Fatal Shot

Chapter 618 - Underground Tunnel

Chapter 618: Underground Tunnel

“Mr. Feng, what’s the situation outside? Is the plan successful?” After stopping, Frontline Command turned around to look at Feng Luo.

Amid the ocean of flowers, with an anti-detection skill active, as long they remained cautious, their position would not be exposed.

However, since the density of the flowers and plants was too high, they could not see outside. They could only hear the sounds of battle. All kinds of bullets and a variety of skills flew past their heads but they did not know what the situation was.

The good thing was that among them, one person could still clearly observe the situation outside.

“Yes… Both sides have certainly engaged in battle. Moreover, the battle looks very intense.” Feng Luo’s eyes were empty and void when he spoke, as he was observing the battlefield using the Scout Beetle’s vision.

However, before he finished speaking, Feng Luo made a slight sound. “Hmm? The Rebel Army’s pirate captain’s AI seems quite high. It looks like he’s able to detect the North City players hiding in the mountains. He ordered the Three Tailed Split Shell Scorpions to use long-range attacks to target and kill the North City Machine Gunners. Under his commands, these pirates are surprisingly orderly. The battle looks to be tilting one-sidedly towards the Rebel Army.”

Feng Luo could not help but feel surprised because, for people who knew the structure and player make up of the North City team, they would feel that the group from North City would have a higher chance of winning, even if the Rebel Army controlled monsters.

However, at that moment, the reality was that the Rebel Army had a huge advantage.

“Okay, so that’s how it is.” Feng Luo continued to observe and quickly understood the reason.

Apart from the 300 plus Three Tailed Split Shell Scorpions, in the forest where the North City players hid, there was also a Ninja who was fully clad in black that was constantly moving and popping up in one place before vanishing once more.

These ninjas who possessed melee combat ability comparable to one of the best Light Armor Warriors – Sword Ki Long River, as well as unbelievably peculiar skills, were a nightmare for glass cannon professions.

“The Rebel Army has the advantage. It is probably better if the North City players had the upper-hand… Since this main base is surrounded by monsters. If the Rebel Army were to control them, we’ll probably also suffer defeat if we meet them.”

“Why don’t we think of a way to support North City? … ” After hearing Fen Luo’s explanation, Jing Kong pondered for a moment and asked.

However, before he could finish… “Beep, beep, beep!”

The Legendary-Grade recon meter he was holding suddenly sounded the warning alarm. At the same time, six flashing red lights appeared on the screen. All of them were closing in on their location from North City’s location at high-speed.

“F*ck me! That’s a micro missile! Take cover!” Shouted Jing Kong with wide eyes.

Their position was specifically chosen.

It was quite far away from the ambush location of the North City players and was outside the attack range of Manipulators and Machine Gunners.

Without Manipulators who could cast large area-of-effect attacks, they could easily hide within the ocean of flowers and observe the situation of the battle before deciding their next steps. If the situation made a turn for the worse, they could even retreat through this ocean of flowers and rendezvous with the main force.

However, the current situation was between the two sides fighting on the battlefield, the North City players were even at a disadvantage. However, for some weird or crazy reason, they took the effort and time to attack Feng Luo’s group.

With the recon meter’s function blocked, it was odd that they were able to pinpoint Feng Luo’s group’s position.

Jing Kong shouted to take cover. However, faced with a high-speed missile like this, where would you even find the time to hide.

Although the weapons of mechas had reduced damage to players, there were five missiles. Technically, it was still enough to easily obliterate any of the players.

Five micro-missiles landed, piercing the ground. Then, after a brief moment…

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Five balls of white energy instantly appeared above the battlefield along with dirt that scattered all around. After all five of the micro-missiles exploded, the center of the ocean of flowers area had several large black craters, around them were multiple glowing drops.

“Cough, cough! I almost died!”

Coughing sounds were heard in the dark environment.

Big Pineapple got up to his feet while holding his now distorted alloy shield, spitting out dirt that filled his mouth during the explosion.

“Hey! How many still alive? Cough and let us know!” Big Pineapple shouted as he shook his head, his ears still ringing.

“Cough, cough…”

More coughing sounds filled the dark environment. After a brief moment, a weak flare was used and eight human figures could be seen.

Among the 16 players, after the five micro-missiles explosions, only eight were left.

Two Heavy Armor Warriors (Big Pineapple, Douchebag); two Light Armor Warriors (Sword Ki Long River, Phoenix); three gunners (Jing Kong, Green Arrow, Feng Luo), and one manipulator (Zhao Yun).

Apart from Big Pineapple, there was another Heavy Armor Warrior – Douchebag. He wiped the dirt off his face and said with disbelief, “Motherf*cker! These North City people are really rich. To use five micro-missiles on just a dozen or so of us! It’s a good thing there’s this empty space beneath us. Otherwise, all of us would have probably died!”

“Why is there this empty space inside this ocean of flower?” Green Arrow asked with some lingering thoughts as she used a blood tonic on herself. She looked up at the hole above them, which had been covered by dirt again over 10-meters above them.

She was lucky, Jing Kong and her were both within the explosion range of the first missile. They fell into the hole the instant the explosion occurred. Although she still lost half her HP, she did not end up like the other gunners who died instantly from the consecutive missile explosions.

Five micro-missiles packed a powerful punch. Even if the damage dealt to players was reduced, if it were a direct hit, even Heavy Armor Warriors risked dying instantly.

However, the deep hole under the ocean of flowers saved their lives.

“It is less like an empty space and more like a tunnel.” Jing Kong shot the flare and found out that the empty space was more like a tunnel.

As if he had remembered something suddenly, he turned around to speak to Frontline Command. “Old Front, I remember in the mission requirement, it says that parts of the main base are underground, right?”

However, he then remembered that Frontline Command, their trump card on the battlefield, had unfortunately been eliminated from the mission in the last round of missile attack.

“Do you mean?” Phoneix asked as her eyes sparkled. She looked towards the tunnel that did not seem to have an end.

“It is just a guess, there is no guarantee.” Jing Kong answered.

“Did you get any detailed structural maps of the main base from the mission?” Feng Luo asked.

Jing Kong shook his head and said, “No, the mission information was incomplete. Otherwise, we would have prepared specific countermeasures against a lot of the monsters on the island and prevented the huge losses we suffered at the fourth base.”

Big Pineapple finally came to his senses and understood the situation. “Hold on. Old Kong. Are you saying that this ocean of flower underground tunnel may lead directly to the main base?” He asked as he stared right at Jing Kong with an excited expression.

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