Fatal Shot

Chapter 9 - Red Name

Chapter 9: Red Name

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God damn it, this bastard really doesn’t have any shame, does he? thought Feng Luo, his expression a bit solemn.

Clearly, this Sniper knew that he was not Feng Luo’s opponent, so he had sneakily called for backup. The ten people that were called over clearly belonged to a complete team. Apart from armored warriors, Manipulators, and other damage-dealing professions, there were also support professions like Scouts and Doctors.

To call for backup when one was on the losing side was not unusual, but the key factor was that this guy was in a situation where three people had lost after initiating a malicious sneak attack. Now, he had called for backup in the form of ten people to surround and attack a single opponent.

Did he even consider his reputation?

However, now was not the time to think about something like that. There was a total of 11 opponents. The people who played in this area would not be lower than Level 35, and with the comprehensive combination of professions in the team, facing them head-on was definitely impossible.

The best choice was naturally to retreat straight away.

“However, if I don’t pay them back several times after getting hit like this, I won’t feel right,” Feng Luo said softly.

At the same time, he extended his hands quickly and took a black item from his backpack. He threw it to a position several meters in front of him.


Dense black smoke rose into the air. The smoke of the D-grade smoke bomb, which he had manufactured himself, expanded quickly and rose into the air, blocking the entire area in front of him. After that, he quickly grabbed his M110 and ran backward, simultaneously casting the Quick Sneak skill.

Quick Sneak was a Level 25 Gunner skill. Although it had the word “sneak” in its name, it did not really allow users to really become invisible like thieves in normal games. The effect of the skill was to “increase movement speed by 30 percent (Advanced), and to reduce the sound of footsteps, reduce the traces left behind through movements, and to decrease the probability of being discovered by monsters.”

Compared to the beginner skill of a Warrior’s Charge, which provided a 200 percent bonus to speed, the speed increase of the skill was quite weak, but the advantage was that it lasted longer and that the user was able to move freely.

The two warriors who had already snuck within 100 meters noticed the black smoke rising in front of them and knew that their actions had been noticed by that Gunner.

“F*ck! We were discovered,” said one of them. “Rush straight ahead!”

They no longer stayed hidden. Both used their Charge skill at the same time, leaving storms of sand and dust in their trails as they dashed toward Feng Luo’s position. But by the time they got there, Feng Luo had long vanished. Plus, due to his Quick Sneak skill, there weren’t any traces left behind, so they could not determine the direction he had gone by searching for footprints.

“Fu*k! This kid sure escaped fast!” said one of the Light Armor Warriors wearing gray armor, irritated.

“It’s normal to run away,” the other warrior, a man in silver armor, said in a deep voice. “We have so many people with us that if that guy actually dared to stay behind, then we would be the ones who would need to be careful!”

At that point, the gray-armored Warrior noticed the boots left behind by I Love Loli. He picked them up and checked their attributes with clear delight on his face. “Yo, this pair of shoes sure looks good. It’s actually a part of the Wind Combat set. This is a lot stronger than the stuff I’m wearing!”

“It must have been dropped by one of the two players that Gunner said he’d been partied with before,” said the silver-armored Warrior. “The price of the boots far surpasses the value of this piece of Copper Ore Gem. That guy sure got screwed by that Gunner.”

“This isn’t the first time that bastard has screwed people over,” the gray-armored Warrior said with contempt. “What a joke. Three guys can’t even beat a Sniper, and he still had the balls to call for backup. This piece of trash is lucky the captain wants to hook up with his sister, Lonely Qing Wu. Otherwise, I would be too busy to come help him.”

The silver-armored Warrior frowned but did not say anything.

The two of them stood in place and waited for a while. The Sniper known as Lonely Gunner soon walked over, followed the other eight players. They had been informed through the communicator that Feng Luo had run away.

A big, tall male player around the age of 30 with a gloomy looking face asked, “Did you see where he went?” He was the captain of this group of players, a Level-47 Heavy Armor Warrior.

“We didn’t see it clearly,” said the Light Armor Warrior in the silver armor, shaking his head. “He must have used Quick Sneak. There aren’t any trails or traces in the area.”

Among the newcomers, a pure-looking young woman wearing a white nurse’s uniform with a treatment box behind her back looked dissatisfied as she said, “He’s a Gunner, and two of you Light Armor Warriors with Charge failed to get to him? Are you guys taking this lightly?”

Her name was Lonely Qing Wu, and her profession was that of a Doctor. She was the sister of the player called Lonely Gunner who had sneak-attacked Feng Luo.

“Qing Wu!” said the captain. The Heavy Armor Warrior frowned, and his tone revealed his displeasure. He looked around and saw no trace of Feng Luo. “Forget it. This time, Lonely Gunner initiated the PK, we didn’t lose anything from the guy running away. On the contrary, we earned an ore. Third brother’s pack is full right now, and we need to clear it up back in town. Gunner can join our party and train with us for a while.”

The maximum number of players in a “small party” in War was ten. Any team with more than ten members was considered a “medium party,” and the amount of experience gained from killing monsters would decline a certain degree. As such, players generally formed small parties with fewer than ten players to level.

That was why Lonely Gunner had been excluded previously and had needed to form a random party. Of course, it was also because he was too weak. He was an awful player and was considered such a dead weight that nobody wanted to play with him.

Hearing the words of the Heavy Armor Warrior, Lonely Gunner immediately looked delighted. “Thank you, brother-in-law! Thank you, brother-in-law!” he kept saying with the sniper rifle in his hands.

The two times the phrase “brother-in-law” was used were well-received by the Heavy Armor Warrior. The Doctor in the white nurse uniform, Lonely Qing Wu, blushed a little, looking pure and innocent.

However, in the middle of this moment of romance, a bloody hole erupted in the center of Lonely Qing Wu’s brow, followed by the sound of a gunshot.



Fresh blood spewed forth from the back of her head as a bullet blew a hole straight through her head. In the next moment, a white light flashed past her body. Lonely Qing Wu fell to the ground with her eyes wide, thoroughly puzzled.

“F*ck!” someone shouted.

“It’s that sniper!” yelled another.

“Find that damned bastard!”

Seeing their team Doctor killed right in front of them, the entire team of players was dumbfounded for a moment. Then they became enraged. The face of the captain, the Heavy Armor Warrior, was even more vicious.

You killed a player in malice. You are red-named, and you cannot hide your information. When you are killed, there is a 100% chance for you to drop at least one item.

The system message rang out in Feng Luo’s ears. However, this did not move the M110 in his hands.

His current location was an abandoned mine shaft surrounded by shrubs and bushes on the mountain of the Open-Air Mine. his field of vision was high, and he could clearly see down below. It was an exceptional spot for sniping.

Why did he have to kill Lonely Qing Wu first? It was simply because her nurse uniform was too obvious.

There was a saying in War: “One can lose a team battle, but the Doctors must die!”

The Doctor profession was very special in War. It was one of the rare dual professions that combined both the Life and Combat professions. Unlike normal games, where players could use healing skills to recover HP, players in War needed to use recovery potions, stimulants, hormones, and various other drugs to achieve effects like HP recovery or bonus effects.

This setting was more realistic. Of course, it was still a game. After all, there was no way it could be the same as reality. Especially when, in reality, administering liquid drugs required people usually required the use of a syringe. If the game were to do this, professions like Gunners and Manipulators would be able to do them, but it meant that other professions that were usually covered by heavy armor would have to take off their equipment and expose their muscles every time they needed to recover some health.

As such, using blood tonics in War did not require injections; players only needed to “pat” them on their bodies. Moreover, there were also no restrictions when it came to the use of drugs or medicine—any profession could use them on themselves directly.

So what was the use of a Doctor? First of all, when other professions used drugs, they needed to be close enough to the target to physically pat them against part of the body. Only Doctors could use the drugs by throwing them at mid-range.

Secondly, among the specialized skills of the doctor profession, there were a lot of amazing bonuses for the use of drugs or medicines that significantly improved the effects of HP recovery and bonus effects.

For example, if other professions were to use a D-Grade blood tonic, the HP recovery per second was 50, and it lasted 20 seconds, so the total amount recovered would be 1,000 HP. But when a Doctor with the bonus effect for blood tonics used the same tonic, it would recover 200 HP straight away, and then, for the next 20 seconds, the player would recover 75 HP per second, regaining a total of 1,700 HP. Moreover, this effect would improve as the Doctor gained related skills.

It was important to note that any drug in War had a cooldown for use, and the normal cooldown period was not low. For the same D-Grade blood tonic to allow a player to recover an extra 700 HP when used by a Doctor, the benefits were self-explanatory. Apart from that, because the Doctor was also a Life profession, Doctors could gain many manufacturing methods for special medicines or drugs as they leveled up. After that, the products manufactured by doctors had much better effects than common drugs sold in stores.

Plus, when doctors reached a certain level, they could even throw medicinal packs that contained multiple bonus effects, instantly increasing the combat prowess of players significantly.

“That’s why doctors must die!” Feng Luo said with a sigh. After that, he casually moved the M110 to search for his next target.

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