Fatal Shot

Chapter 644 - Lonely Star Galaxy

Chapter 644: Lonely Star Galaxy

Inside a private restaurant located on a high floor of a commercial building within Storm City, Black Rose smiled and led Feng Luo into the private vintage-style classy dining room. “Mr. Feng, the NPC chef of this private restaurant is amazing. Although it’s inside a game, I can’t help but come here to have a meal. I’ve come here specifically for a meal a few times already.”

As the two entered the room, in front of a gold sandalwood table, a not very handsome but very masculine man wearing a set of well-ironed tailor shirt stood up and smiled. “Mr. Feng, greetings. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Lonely Star Galaxy.”

Feng Luo shook the hand of the male player. “Hello, Guild Leader Star Galaxy.”

Lonely Star Galaxy, this ID name would be unfamiliar for most players of Storm City. However, players from Silvermoon City would probably have heard of it before.

The guild leader of Silvermoon City’s oldest signature guild, Veterans Tribe, in terms of status, he was at the same level as Roaring Dragon Mercenary Guild’s Roaring Dragon Invincible.

However, that was in the past.

Now, Silvermoon City had become the Rebel Army’s territory, and Roaring Dragon Light Wind controlled the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group. Whether it was Lonely Star Galaxy or Roaring Dragon Invincible, they were now at the bottom of their careers.

“Mr. Feng, I’ve always wanted to thank you for helping us during the Biohazard Crisis mission. However, I’ve been busy dealing with things related to Silvermoon City as well as the guild war against Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group over the past few days. I finally got some time to visit Storm City recently and found the time to also invite you for a meal. However, I also want to congratulate you on obtaining the first-ever Boss pet biochip and on becoming the second player in War to awaken the Force. We can only watch you from afar, and we do admire your feats,” Lonely Star Galaxy said with a smile; however, when he spoke, he humbled himself and lowered his status.

“Guild Leader Star Galaxy, you’re praising me too much. I’m just a little luckier. Unlike you, even without financial backing from financial groups, you still managed to bring Veterans Tribe to such an amazing level,” Feng Luo said, in a congratulatory tone, to Lonely Star Galaxy.

Veterans Tribe had been a dominant force inside Silvermoon City. The only reason Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group was able to catch up later was that the Veterans Tribe guild continued to decline investments from financial conglomerates and large companies in the real world.

Otherwise, the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group might not be able to defeat Veterans Tribe.

On this, many people thought that it was worthy of praise.

“Haha… Mr. Feng, please, do take a seat.” After hearing Feng Luo’s praise, Lonely Star Galaxy’s expression changed slightly. He recovered his smile and gestured for Feng Luo to take a seat.

Before this, while Feng Luo had worked with Veterans Tribe before, he had not had any interactions with Lonely Star Galaxy before.

However, today, Black Rose suddenly contacted him through the comms device and said that Lonely Star Galaxy was inviting him over to lunch together, as a token of appreciation for Feng Luo’s help during the Biohazard Crisis mission.

Faced with an invitation like this, even though he had been avoiding and hiding from people over the past two days, he could not reject their invitation.

After Feng Luo sat down, Black Rose walked over to the other side and sat beside Lonely Star Galaxy across the table. She picked up the purple teapot on the table and poured tea for all three of them.

“When the incident in Silvermoon City occurred, I was in the midst of a profession change mission, and I was not in the city at that time. I never would have imagined that Roaring Dragon Light Wind would be so ruthless, to lead the wolf into the room and then join the Rebel Army camp after that. By the time I got back after receiving news, the guild’s counterattack plan had turned into failure after a group of supposed allies betrayed us when the Rui Conglomerate intervened… Thinking back on it, we were behind Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group’s plan every step of the way, we were outmatched.” Lonely Star Galaxy spoke with a hate-filled glare after he sat down.

“A game is like this… There are no permanent friends, only permanent benefits. Everyone is just trying to maximize their gains… I would also like to congratulate Guild Leader Star Galaxy for succeeding in your hidden profession change,” Feng Luo also lamented and looked at Lonely Star Galaxy with a slightly surprised expression.

Players completed their profession change at Level 15, and there was no way Lonely Star Galaxy was only Level 15 right now, so his profession change mission must have been because he had qualified for a hidden profession.

“There are no permanent friends, only permanent benefits… Mr. Feng, your words hit the nail straight on,” Lonely Star Galaxy repeated Feng Luo’s words, which was a popular saying back on Earth, and praised him with a surprised expression.

“My profession could only be regarded as half of a hidden profession. It cannot be compared at all to you, your high-level Special Agent hidden profession that is directly linked to the game’s Federation Government,” Lonely Star Galaxy said while shaking his head.

However, Feng Luo could still see a slight sense of pride in his eyes.

After all, getting a hidden profession was not an easy feat. To have the ability to succeed in getting a hidden profession while managing and leading a guild that was probably filled with trivial and annoying administrative work, Lonely Star Galaxy could be regarded as stronger than the one who was previously touted as the Number One Expert in Silvermoon City – Roaring Dragon Invincible. As such, it was natural that he would feel proud.

However, speaking about something that isn’t nice to hear, if Lonely Star Galaxy were in front of the previous Feng Luo – the strong but not yet famous Feng Luo – a guild leader of one of the oldest signature guilds in a city like Lonely Star Galaxy, while his speaking posture and attitude would still be quite fair and not completely condescending, it would probably be just out of politeness. When facing a normal non-affiliated player, ignoring the personal mental aspects, it was natural for the one with a higher social status to speak from a higher position.

Of course, Feng Luo had now become one of the most popular people throughout the game.

In comparison, he was only the guild leader of a small guild with around a thousand members. Moreover, he was a guild leader who had lost their territories after losing to others. In comparison, his status right now was even less than before.

“I’ll have to also take the blame for failing my intelligence-gathering duties. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have got any data or info, even when they were approached by people from the Rui Conglomerate.” Black Rose seemed a little sad.

As the Scout team captain of Veterans Tribe, she was only focused on in-game intelligence and completely oversaw things in the real world. Failure of this magnitude could not be ignored.

“Black Rose, it is not your fault. You’ve done good enough.” Nonetheless, Lonely Star Galaxy turned around and spoke to her with a consoling expression.

It was obvious that there was something else going on between the two of them.

Due to the way Black Rose looked at Lonely Star Galaxy, it was not the heroic and prideful look comparable to men that Feng Luo used to see. Instead, there was an odd feeling to it.

It was, of course, not weird either.

Although Lonely Star Galaxy was not very handsome, he was tall and had a good build. As an ex-soldier who was also the guild leader of Veterans Tribe, it was natural that he possessed traits that one would not find in fresh and young-looking superstar players.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to win the trust and convince so many retired soldiers and army men and women to join Veterans Tribe.

However, perhaps it was a sort of misconception, but in their first meeting, even though Lonely Star Galaxy’s speech and behavior were all fine and normal, Feng Luo did not feel the sense of camaraderie he felt when he first met Dan Hen. Perhaps it was due to Lonely Star Galaxy’s role as the guild leader?

After all the formalities, the three sat down and continued to chat.

Feng Luo initially thought that Lonely Star Galaxy invited him to talk to him about the pet biochips that he needed.

Even though Feng Luo’s group helped Veterans Tribe back then, Feng Luo felt that when Veterans Tribe helped attack Roaring Dragon Mercenary Guild’s base, the debt had been repaid. As such, this lunch invitation was more like an excuse to meet up.

However, what surprised Feng Luo was that Lonely Star Galaxy put that topic on the side and only talked to Feng Luo about Silvermoon City and Veterans Tribe, and this also included how Dan Hen’s squad and Security Door’s squad were doing recently.

This made Feng Luo wonder if he had guessed wrong.

It was almost noon and a beautiful waitress NPC entered the room and asked, “Sir, can we start serving the dishes?”

Lonely Star Galaxy shook his head and said, “Not yet, please wait a moment, the guest has not arrived.”

After that, he looked at Feng Luo, smiled and said, “Since it wasn’t easy to find the time to visit Storm City, apart from Mr. Feng, I also invited another guest. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.” Feng Luo shook his head though his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

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