Fatal Shot

Chapter 653 - Unusual Change!

Chapter 653: Unusual Change!

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“The Central Government of the Galaxy Empire did not know about all of these, and they even thought that Rose Sam had done a great job that they gave him the title of the Duke. However, this ‘dictatorship’ for the governed, was naturally not tolerable at all. In the late days of Duke Rose Sam’s reign, a roaring revolt broke out… Well, I remember it was as if the timing of the outbreak of the resistance movement was just after the Zerg invasion that that NPC mentioned… I understand what’s missing from the backstory because Rose Sam’s army suffered a heavy loss in its battle with the invading Zergs, it provided the conditions for the outbreak of the resistance movement.” Jiao Zong had a face full of excitement after understanding the whole scenario as he continued explaining to the crowd who was still listening to him.

“In the face of these resistance activities, the Sam Group immediately mobilized a large number of troops to suppress the movement. Since Duke Rose Sam had caused the anger of citizens all over the planet, the flame of resistance was lit and it was as unstoppable as a ignited single spark… In less than half a month, hundreds of rebel camps had appeared, and the numbers were snowballing like a snowball rolling down a steep mountain quickly, even a majority of his army that was under him had launched an uprising… In this case, Rose Sam’s dictatorship inevitably collapsed… The first suppression failed, and the Sam Group was only able to escape from the planet in a spaceship with a large number of core high-tech items and high-level talent. However, as a dominant cross-planet enterprise, the members of the Sam Group were not willing to let go of such a large number of industries. After leaving, several galaxy fleets and a large number of mercenary troops were mobilized from other planets, armed with the company’s high-tech weapons in an attempt to suppress the rebellion again, causing another war called ‘Great Destruction.’ It was an extremely long war that had multiple battles with unimaginable destruction at the same time. In the end, the rebels still managed to win and expelled Sam’s army… But the entire planet had less than a third of their initial human population left. Since the Sam Group used many destructive high-tech weapons in this war, including their biochemical weapons on a large scale… It had caused the entire planet’s environment, air, magnetic field, and other variations to changed vastly, as the ground had an appearance of a variety of mutant beasts… Although the rebels won, the war was far from over. After the absence of external problems, the rebels split into many camps and began infighting in battles for territory… These camps are what we now know as the federal government, the Rebel Army, the Freedom Flags, and other armed groups… By the way, it’s especially noted in the background that because Duke Rose Sam has completely blocked the research of high-tech weapons on the planet for decades, there was not enough time or specialized personnel to research these high-level weapons… The mainstream weapons used on this planet before the wars that Duke Rose Sam allowed were very outdated gunpowder weapons and equipment that he had sent to the army, and if they desired for high-tech weapons, those could only be found from the dangerous wastelands filled with mutant creatures. Duke Rose Sam certainly would never distribute weapons to the civilians, controlling that aspect of who would be allowed to be armed and to what degree.” Jiao Zong let out a huge breath, he finally finished illustrating all the related backstory to the rest of the group, who have been standing and listening in awe while learning about this aspect of the game’s back story.


“Wait, old Jiao, you’re saying that Duke Rose Sam is no longer on this planet?” Boss Meng reacted as he thought about this matter, as he turned towards Jiao Zong with a face full of suspicion.

“Even on the planet, he must have died after these past hundred years. For this mission, we have only one option left, and that is to take this Brain Worm to the so-called Death Jungle A-2 experimental base.” Jiao Zong rolled his eyes towards him as if he said something obvious, and then nodded his head.

“It seems that’s the only way. But how do we handle this thing, it seems to be very troublesome to handle?” The crowd looked at each other because the transparent safe containing the Brain Worm carcass was more than two meters long.

With such a large object and no way to put it into a backpack, the group needs to bring it onto the ground. The difficulty in doing this part of the mission is extremely high.


“We need not mention anything else, I doubt we can pass this through the metal door outside, which is unable to move. I suggest, why don’t we just smash this box, find a smaller box, and put it in. The task was just for us to take this Brain Worm over, it did not say that we must bring box together with it.” Boss Meng thought of this idea.


The Brain Worm’s carcass was less than a quarter of what it used to be, only a medium-sized suitcase was needed to store it, which was much easier than trying to move it in this huge box.

“Smash? I don’t think I can smash this. I just scratched it with a dagger, and it didn’t leave a trace. The material of this box feels stronger than diamonds.” Mu Zi shook his head as he raised his right hand which was holding the dagger.

“I think… it’s better not to smash this, what if something weird happens when this thing gets out?” Little Snow retreated to the back of the team, as she looked at the Brain Worm’s carcass in the safe with an expression filled with fear. The main point was that this thing looked very disgusting before on the projection, let alone how it looks right now in person after a few decades.

Little Witch and Thorn Rose also nodded in agreement.

“Well, Brother Feng, what are your intentions?” As the bunch of people’s opinions was somewhat inconsistent, Mu Zi turned to Feng Luo who was silent.

“Tsk, tsk…” Feng Luo did not talk mainly because he was communicating with 24K on his shoulder through a spiritual link.

“Are you saying that this Brain Worm in the box is what attracts you?” Feng Luo frowned and asked while pointing to the Brain Worm in the safe.

At the end of the previous mission, 24K felt something was attracting it behind the metal wall, and it was even more attractive than the crystal core of the Commander-Grade black beetle that was able to allow it to evolve to this level.

Just after the safe rose to the ground, 24K was staring at the body of the Brain Worm inside, noticing that is was the Zerg Brain Word inside that was attracting it there.

As the highest-level unit in the Commander-Grade Zergs, it was highly possible to be attractive to 24K which owned the genes from both the Brain Worm and the Queen.

However, Feng Luo originally thought that he was not supportive of opening this box.

Not knowing the reason why his mind was always a little wary of this Brain Worm corpse. Even though it should theoretically be dead, Feng Luo thought it was best not to let it out.


There was no choice, in understanding the game Starcraft’s background story, he knew that the Brain Worm was not purely just a physical creature. In his heart, he was suspecting whether this creature was dead.


“Tsk, tsk…” 24K moved its little claws on Feng Luo’s shoulders, as it was scratching Feng Luo’s tactical vest while expressing a burst of intense desire through their spiritual and mental link.

“Mu Zi, give it another Scouting skill, can you ensure that it’s dead?” At that moment, when Mu Zi was just about to ask him again, Feng Luo asked him a question with a frown.

“Dead, there aren’t any life fluctuations.” Mu Zi felt a little strange, but he still listened to Feng Luo, as he used another Scouting skill on the Brain Worm, the result was that there was still no life fluctuations.

“Tsk, tsk…” 24K cried out again.

“Okay.” Feng Luo finally nodded, but he reached out and raised his Wings of Death and stood directly in front of the safe box.


“Tsk!” A pleasant cry sounded in the mouth of 24K.

Then, black wormholes appeared on the ground, and the large body of the Commander-Grade steel beetle, that was more than three meters long, slowly ran into the group of curious eyes, as it almost collapsed the ceiling of the lab.

Naturally, it was like at the Devil Tri-Horn core base as it shot out intense light from its two eyes, carrying out its skill, “Pierce.”

“Wow!” Since this safe was bigger than the one before, the Commander-Grade steel beetle’s piercing speed was a lot slower, as it took a total of a dozen seconds to finally penetrate a hole in the safe the size of a fist.

“Stop!” Feng Luo quickly stopped the action of the Steel Beetle.

Immediately after, the muzzle of the Wings of Death in his hand was pointed at the fist-sized hole before…

A “click” sound went off, as Feng Luo’s index finger, while wearing the Black Eagle gloves, pressed down on the trigger.


At the moment the trigger was pressed down, in the safe, the “Brain Worm carcass” that had no life fluctuations under the Scouting skill, suddenly moved its dried up tentacles.


Immediately after, it suddenly opened its pair of big black eyes, which was likened to the night sky without the slightest light, which was on its severely damaged brain.

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