Fatal Shot

Chapter 339 - Returning to Silvermoon City!

Chapter 339: Returning to Silvermoon City!

After around 10 minutes, the petal-like metallic door of the ruins opened slowly. Then, the team took the lift to return to the surface.

“Eh? What’s going on? It’s actually empty?”

They initially thought that a lot of people would be above the ruins, with the possibility of several from the headquarters of Lu Conglomerate and the September Guild waiting to take revenge on them. That was why when they exited the lift, they were fully equipped and on high alert. However, now that they were out, they were quite surprised that no one was outside — even the people from Nightless City were nowhere to be seen.

It was just an empty space. The bright moon hung in the sky, leaving the area covered only in the shadows of surrounding trees.

“That’s odd. Did something happen?”

“Beep, beep…”

Just as everyone was a little stunted from the situation, Feng Luo’s communicator started beeping.

“Ah! Boos! We’ve finally managed to get a hold of you!” A translucent screen appeared above the communicator, and what appeared was the anxious yet somewhat happy face of Lan, the ammunition store NPC salesperson, with her upper body dyed with dry blood.

Upon seeing her situation, Feng Luo’s heart beat faster.

“Bang! Bang!”

However, just as he wanted to ask a question, two gunshots rang beside Lan.

“Sniper shot? Just what is happening!?” Feng Luo’s expression changed.

“Boss, I don’t know either. Yesterday night, the power supply of the entire city was cut. Then, a lot of monsters appeared. They are biting people like crazy… Even the guards have been attacked. Right now, Silvermoon City is filled with monsters, and there are people fighting all over the city!”

“Monsters? Biting people…”

At that time, Mu Zi also received Mu Wu’s message through his communicator. As soon as he grasped the situation, he raised his head and said to Feng Luo, “Oh no! Brother Feng! One of the trigger points of the biohazard crisis storyline is Silvermoon City. That’s why Brother Wu had to return to deal with this emergency situation!”

“Biohazard crisis!”

Feng Luo’s gaze stiffened as he quickly asked Lan, “What’s your situation right now? Are Jing Xiang and Old John okay?” As Feng Luo asked the question, two more shots rang from within the screen; there was also the sound of someone shouting and a flash from a manipulator casting a skill!

“We’re fine. A few adventurers appeared and said that they will protect and escort Old John out of Silvermoon City. After they woke up Old John, he told them to bring Jing Xiang and me along. That’s why the three of us are with them right now!”

“But Boss, the monsters completely wrecked our shop!” Lan said with a sad expression.

“It’s alright. As long as you guys are alright!” Feng Luo shook his head. For him, right now, the Wind Mark Gun Shop wasn’t a huge loss — after all, the inventory of the shop and the manufacturing equipment had all been sent to Storm City in the afternoon.

On the other hand, the three NPCs were more important to him. As mentioned earlier, in a highly realistic game like this where players would start to feel a sense of attachment and connection with their pets, there’s no need to mention the connection with “humans.”

Although Old John, Jing Xiang, and Lan were only NPCs, it was natural for Feng Luo to feel a sense of attachment with them since he had been with them for a very long time. Naturally, he didn’t want the three of them to die in a horrible storyline like the biohazard crisis!

“Boss!” Lan looked incredibly touched.

However, at that time, a person suddenly poked his head over into the screen. With a smile, he said, “Brother Feng, it’s really you!”

Feng Luo immediately recognized the young and handsome player. Surprised, Feng Luo said, “Skynet? So it’s you!”

Beside Skynet, a Heavy Armor Warrior holding a large black shield also turned around and nodded at the screen. “Brother Feng!”

Feng Luo also recognized the 1.9m tall Heavy Armor Warrior.

“Hey, Brother Feng, we were just around the area when we received a system-published mission to protect Master John! Apart from that, Boss Dan Hen also asked me to convey his thanks for your help in Silver Leaf island!” said Skynet, smiling.

Clearly, he knew how to get to the point.

“Help me thank Brother Dan Hen!”

Feng Luo breathed a sigh of relief. However, he felt somewhat puzzled; the system published a mission to protect Old John?

But then, another gunshot rang. “Bang!”

Skynet turned around and shouted in one direction, “F*ck, Watermelon Skin!”

“Shoot more accurately, you bastard. You missed even at such a close range. There’s no way you pass as a Sniper!”

“Watermelon Skin?” Feng Luo was dumbfounded for a while.

However, he did not think that it was the Sniper whom he saved and guided for a while when he was working on his Level 50 mission.

After all, not everyone called each other by their ID names. Some familiar people would use nicknames, and the Watermelon Skin Skynet called might be someone from Veterans Tribe.

“Skynet, I’ll have to trouble you then. Please try your best to protect them. I’m at Lu Conglomerate City, and I’ll be back in Silvermoon City soon,” said Feng Luo to Skynet, who had just turned back around.

“Relax, Brother Feng! There are a lot of monsters, traffic is completely paralyzed, and it’s not easy for us to get out of the city! However, it’s not difficult to hide if the situation calls for it!” said Skynet confidently.

“Alright. That’s good. What’s your current position?”

“We’re on 17, Main Silver Street…”

“F*ck, two Foragers are coming! Everyone attack!” A slightly familiar shout came from Feng Luo’s communicator.

After that came sounds of attacks, and then the scene on the screen flashed and became blurry. The signal was lost!

“The signal is lost!” Feng Luo’s face darkened.

“It’s probably Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group or the rebel army completely cutting off Silvermoon City’s communication to the outside world!” said Mu Zi grimly. After that, he raised his head and asked Feng Luo, “Brother Feng, are you going to Silvermoon City? I’ll go with you!”

“Biohazard crisis… Mu Zi, you’ve told us this storyline before. What an interesting story. I’m just raring to go and have a look, too. Young Brother Feng, shall we?” Mr. Meng asked with a face full of curiosity and eagerness.

After that, he extended his hand and pressed a button on his terminal, summoning his transport vehicle.

There was a bright white flash. A Heavy Energy SUV with a passenger capacity of ten that cost millions appeared on the empty ground in front of them!

“No, it’s better if you guys don’t go. The situation right now isn’t very clear. You should know that the real threat of the biohazard crisis isn’t the monsters or the zombies — it’s the infectious virus!”

“Due to unique circumstances, I can’t be infected by the T-virus; however, if everyone were to go without any precautions and then get infected, you’d lose levels!” Feng Luo shook his head and also pressed a button on his terminal.

Another white flash. A silver sci-fi SCV-Type One energy motorcycle nicknamed “Land Bullet” appeared in front of him.

Feng Luo got on the bike quickly.

“You guys head back to Lu Conglomerate City first. It’s not that far from Silvermoon City. If Silvermoon City is completely occupied by the rebel army, the Lu Conglomerate city might become the next target!

“Moreover, we completely destroyed them in this ruins mission. Someone might still be trying to complain about it to Dark Night Stars right now. I’m guessing Mu Wu will also need someone to support him over there.”


Feng Luo started the SCV-Type One’s engine and rode quickly towards Silvermoon City.

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