Fatal Shot

Chapter 655 - Zerg Overmind Projection

Chapter 655: Zerg Overmind Projection

The current image within Feng Luo’s vision was not the same as the one he saw in the beginning.

The image shards that had moved and changed rapidly before his eyes began to slow down as if something was affecting them. Then they began to shrink and move away from him to a farther location.

This action helped to clear Feng Luo’s mind, which had become very dizzy. As a result, he was able to see his surroundings more clearly.

However, after his vision cleared, his expression changed drastically.

He realized that all of the shards of images had only moved farther away from him. They did not disappear. Instead, they moved to a large and dark bluish shaded area. The shape of a head from a human-like bluish shadow appeared in the shaded area. A pair of large greenish-blue eyes appeared from the head and were staring straight at him!

The pair of eyes were intense, and the moment they appeared, Feng Luo felt as if his heart had suddenly stopped beating!

A thought suddenly occurred to Feng Luo. “Could this be… the Zerg Overmind?”

In the game background of StarCraft, all Zerg Cerebrates were actually clones with a shared consciousness with the Overmind!

In theory, apart from when being hit by special psionic energy attacks, the Zerg Cerebrates would never truly die. This was also one of the reasons why Feng Luo had previously felt doubts.

The mind, consciousness, clones…

Although these were concepts that exceeded the scientific knowledge that Feng Luo recognized, it was not stopping his body, which was currently inside the abandoned ruin laboratory, from sweating profusely!

He was sweating because of what the Zerg Overmind was.

The entire Zerg species only had one true leader that had full authority and control over them, and it was the Overmind.

The Overmind also possessed incredibly frightening strength!

As the mega boss in StarCraft, Feng Luo was confident that the odd entity in front of him was at least a Level 90 mega boss!

Under the immense pressure created by the game system, Feng Luo gritted his teeth, and he blurted the words, “You must be kidding!”

Did helping 24K mean that he was going to challenge the Zerg Overmind?

Although the scene in front of him was probably not a real scene inside the game but was instead a sort of “Mental Space,” mental powers in Starcraft could still kill people. After all, a simple psionic storm had the destructive ability to empty an area in an instant!

Soon after, Feng Luo found that he had misunderstood the system because the shards of images in the sky had all disappeared.

The shadow’s pair of giant eyes became even more apparent. However, there was no sign of anger amid the gaze.

The pair of large blue eyes gazing down at Feng Luo had a sense of calmness that was similar to a human looking at an ant!

Nonetheless, the blue color of the giant eyes became more and more prominent. Before long, the Overmind’s giant eyes were covered by blue lights that signified psionic energy. They looked like giant blue moons!


Two giant blue light pillars pierced through the sky and shot downward at Feng Luo.

“I can’t dodge those!”

Feng Luo looked shocked. He moved his feet and activated his skills to try to dodge the lights.

However, he found that his skills had no effect, and it was then that he remembered that he was not even on a real battlefield in the game. Instead, he was inside a “Mental Space” that made no scientific sense!

In this space, his skills were utterly useless, and as such, his movement speed was also not fast enough for him to dodge the two giant blue pillars of light!


Suddenly, at that moment, a giant golden beetle that was over a few dozen stories tall had appeared. It flapped its wings and charged at one of the giant blue pillars of light descending upon Feng Luo!

“24K, don’t!”

Feng Luo was quite certain that this golden beetle was an enlarged version of 24K!

The golden beetle had appeared at that moment inside the “Mental Space,” and it decided to use its body to block the light pillar descending from the sky.


Apart from the decrease in his movement speed, Feng Luo’s voice traveled slowly to 24K.

Just as his voice reached the atmosphere and could be heard, one of the blue pillars of light had already reached 24K’s body. The giant blue pillar of light collided with the golden beetle’s body.

After a short deadlock, the enlarged body of the golden 24K collapsed and burst into multiple golden fragments that spread all over the sky!


At that moment, Feng Luo suddenly remembered that scene back in the Withered Desert where 24K died after choosing to sacrifice itself by using its body to block the Quasi Boss Grade Fire Ant Queen’s attack from Feng Luo!

Feng Luo would never have thought that 24K’s second “death” would also be due to the same reason!

Thanks to 24K’s block, the blue light pillar had shrunk to one-fourth of its original size. In addition, thanks to 24K’s obstruction, it needed more time before reaching the ground.

However, the other blue light pillar was still descending from above at Feng Luo without encountering any form of resistance. It was on the verge of making contact.

At that time, Feng Luo could only feel his entire body being pressured and flattened by a tremendous force from the sky. He could not even move his fingers!

However, while his body could not move, his mind was racing and erratic!

He did not know if he was going to be deemed as dead in the game if he were to be hit and killed by the pillar of light in this peculiar “Mental Battlefield.”

Perhaps, the system would judge that the Cerebrate had succeeded in controlling him?

However, as Feng Luo gazed upon 24K, who had chosen to sacrifice itself for the second time to protect him, the awe and shock that he felt when he first saw the Zerg Overmind had turned into anger!

He became angrier when he saw the golden fragments floating in the sky, fragments that had not yet completely dissipated after 24K was crushed. They served as a reminder of his pet’s sacrifice.


At that moment, a green glow suddenly emerged from Feng Luo’s eyes.

No, it was not only in Feng Luo’s eyes.

In fact, the large “Mental Space” was suddenly engulfed by a green light.

As for the blue light pillars he had suspected to be from the Overmind, they slowed down substantially as if the green light had affected their speed. Nonetheless, they continued descending upon Feng Luo, even if they were moving at only one percent of its original speed!

The green light emanating from Feng Luo’s eyes became stronger. After a few seconds, the green light turned darker and thicker!

No, to be more precise, the color had definitely gone from green to black.

The “Mental Space” seemed to have been engulfed by a black cage!


Dark lights appeared and surrounded Feng Luo. After that, the dark lights turned into dancing black flames that completely engulfed Feng Luo!

It was as if the flames covered him in a black-colored armor!

Feng Luo looked up at the sky, and beneath his forehead, black flames burned within both his eyes!

Although the blue light pillar from above had completely covered Feng Luo, he still stared straight at the pair of giant eyes floating in the sky.


The blue light pillar shot by the Overmind finally made contact with Feng Luo.

However, the moment contact was made, the black flame ignited. Then, like sparks meeting gasoline, the area was engulfed in flames.

The black flame had even spread upward along the blue light pillar and headed straight towards the eyes suspected of belonging to the Zerg Overmind!

The boiling and dancing black flame did not reach the Overmind in the end because the entire space had started to crumble very quickly!

[“Notice, the system will launch the second version update. All players, please get offline within three hours. This update will last 24 hours.”]

[“Notice, the system will…”]

[“Notice, …”]

As the dark space began to crumble, a system update notice, that appeared three times consecutively, rang in the ears of all in-game players!

[Notice: The system has started the update patch for version two. All players are asked to go offline within the next three hours. The latest update will continue for 24 hours.]

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