Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 114 - Revenants (2)

Presently, Genesis and the others had regrouped together, and this time, they had taken one of the most high profile tasks ever!

And that is...

To kill Judgement Fall!

And the tasked came from a client called Moon Moon, or on the other hand called...Falling Moon!

With a reward of ten thousand gold coins after the completion of the task!

Inside the private channel of the Revenants, everyone uses a nickname for confidentiality, and the only people who knows the true names behind the nicknames are the Revenants, who are Michael, Viper and others respectively.

"You guys ready?"


"Of course, we should finish this fast, I’m famished already, I want to get some dinner after this"

"Alright, just like we planned. On my count, three, two..."

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!


"Charge with me! Kill those dogs from War Angel and War Temple!"


Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Three groups are currently engaged in a small war in an open field or on a massive plain just a few kilometers away from Haven City.

And the three groups are respectively War Angel and War Temple together against Black Skull.

"Kill those dogs from Black Skull! Kill!"

"Charge! Kill them!"


Clang! Clang! Clang!

Storm Breaker and Falling Moon led their members on the charge, as both sides collided with each other! There is no strategy or teamwork at all! It’s just pure brawl against each other, with arrows and magic flying from both camps, striking their enemies, while holy lights would descend on their allies, healing their wounds, and filling up some of their lost health.

War cries and shouts full of anger reverberated along the sounds of destruction around them.

And the reason behind this event are the items dropped by the Wild Boss that they had just taken down with the combined effort of War Angel and War Temple, from where a couple of Black Skull Assassins suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and stole two of the dropped items, resulting in this small scale guild war!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Even though Black Skull is facing two guilds at the same time, they still have the advantage in numbers, where they are already slowly gaining ground against the two enemy guilds.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly shadows came popping out from every direction of Judgement Fall, who is currently busy dealing with Storm Breaker, while his two second in commands are dealing with Falling Moon and her team, and it was because of this that he failed to notice the anomaly immediately.

"Commander! Look out!"

But the time he was made aware of it, it was already too late for him!

[You have died!]

And what he instead saw was those glaring scarlet words!

And the last scene he saw before darkness consumed him were some of his men rushing towards him in panic and anger, but the most distinguished scene from are the seven people surrounding him, all dressed in all black equipment, a standard attire for assassins, all of them had their faces covered with only their pair of eyes that was visible as they gazed coldly at him, and in the middle of their masks, are a pair of fangs imprinted in the middle of it.

And if one would look closely, then they would have noticed that the fangs are stained with blood, just like a predator in the dark that stalked and had just taken down its prey!

’Revenants! Damn you!’

He cursed, as he knew that their appearance only meant that someone had employed their services to kill him, and it was either Falling Moon or Storm Breaker who was behind it!

And only at this time that he finally realized that he has fallen for their trap!

In fact, there was also a reason why Viper, Genesis and the others haven’t been caught since they made their first appearance! It wasn’t because they were using their experiences as former assassins, but the most important thing is that they aren’t wearing any guild emblems!

Guild emblems that would have distinguished of what guild they are from, and there’s no such thing as the option to hide their guild emblems from the prying eyes of other players!

And the reason behind this, is that the Revenant Guild is non-existent at all!

It was just a guild in name! And Michael never really went to the process of establishing it after he learned the disadvantages that it would cause if really creates it, and that’s the reason why they instead decided something different and turned towards the game forum for some exposure no matter how absurd and stupid it sounded from another person’s perspective!

And so the Revenant Guild is just a loose or more like an in game underground organization made of real...former assassins in the real world!

And their occupation...is to fullwish their clients wish that they can’t accomplish by themselves, either for revenge or a long standing hatred!

"Let’s go!’

Then the seven of them dashed out towards the crowds of players fighting each other in different directions, and some players from Black Skull tried to chase after them, only to be obstructed by the players from the two guilds.

A few days later.

"Haa~ such delicious tea"

Robin sighed with satisfaction while lying at on inclined chair, while facing the pool, along with the others with him.

"It sure is"

Tony who was sitting near him, agreed with his comment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"It would have been better if no one is disrupting our peace"

"Yes, those two always fights when they get the chance"

"Hmm..Genesis always acts like a child even though he’s already a grown up"

"He’s always been like that, it’s not like you don’t know him. He’s someone who doesn’t like it boring at all"

Bang! Bang! Bang!


"Sorry kid, you lost!"

"Not yet old man!"

Michael charged towards Genesis, and jumped towards with a flying kick heading towards Genesis’ face.


Genesis grinned as he thrust one of his feet forward, and both Michael and Genesis foot collided against each other, and just when Genesis thought Michael would be blasted backwards, the latter suddenly used the force behind the collision, and spun in mid air and once again kicked towards Genesis’ head, but this time, the attack is coming from the side!


Genesis yelled, as he planted his feet on the ground with power and raised both of his arms together and defended his head from Michael’s attack!


Michael’s kick collided with both of Genesis’ forearms, while his head tilted a bit to the side along with the latter’s feet skidding to the side from the impact.

"Wonderful! Again!"

Michael and Genesis once again started exchanging blows, and the people at the side of the pool who were just enjoying the peace around before appeared suddenly grew irritated as they all stood up at the same time except for Robin.

"Bastards! You guys really won’t stop huh!"

The rest of them then dashed towards Michael and Genesis, resulting an all out brawl between themselves!

"Bastards! How dare you guys gang up on me!?"

"F*ck you!"

Meanwhile, Robin just enjoyed his tea and ignored them.

"Haa~ it’s good to be young"

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