time, he felt great relief and happiness, as one of his regrets from back then would be fulfilled soon.

"Family, huh?"

Michael smiled, and then he put on his helmet and laid down on his bed.

Connect to Fate Online?

When the message came, Michael shouted without any hesitation.



With a flash of light, he appeared in the middle of a white room, with floating numbers above his head that’s counting down.








[The game update has been completed! You will now be sent inside the game!]

’I wonder what’s new inside the game?’

It was Michael’s last thought before his character turned into a flash and appeared at his last location.

[Ding! You can now sell your items through the Virtual Auction!]

[Ding! You can now create a guild by meeting the requirements!]

[Ding! The Gold Exchange Rate is now added!]

Michael just appeared when two messages appeared in front of him, informing him of the new contents of the game.

"Virtual Auction and Guild Creation?" Michael raised an eyebrow at the new contents from the update.

"I can understand the former, but isn’t too early for players to create a guild? The highest levelled person around is probably me, and some are even stuck at Level 2"

"I may not have played this game in my previous timeline, but I do know that the update for the Guild Creation only appeared when the first player reached Level 10 and left the beginner zone"

Michael mumbled, but then he suddenly clicked his tongue and said, "Could it be because of me?"

"Well, no use worrying about it. It’s not like I’m one of the devs working for Mine Tech."

Michael just shrugged it off, as he knows he wouldn’t get an answer even if he thinks about it all day long

Then Michael followed the instruction from the message earlier and opened the Virtual Auction.


Then another window appeared in front of him.

"T-this...isn’t this...Wow!"

Even being an old soul that he is, he was still shocked at the sight before him.

The thing before is like an online ecommerce store, and every item of the same category are sorted out in one place, like the Weapons Section, Armor Section, Consumables Section etc.

And he saw that the previous blank Virtual Auction is slowly being filled with different items from every character class!

Some are even selling miscellaneous items like fish, ore and herbs, and all of them are either sold for in game currency or real world currency!

[You can now put the items you desire to sell through the Virtual Auction and every successful transaction will have a 5% transaction fee based on the amount the item is sold for]

Another message appeared in front of him.

"This is a very convenient way to sell items. Now, I don’t need to look for buyers, and I could just put it up for auction, but if its a high end item then I would still need to look for a buyer myself. After all, the 5% transaction fee is still a lot for me"

Michael grinned, and then he saw the requirements to create a guild is a whopping twenty thousand reputation points from any city or town, and when the requirement is met then they only need to go to the nearest city and apply for a guild creation directly from the city lord, but they would need to pay a whopping ten thousand gold!

"Damn! The update for guild creation is just a hype! How the hell could someone even earn ten thousand gold coins and earn a ten thousand reputations so early in the game!? The devs are clearly being assh*les again!"

"I’m sure the leaders of the nine major guilds are probably gritting their teeth in anger by now after finding out how high the requirements are! Hahaha!"

Michael chuckled, imagining how miserable they looked right now.

"Now then, how about the gold exchange rate? This is one being added surely is interesting"

Michael mumbled as he opened the Game Exchange Rate, and saw that ratio of exchange for one gold coin for real world cash is 1 to 200!

But there’s no cash to gold exchange as it would certainly break the balance of the game.

"Wow, that’s a lot!"

Michael wasn’t the only one checking the changes in the game, as every player in the game is doing the same as him, and even a lot of them were shocked to find out that players could actually mine, fish and even gather herbs.

"Now, it’s time for me to do some quest and level up!"

Michael then went around the shops, and started stacking on potions and bread where he spent another gold coin leaving him with only 8 gold coins left, and then he slowly made his way towards the City Administration to get another quest through the busy streets full of players like him.

"Hey look, it’s that guy who finished a C grade quest"

"The game just updated. Do you think he’s here to get another absurd quest again? Isn’t he even a little bit curious at the new additions in the game?"

"Pssh! Only someone like you would do that. Look at that guy, finishing a C grade quest by himself. He’s clearly an expert, that he doesn’t even care about the new updates of the game"

"F*ck off! You’re no different!"

"Tsk, I’m not playing this game for fun, but to earn money, you dumbf*ck! Now, shut the hell up and let’s just go finish the quest we got and hope that we get to Level 4 soon"

The moment Michael walked inside the building, he immediately drew the attention of many players. After all, soloing a C grade quest is almost nigh impossible in the current game unless that said player is someone from the Player Rankings, but even then, completing a mission like that all alone wouldn’t even guarantee them success.

And only someone who is also an abnormal person like Michael would probably be able to do it too!

A few minutes later, Michael left towards another direction.

Towards the Southern Gate, where there’s a huge lake there as he at least wanted to see if there are also players like Tom who are fishing here at Haven City.

After all, Tom’s starting location is actually on a village called Silver Sea Port Village, and this port village is at least two kingdoms away from Michael’s location, and only when one player, one single player could reached Level 10, would the restriction in their beginner’s location would be lifted, and only then would the players of any level would they be able to roam free around the game world in a land called.

Nevareth Continent.

A huge chunk of land, twice bigger than all of the continents on Earth combined together.

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