Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 13: Fear

At the East Gate of Haven City.

"Motherf*cker" Michael snarled as he noticed that the two players from earlier continued tailing him again.

Michael felt frustrated as he can’t kill these players here at the safe zone, as what they’re doing is starting to get on his skin.

Michael glared at the two players, which made them flinch as they knew that they are very obvious in following him, because they knew that a conflict wouldn’t happen here, which made feel relieved a bit and it became more apparent when they noticed his Level.

Michael strode towards the two, and the latter two immediately stopped acting like fools, and they just stood as they waited for him.

"He’s heading over here" Blazing Flames said nervously as he nudge Sun Star.

"I know! You don’t to tell me! J-just be calm" Sun Star tried to calm him, but even he is feeling incredibly nervous right now.

Since the two of them started following Michael, they started feeling incredibly nervous about him, and they even had a feeling that something bad would happen to them in either the game or real life if continued tailing behind him and they knew that they had never been this nervous and afraid before even in front of gaming experts like Falling Moon, and in the end they still followed him as they really don’t have much of a choice on the matter.

Michael arrived in front of them, the two players suddenly gulped down nervously as they took a step back unconsciously.

"Hmmp!" Michael just snorted coldly before turning away.

Blazing Flames and Sun Star stared at his back in relief, as their backs were covered in cold sweat.

"D-did you know what just happened? This is still a game, right?" Sun Star looked at his friend as he laughed dryly.

"I t-think so" Blazing Flames laughed along with him, the two of them look like fools in the eyes of the other players as they circled around them, just to avoid them.

Sun Star then stopped laughing and turned to his friend and said in all seriousness, "You felt it too, right?"

Blazing Flames nodded and smiled, but his smile became hideous because of how nervous he looked.

"Yeah, it felt like the Death God was staring at us. It felt so real that I even thought that were in the real world"

"The reality of this game is so real. Those game developers really doesn’t mess around"

"These is so embarrassing, Boss would surely scold us about this"

"Hmm...I was too nervous that I can’t focus on following him when we were inside the city. It’s like there’s a predator always watching us from our backs! It was freaking nerve wracking!"

"Wait..but why weren’t we notified that we fell into a [Fear Status] at all?"

"Eh? You’re right. The game never notified us at all!"

A minute later, a party led by Falling Moon came over.

"Where is he?" Falling Moon immediately asked them.

"W-we lost him" Sun Star said embarrass.

"What? Didn’t you just told me that you guys are just behind him?" Falling Moon was suddenly dumbfounded as they just told her that they were just behind Shadow a minute ago.

"H-he was too scary to continue"

Both players lowered their heads in shame. This was the most embarrassing thing that happened to them since they started tracking people!

Falling Moon and her members were dumbfounded when they heard them. After all, they were in a freaking city with powerful NPC soldiers roaming the streets!

How could they be scared away by a lone player!

But Falling Moon didn’t scold them as she knew how capable these two subordinates of hers are in tailing and tracking others. It was just because Michael is too abnormal for them!

He wasn’t a normal person to begin with, these so called trackers or gaming experts are just shit brains in his eyes!

Because if this was a death game, then Michael dominating this game in a year wouldn’t be an impossibility!

Michael on the other hand is walking through the Central Plains while he’s also going through the same questions as Blazing Flames and Sun Star, as he noticed the two players from earlier had fear clearly written in their faces when he stood before them.

"Wait...Mine Tech. said that the game is almost similar to the real world. Could it be that I’m emitting my Killer Aura the whole time without my knowledge!?" Michael eyes suddenly widened, but then he laughed as he realized that there’s a lot of holes from his deduction.

"But this isn’t the real world but just a virtual world, replicating a person’s aura is impossible?" Michael didn’t sure at the end of his sentence, as he doesn’t even have a single clue about creating games and whatnot.

"But most of all, I still haven’t killed anyone in this timeline so my body should still not have the aura of a killer. Well, I did butchered a lot of chickens, pigs and the likes though, but that still isn’t enough to produce something like that" Michael is truly an assassin through and through, as he even emphasized the word "still" like he is already expecting that he would kill some people sooner or later in the near future.

"This game is truly interesting" Michael grinned as he entered the neutral map, Haven Forest.

In an interview in the near future, this topic would cause a lot of dissatisfaction inside the gaming community and a representative of Mine Tech. would then address the topic of why the game doesn’t notify them of the [Fear Status] or even items or skills that would have countered it.

But the game representative would just answer this questions helplessly, "This is something that the game developers purposely created on a whim, and I quote "Only cowards would need items and skills to confront Fear. Only noobs and cowards would complain about things like getting scared. It was clearly shown to you as a consent before you were allowed to log into the game. You probably didn’t even read it all before blindly agreeing to it"

This answer that came from the game developers would cause a huge ruckus in the gaming community at how arrogant this game devs. are or how courageous Mine Tech. were, that they weren’t even afraid that their players would leave the game.

And they were right, the players that complained about it are just those average players. Even those from the nine major guilds and other well known guilds didn’t even complain about it as they just played normally.

Rival companies and even well known analyst thought that the game would suffer a plummet in users leaving the game, and they hope for it to happen, especially those rival companies who also had their own virtual game.

But no, the users instead skyrocketed. It was because they were amazed at how the company isn’t easily swayed by public opinion.

After all, for players that makes a livelihood through gaming. A gaming company that’s easily swayed by public opinion to make changes in the game is a big no-no for them.

"Well then, shall we start?" Michael grinned while holding a dagger on one hand, as his other hand fixed his gloves tighter and gazed towards a group of goblins in the distance.

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