Fatal Shot

Chapter 616 - North City's Sniper

Chapter 616: North City’s Sniper

3:20 in the morning, at the side of the base located in the middle of the Devil Tri-Horn Fog Island, within a forest that had a higher terrain.

A Scout player wearing the golden SK Guild badge on his chest was hiding behind a large boulder while staring at the screen of the device he was holding.

Suddenly, his eyes twitched and he exclaimed with a whisper, “Something’s up!”

“What’s the situation?” A warrior player wearing a platinum-colored badge on his chest, which meant that he was one of the highest-ranking officials of the SK Guild, asked.

“Somebody’s coming over from the fifth base. From the information shown here on the device, the number of people who have entered the detected range is around 40 plus, and it is still increasing.” The device that the player was holding suddenly showed a bunch of white dots that indicated humans.

“Are they the people from Storm City?” The warrior player asked?

“They should be. There shouldn’t be anyone else on the island.” The Scout player said while staring at the device.

“They’re pretty fast, aren’t they? Have they already cleared all the branch bases? They probably lost several people from that. I wonder if the higher-ups of the Nine Star Guild has caught wind of us not bothering to clear the bases. Regardless, even if they’re aware, it’ll be useless. They’ll still have to fight us in the end.” The SK Guild’s official said with a smirk. “Get everyone ready and to start preparing. We’ve spent so much time on this mission, it is finally coming to an end.”

“Yes… Hold on, no… Brother Chicken, Wait a second!” However, at that moment, the Scout player suddenly shouted again.

“What’s wrong?” The SK Guild official’s face froze for a moment.

“That’s odd. These people seem to be separated into two teams. Besides, the group in front seems to be running away while the group at the back looks like they are giving chase. At the same time, they seem to be fighting against each other.” The Scout player stared at the device he was holding with a weird expression as he spoke.

“Fighting against each other… Hold on. The people being pursued can’t be ours, right? They shouldn’t be. Peanuts and the others are not in that direction… Could it be that the people from Storm City are having an internal conflict? Perhaps somebody killed someone to steal a dropped Quasi-Boss pet biochip or perhaps it is something else? Heh, it is just like I said earlier. Their method of bringing in unknown players who are trying to make a name for themselves into a mission like this is bound to bring them problems. Not only did they recruit spies from us, but they’ve now also got a coup d’etat on their hands. By the time the mission ends and everything gets put on the forum, the Nine Star Guild is bound to lose face… Yes, perhaps we can use this chance to…” The SK Guild official seemed to have become distracted as he spoke. He even went to think about how to capitalize on the current development.

“No! There are also monsters behind these people! The people chasing them from behind are mixed in with the monsters?” The Scout player’s brain was reaching its capacity.

He simply put down his recon meter and took out a pair of night-vision binoculars to look toward at the location that he was scouting earlier.

In that direction, he could see bunches and bunches of colorful energy explosions. He could also begin to hear the vague sounds of gunfire.

However, concerning identifying the people who were there, it was not that easy.

Although the fog on the island at night was not thick, a distance like this would nevertheless affect one’s vision. Moreover, the Scout and the others were trying to look through a thick, forest environment.

After five full minutes, when the pursued and the pursuer got a lot closer and as the group chasing the first group fired a flare that brightened the surroundings, the players from North City spying in Storm City’s team could finally see the pursuer’s group using their binoculars.

“NPC pirates? Why are there NPC pirates? No, wait. There are also some players mixed in with them. But what’s that badge on their chest, why are they red? F*ck! It’s the enemy faction. These players are from the Rebel Army camp!” After being able to see what was happening clearly, the players from North City couldn’t help but feel surprised.

The island had Rebel Army camp players. What the f*ck? Weren’t Storm City and North City players the only ones who should be there?

“Phew, brothers, let’s go! The people from North City are just up ahead on top of the hill! We’ve already taken care of the people from Storm City. Now, we only need to take care of these arrogant idiots from North City… Phew… The Boss biochip in the base, as well as the chip production equipment inside, are valued at more than several billion credits, all of them belong to us now. By then, we’ll divide things up based on the kill count and the mission contribution. Everyone should get at least a few tens of millions!”

“Oh, that’s right. Let the monsters manipulated by the NPCs attack first. Don’t force yourself. We’ll wait until the monsters exhaust the players from North City first!”

However, what surprised the players from North City the most was that at that time, the people across from them suddenly shouted loudly.

The shouts were very loud, so loud that even amidst all the shooting and the energy explosions, even the players from North City heard them.

“F*ck me! The people from Storm City have got done in by the Rebel Army!”

“Is that possible? In that case, just how many Rebel Army units are on the island?”

“It is not impossible. Not only do they have humans but they also have monsters too! However, to be honest, I don’t believe that. Although the people from Storm City’s group don’t know each other much, with NIne Star Guild leading them and with their all-star team, there’s no way they’ll be taken out so easily.”

Most North City players did not believe that news about Storm City’s team being wiped out by the Rebel Army was true.

However, the voice and the sound of the enemy’s words were too bold. In particular, the description stating that they were “arrogant idiots” meant that the Rebel Army people already knew that they were lying in wait of an ambush already.

“Damn it! That means that the battle and the chase was only an illusion. Is their objective is to prevent us from attacking them immediately?”

A few North City players could not help but try to fill in the gaps.

The Rebel Army camp people were indeed quite cunning. Were the players from Storm City actually dealt with?

“Pant, pant…”

In a forest that was around 300 meters away, Frontline Command, who had maximized his device’s audio volume to the max, ran and panted heavily. It seemed as if he was about to die from panting.

After he shouted his command, the mission of the enemy luring operation squad was almost completed.

While their words were certain to cause the Rebel Army people to feel suspicious and even if the players from North City wouldn’t believe them, the fact that they became suspicious or angry was enough for them.


However, the moment he put down his loudspeaker, a bullet emanating a blue glow struck his chest.


A red Fatal Damage number popped up above his head. Frontline Command’s HP decreased significantly to less than only one-third.

If it weren’t for the fact that he was the commanding officer, the three defensive Legendary Grade items, as well as the buff potion he ingested earlier, it was highly probable that he would have been one-shot killed just now.

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