Fatal Shot

Chapter 368 - True Crisis, Quasi-boss Octopus?

Chapter 368: True Crisis, Quasi-boss Octopus?


The Eye of the Thunder rang as a Shield-breaking Energy Bullet with rare attributes directly crushed a small octopus with eight tentacles waving around in the air, turning it into blood and pieces of meat.




However, after killing that small octopus, Feng Luo did not have any time to rest. In the short gap between shots, his right hand was already waving the dark red Ghost Weep military knife.


A small octopus with three tentacles wrapped around both of Feng Luo’s feet tried to use its other tentacles to wrap his other body parts. With a swing of the 30cm Ghost Weep military knife, Feng Luo slashed at its head, right between its pair of orange eyes. In an instant, the strong force emanating from the tentacles vanished as it spasmed before dropping limply on the ground.


Feng Luo stepped on it with his legs, and under the effects of Enhanced Martial Arts, damage of around 500 appeared. Finally, it no longer moved!

[Infected Octopus. Level 50 Octopus Commander – Fission Unit. Estimated HP: 4,000 – 5,000!]

The Giant Octopus Commander had the Fissure ability, which caught everyone by surprise.

After having its HP halved by the combined attacks of the beetle squad and players, it detached its wrists and threw its tentacles on the platform, fissuring its body parts and turning them into multiple smaller-sized octopus units.

Moreover, it wasn’t just the three injured tentacles; the Octopus Commander even detached its remaining tentacles stuck inside the hotel building. After that, these tentacles turned into multiple three-meter tall fissure octopus units that scampered out of the building. Then, the Giant Octopus Commander used the initially severed tentacle to throw them towards the platform. In an instant, they flew across the sky tunnel and landed among the players. They charged towards and attacked the players and beetles in a frenzy!

These tentacle octopi did not have a lot of HP; however, their attacks were strange. They simply charged towards their target at high speed, then, they used their Octopus Hug to completely wrap and immobilize their targets. After that, they would release a black liquid onto the players’ faces. Players hit by the poison liquid would be inflicted with the blind status instantly and enter a weakened state. In addition to that, they would also lose tens or even hundreds of HP over time!

Even Feng Luo was hit by the black ink as he failed to notice the quick and unexpected attack. An octopus unit tackled him from behind and managed to spurt some ink on him.

It was a good thing 24K was on his shoulder as the little critter instantly activated an all-defensive psionic energy shield so Feng Luo did not lose his sight. Immediately after that, the two Elite Bladed Beetles already standing behind Feng Luo were quickly commanded by 24K to save their masters. Four large scythe-like blades danced in the air, cutting the small octopus into multiple pieces.

Feng Luo was only immobilized for a mere five seconds before getting free.

The negative effect of the ink attack actually triggered Feng Luo’s Evolution Talent. Although he only obtained a 40% resistance to restriction effects, the Force Guidance Chip’s progress increased again by a huge leap of 50%. It looked like it wasn’t that long before he could awaken the Force!

However, though Feng Luo had the help of the Bladed Beetles and defeated the fission octopus unit without any difficulty, the other players could barely struggle free from them. These tentacles were incredibly powerful and after getting restrained by all eight tentacles, even a player wearing a full set of alloy armor would find it hard to struggle free.

As such, the situation on the platform descended into a scene of chaos in an instant.

The four Spray Beetles that had dealt a lot of damage to the Giant Octopus Commander were specifically marked by the fission octopus units as priority targets. Three of the four Elite Spray Beetles were killed as a result.

“Damn it!”

Feng Luo felt exasperated as he thought he should have prepared something to deal with the skill and talent of the Giant Octopus Commander. Among sea creatures, the octopus is the best in terms of losing a limb to survive. Similar to a gecko, it would discard a part of its body to escape.

Moreover, the discarded body part would still have neurons and could attract the attention of the enemy even after being discarded and detached from the main body. In the game, perhaps due to the effects of the Evolution Virus, the ability had been strengthened and the tentacles could turn into little octopuses.

But right now was not the time for Feng Luo to feel exasperated. He had to save the others first!



The sharp blade of Ghost Weep slashed open the head of a fissure octopus unit that was wrapped around the half suffocating Azure, who had only half of her HP left!

Feng Luo chose to save the only healing professional in the team first.



However, the two remaining Elite Bladed Beetle with reduced HP also charged towards two other directions, each saving My World and Skynet respectively from the entanglement of the Octopus.

24K put psionic shields around their bodies, which made these two Elite Beetles quite strong. 24K also put a psionic shield on the only remaining Elite Spray Beetle, too.

However, at the same time, 24K sent a message through the mental link, a message that made Feng Luo’s heart sink. It was that 24K only had less than one-tenth of its psionic energy left!

“We have to take care of this Giant Octopus Commander soon!”

Feng Luo looked anxious. The Giant Octopus Commander’s skill was really unexpected; no wonder the Scout player said what he said earlier!



Feng Luo asked 24K to instruct the Elite Bladed Beetles to continue working together to help the others. He, on the other hand, grabbed the Eye of the Thunder and used the expensive B-grade Shield-breaking Energy Bullet to attack the Octopus Commander directly.

A blood cavity the size of a bowl appeared in between the yellow table-sized eyes of the Giant Octopus Commander that had managed to get half its body free from the building. At the same time, a damage number of over 6,000 appeared above its head.

Red Fatal Damage!

It wasn’t like killing a few fission octopus units was without its benefits. Feng Luo found out that the weakness of these octopuses was in between their eyes, and he guessed that their brain was most probably located there.





Feng Luo kept shooting. As for the Elite Spray Beetle and two surviving Steel Beetles also joined Feng Luo in attacking it.

“Wuuu! Aauuuuu!”

The Giant Octopus Commander howled in anger. However, with all its tentacles detached, it could not continue attacking the platform. Its four remaining halved tentacles rolled to the spot right below its body, which was the sky tunnel that connected to the platform.

“Is it coming over?”

“Or maybe it wants to destroy the platform?”

The other players were all freed by then. Although there were a lot of fission octopus units, their short-term damage wasn’t high.

Apart from the Heavy Armor Warrior from the other group who died as he was unluckily targeted by three octopi, the other players managed to recover their sight with the help of Azure’s treatment.

However, as they saw the Giant Octopus Commander’s behavior, they couldn’t help but feel shocked. Ignoring anything else, the size of the Commander monster was enough to crumble the platform if it ever made its way there!

“No, it looks like it’s…”

Skynet had better vision as he was a Sniper, and he discovered something odd. Before he could finish speaking, the Giant Octopus Commander’s remaining four halved tentacles transformed into four humans!

No — to be exact, it was four human corpses!

The bodies of the four North City players who were killed in PK, including the Scout, were already dragged to the other side of the sky tunnel by a slightly larger fission octopus unit. As a melee fighter, My World had just killed the last small octopus on the platform with the help of a Bladed Beetle. He panted as he said, puzzled, “This guy is still eating in a battle like this?”

Feng Luo had a different guess. “No! Stop it!”


The Eye of the Thunder rang and a B-grade Shield-breaking Energy Bullet spun at high-speed while leaving a blue glow in its trail. It flew quickly towards a location between the eyes of the Giant Octopus Commander.


Another damage number that exceeded 6,000, which also broke Feng Luo’s highest damage dealt on this Octopus Commander.

However, the Level 50 Giant Octopus Commander did not stop at all.

A large, fleshy, straw-like mouth appeared on its head. Then, with one strong suction, it sucked the corpse of the Scout into its mouth!

Immediately following that, a strong pressure that did not belong to Commander Grade monsters started to emanate from its large body!

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