Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 131 - Bounty!

Michael didn’t really care about Jin. After all, his step aunt and uncle are the biggest shareholders of the organizations War Temple, War Angel and War Dragons who has a hand on both light and dark of society, and they are far more powerful and scarier than Jin’s father.

And if the sister of his adoptive mother is already that powerful, then what of Alice and Tom then? Certainly, they are also not ordinary people just based from that, it’s just that Michael couldn’t find anything about them except that they are well off, and has multiple businesses.

It’s also because he couldn’t use or buy some intel from ’The Continental’ as they require a lot of cash, which he currently doesn’t have.

And even with those, he could just finish Jin and his father off, like he did in his previous or future timeline, but he won’t do something like that as the senator would certainly have guards armed with high caliber weapons, and with his current ability it would be a bit hard unless one of the seven retired assassins back at the mansion lends him a helping hand.

Meanwhile, just three hours after Michael had beaten up Jin.

Information about Michael had been sent to multiple people that belongs to a certain and familiar small organization called, Blood Lion.


A man with a mohawk who is currently lifting weights at his own private gym suddenly heard a notification from his custom made wristwatch.

"Michael Wood? Central City, $1,000,000 Dead or Alive but $3,000,000 if captured and brought to the client" the man stopped and sat up, as he picked up his nearby phone, opened it and read the new notification.

"Too far and the reward is too small, better leave it for those lowly brats" the man scoffed in disdain before he went back on working out.

At another corner of the world. Night Time.

Inside a prestigious nightclub, a man that looks like a pretty boy in a tuxedo is having a party along with multiple beautiful girls around him as they drank to their heart’s content while the club music blared around them, mixed with screams and yells of excitement.


The man suddenly stopped in place as he heard the ringing of bells coming from the earpiece attached to his ear.

"I’ll be right back ladies!" the man smiled and excused himself from his companions on the table full of women, and hurriedly moved to a secluded area of the club and opened his phone.

And he also received and read the same information like the first guy, but he immediately rejected it as he also thought that the pay is too low for him to waste his time, especially when the target is located on the other side of the world, and he’d rather spend his night with a couple of vivacious and horny women instead.

The same scene also happened to multiple people at many different locations in the world, but most of them are located in Northern Rica Principality.

Those already either well off or thought that its below them to take care of a small fry rejected the mission that came up on their phones, while those new and want to build a name for themselves in their organization or in the underground world scrambled to accept the mission.


"Got it! Hehe, this is gonna be my debut mission! Finally, a guy who’s easy prey. So what if you know some moves? In front of a professional, you’re dead" a black haired man, whose facial features cleary originated from the Kingdom of the Rising Sun chuckled coldly, as his eyes flashed with a cold gleam.

And so he packed up his things that he needed for the job, and left his home and boarded a long distance passenger rail and travelled towards Central City which is just three days away from his location, the City of Amrak, which is a city just beside an ocean and one of the cities in the world that’s popular as a summer getaway.

But what the man didn’t know is that this will be his very first and possibly his last mission, as his death looms nearer as the distance between him and his target grows shorter by the minute.


Unbeknownst to Michael that Jin had already put a bounty on his head, where even a hired hand is already on his way to eliminate him.

He just continued his daily activities, and even if he knew, he probably wouldn’t even care one bit of it as he knew that it would just be just those small fries who would accept the mission to come and kill him, and not those already well known assassins, because it would be just a waste of time for them and they would rather take a reward of over one hundred million dollars than some measly million.

A little over two hours ago, Michael had already arrived home, where he immediately made his way over to his room after greeting his parents along the way.

Michael quickly took his bath towel from his room and headed towards the bathroom and took a shower because he smelled of alcohol from his little adventure earlier this morning.

After that, he quickly entered his game capsule and once again appeared within Nevareth Continent to continue his adventure.


Michael’s avatar appeared on his previous location, inside a cave a kilometer away east of Calderock Village, then he checked his friend list and saw that Tina and Dylan are still offline and closed it.

Michael then decided to leave the cave and once again donned his cloak to hide his face and information, and ventured towards a city called Starlight City which is inside the realm of a Duke called Alexander while he rode on his trusty black horse.

He made sure to avoid the higher level maps and travelled through the lower leveled maps instead, because getting delayed by a powerful monster is more troublesome than a far longer travelling time.

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