Fatal Shot

Chapter 336 - 24K’s Hidden Mission

Chapter 336: 24K’s Hidden Mission

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“It’s beetles from Lu Conglomerate’s City Building Mission! And there’s a lot of them!” Rose Thorns quickly retracted her head and shouted to the players looking at her weird.

“What? Those beetles?” All of the players present took part in the City Building Mission, so naturally, they knew what Rose Thorns meant. That was also why everyone was looking worse than before!

It was because even though the beetles they fought during the City Building mission were also gregarious monsters, their individual strength was far greater than normal gregarious monsters, particularly the Bladed Beetles, Spray Beetles, and Steel Beetles. They were not inferior to normal solo-type monsters at all!

More impressive was the synchronization and cooperation between different types of beetles. In the beginning, they created a lot of problems for the players!

“We’re finished. No way we can fight them and win. It looks like we can only try again next time!”

“Let’s retreat first. We’ll prepare even more before coming back again. We’ll probably still be able to get those Legendary shards. It shouldn’t stop dropping by the time we come back next time!” Said Chairman Jiao in the party channel in a disappointed tone.

“That’s right, if we fight them and really get annihilated, we’d suffer great losses!”

Mr. Meng and Little Witch both nodded with a disappointed expression.

For a party, as long as they did not get completely wiped out, the worst penalty would be a level’s worth of experience, it was because all the valuable items dropped upon death could be picked up and returned.

However, if the team were to be wiped out, the losses would be great, especially in an underground ruins like this with restricted access. They would have to wait until the next day before entering again, and by then, the dropped gears would have already disappeared!

However, at that moment, Rose Thorns, who was standing at the corner, suddenly spoke and objected the decision to retreat!

“No, perhaps we should wait a while…”

“Huh?” Apart from Feng Luo, no one understood what she meant.

“Those beetles are fighting among themselves right now!”

Rose Thorns had an odd expression when she spoke; clearly, it meant that she could not figure out what was happening.

One should know that to the players, normal beetles were no different than an average monster. Even Mu Zi’s Detection could not detect which ones, among all the beetles fighting against each other, were Feng Luo’s “pets!”

“Fighting themselves?”

Naturally, Rose Thorns’ words surprised everyone.

“Which side has the advantage?” Asked Little Witch.

“I can’t see very clearly. The battle is quite chaotic. But right now, it looks like a bunch of beetles are surrounding and attacking the Black Beetle Commander. It’s like they want to kill it!” Said Rose Thorns with uncertainty.

Upon hearing that, Chairman Jiao’s expression changed.

“They want to kill the Black Beetle Commander? Not good, we have to stop these beetles!”

“Why should we stop them? These beetles are helping us get rid of the most troublesome Commander monster. If they succeed, we only have to deal with 40 to 50 normal monsters later, that shouldn’t be much of a problem!” Said Little Witch, confused.

“No, he’s right, it is quite troublesome!” Mr. Meng suddenly understood the reasoning.

“We did not deal enough damage on the Black Beetle Commander. If it dies, it might not drop any equipment, regardless if it’s a blueprint or the Legendary shard… That’s why if it dies from these monsters, we won’t get anything in the end!”

“Hurry! While these monsters are killing each other, we should throw in a couple of area attacks and increase our contribution!” With Mr. Meng’s reminder, everyone seemed to have realized the gravity of the situation. They quickly got up and ran towards the end of the tunnel!

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” However, 24K, who was on Feng Luo’s shoulder, for some reason, began to make a lot of noise. At the same time, it sent an SOS message to Feng Luo through the mental link.

[Your pet has triggered the hidden mission ‘Heart of a King Beetle (One).’ Please prevent your teammates from taking part in the battle. If your team assists in defeating the Black Beetle Commander, your pet’s mission will be deemed as a failure!]

A message popped up in front of Feng Luo as a notification rang in his ears.

If Feng Luo’s mind was not so much more active than the average player, he might have needed five to six seconds to read and listen to so many words, and there was no way he would have been able to stop Mr. Meng and the others’ attack!

However, as Feng Luo reacted quickly, and he understood the message in an instant, his expression changed. Although he wasn’t sure what the situation was, Feng Luo shouted, “No! Hold on, everyone! Don’t go there!”

As he shouted, Feng Luo quickly moved one step forward. As his foot landed on the ground, there was a light tap. Then, he rushed to pursue the others!

And his speed was astonishing.

Feng Luo was the last to move, but within ten meters, he had already run past everyone, even past the Light Armor Warrior, Mr. Meng!

“I’m sorry, everyone, please stop!”

The other players only felt as if a shadow had gone past them, and before they realized what it was, Feng Luo was already in front of them, blocking everyone at the corner!

“What’s wrong, Manager Feng?” Asked Rose Thorns as she turned her head to look at Feng Luo with a confused expression while her shield had already been raised.

It was a good thing Rose Thorns knew that, as a Heavy Armor Warrior, even if she were to charge into the chaotic battle scene, she would have no chance of getting the last hit on the Black Beetle Commander. That was why she did not move and remained in her position, preparing to use the spot to protect the backline.

Otherwise, if she had cast Shield Charge and had entered the swarm, despite the short distance, even if Feng Luo were to cast Charge, he wouldn’t have been able to catch up.

Yes, that’s right. Feng Luo cast Charge just now; however, it was not a distance based on the normal warrior skill Charge; instead, it was a rare Light Armor Warrior skill called Raging Charge!

So, did Feng Luo have any Light Armor Warrior skills?

Of course, he did!

Don’t forget that after Feng Luo succeeded in changing profession into a Special Agent, he chose his second profession using his second profession chip as a Light Armor Warrior!

With his high agility stat, by just switching to the Light Armor Warrior profession and casting Charge, even Mr. Meng, a warrior equipped with top-class gears, wouldn’t be able to best him when it came to short-distance speed burst!

Not to mention that it was also a rare skill!

“The system sent me a message just now. My pet has triggered a hidden mission, and it requires that no one interrupt the battle between these battles and the Black Beetle Commander.”

“That’s why I have to quickly block your way, sorry!” Said Feng Luo humbly as he apologized while also pointing to 24K, who was on his shoulder.

“However, you don’t have to worry about the Legendary shard. I’ve already shot the Commander monster earlier and obtained a First damage that took 10% of its HP. That’s why our team already took part in the attack. Moreover, since it triggered a mission, it shouldn’t affect the drop rate of the Legendary shard at the end!” Feng Luo knew everyone’s focus, which was why he added another sentence.

“Ah! So that’s how it is.”

“Then, Brother Feng, we have to thank you since we don’t have to deal with that Commander monster. It looks like we hit the jackpot, and here I was worried about being wiped out!” Little Witch was first a little stunned, but then, she laughed and spoke, keeping the staff in her hands.

There was no doubt that she was a person who knew how to speak!

“A pet’s hidden mission, huh? Brother Feng, you’re way too lucky!”

Mu Zi said happily without any objection.

“See! That’s what I said, Young Brother Feng, your pet always looked like it had something to do with these black beetles. It looks like you’ve got it right with today’s underground ruins exploration mission!”

“What’s this sorry this and that nonsense. If it weren’t for you, we’d have been wiped out since a long time ago. If there’s anything you or that pet of yours need, just let me know!”

Mr. Meng patted Feng Luo’s shoulder and said generously as he put down his sword.

In truth, Chairman Jiao wanted to say something. It was because of the damage done was within a range of 10 to 20%, based on the damage rules for Commander Grade monsters, there was no 100% guarantee that equipment would drop!

However, as Rose Thorns glared at him, he quickly backed off, put down his staff and said with a laugh, “Haha… It’s rare to see a pet’s hidden mission. It’s definitely something to prioritize… We can relax a lot more now that we don’t have to fight that Commander monster… Young Brother Feng, you’re pretty lucky!”

Upon seeing that everyone, especially Chairman Jiao, did not voice their dissatisfaction, Feng Luo’s determined gaze gradually softened!

In the previous three fights against Commander monsters, Feng Luo’s average contribution was approximately 50% of the entire team. If Chairman Jiao did not even give him that, he would have to reconsider his relationship with everyone there!

It was a good thing everyone agreed to stay out of it, so there was no need for their relationship to sour!

“But… Heart of a King Beetle (One)… It looks like the mission name is implying something, isn’t it? Probably a series of missions?” Feng Luo was full of expectation as he turned around to observe the battlefield.

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