Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 15: Quickdraw!

It was already almost dusk in the game when Michael had gone back to Haven City, and then he went to over to the City Administration to submit his quest, receiving seven gold coins from the original five gold coins for killing an Elite Green Goblin, making him the richest player in the game.

Having only half an hour left in his game time, he started strolling around the city, and then he suddenly thought of Falling Moon and then he opened a private chat for the both of them and sent the description of the Skill Scroll he got.

[Level 1 - Quickdraw

Properties: Quickly fires off an arrow towards a target from a 15 meter distance, dealing base attack damage plus 165%~300% of weapon damage. Can be cast while moving.

Manage Usage: 50 Mana

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

Restriction: Level 5, Hunter]

"$700, non-negotiable" Michael sent the Skill Scroll’s description on the chat, along with its final prize.

The skill might have looked too simple and sounded too expensive for the price that Michael is asking but the most impressive things about the skill is actually that it could be used while moving, and it had a short cooldown but at the same time a high mana usage, but the short cooldown still wins over its high mana usage.

The skill could also let user attack his/her enemies while retreating or kiting, which just made this skill ideal for both PVP and PVE, and even though similar skills would appear later in the game would make this skill insignificant, but having a skill this kind of early in the game would prove advantageous.

It’s also a skill great for taking last hits or kill stealing, and that’s also the reason why the skill was worth that much in Michael’s eyes.

"Deal! Quickly meet me at the City Square!" Falling Moon immediately replied and set their location for the trade.

The reason that Falling Moon didn’t even negotiate is because she’s rich and doesn’t lack money, and at the same time, it’s because they are going to raid a field boss tomorrow after the cooldown period before anyone could enter the game.

So for Falling Moon, another addition of a skill would be a huge help during their field boss raid tomorrow.

So Michael immediately strode towards the City Square, as the players he passed by would look at him in disbelief.

"This is troublesome. I need to go and see if I can find a way to hide that annoying thing floating above my head" Michael muttered as he felt that it would be better to hide his identity, especially that he’s leveling up faster than the others and even going as far as to venture towards the most dangerous newbie map, the [Green Goblin Territory].

Michael had just arrived at the City Square from East Street when he noticed that Falling Moon and her party had also just arrived from the North Street.

Michael just walked over towards them and didn’t say anything, as he just sent her his bank info.

After receiving his payment, he immediately sent her a trade request for the Skill Scroll, and after the transaction, he just walked away from them. He didn’t even freaking say a single word towards her during the transaction!

It’s like Falling Moon didn’t even exist in his eyes

"How arrogant! He didn’t even say anything to us!" an Assassin snorted towards Michael, while Moon Bunny just glared at Michael’s back.

"What can we do? He had the abilities to back it up. Didn’t you notice that his equipment are now different? He even had necklace this time, when he only had a ring before, and the most shocking of all is that the change only happened in the few hours that we haven’t seen him!" a friendly looking middle aged Barbarian holding a double edged axe said with a laugh, who’s in game name is Brave Mountain.

"What Brave said is right, he must be an unknown expert but needs a lot of money if he’s even selling the items for real cash" after gazing at Michael’s disappearing back for a moment, Falling Moon turned towards them and said.

And with all seriousness, she continued, "We must get him to join us no matter what. I don’t want the other guilds snagging him from us"

They all just nodded, even Moon Bunny who weirdly hates Michael’s guts didn’t have a choice but to agree to her sister.

After all, the dude is really showing them that he’s even more capable in securing rare loot like a Skill Scroll than a whole party combined!

"We’ll see, after all, a solo player won’t be able to survive all alone in the game during the mid and later stages" Falling Moon smiled as she gazed at the direction of where Michael disappeared from, with her eyes full of curiosity and determination.

Then she turned to look back at her teammates and said, "Alright, there’s only five minutes left for game time. Let’s meet up here again tomorrow!"

"Bye boss!"

"See ya guys tomorrow!"

Everyone had already logged off, and the only one left is Falling Moon, she took out the Skill Scroll she bought from Michael from her [Inventory] as a message window appeared in front of her.

[ Would you like to learn the skill [Quickdraw]? ]

[Yes / No]

Falling Moon clicked yes, as the scroll in her hand burst into light. Thus, a new skill appeared in her skill bar.

"[Log out]" Falling Moon muttered as her body pixelated for a second before immediately disappearing from her spot.

On the other hand, Michael was also just about to log out when a sudden system notification rang out throughout the entire game.


[Within 5 minutes, all players must log off from the game, so finish or postpone all of your current task at hand before the time limit, or the company won’t be responsible for your losses during the force logout!

[The game will undergo a system update starting from 4:50!]

Michael raised an eyebrow as he didn’t expect that the game would suddenly have a system update when it was just released for a few hours, and he wasn’t the only one who was confused about it.

Michael just smiled, then he log off as he really care.

9:45 PM, at Michael’s apartment.

Michael took off his helmet, and put it down on the desk beside his bed.

He then got off from his bed and headed towards his bathroom, and took a quick shower.

He got out of the shower and put on a hooded jacket, his track pants, and lastly, he put on his old running shoes.

He started stretching his body for three minutes before going down his apartment building.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

Michael started bouncing from the ground, he stopped and stretch his neck before muttering.

"It’s time to train again and get back on my peak strength"

He grinned as his eyes flash coldly under the moonlight.

Then he started running into the distant night.

"Who could that be? Isn’t it too late for a jog?" an old man standing in front of his window muttered when he saw someone running passed his house.

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