Fatal Shot

Chapter 334 - Last Two Beetle Types Take the Stage!

Chapter 334: Last Two Beetle Types Take the Stage!

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A huge scythe-shaped pincer the color of blood smashed on a body of a similar dark red color, tearing a hole in its low-defense shell!

The attacked target let out a scream of rage. With a twist of its dark red body, its whip-like tail viciously stabbed into the dark red shell of the opponent.

Green liquid splattered all around.

At a position of a distance of more than 20 meters from the team, in a space at the end of the passageway much enlarged by the chewing of the Beetles, a heated battle between soldiers of “insect clan VS insect clan” was in progress!

One in the ground, one in the wall – from inside the two black holes of unknown linkage, Beetles of various colors were rapidly spilling out one after another!

Where the “solo units” clashed on the battlefield, it had become a mess of Beetles biting one another!

Most of the ground’s metallic surface had been bitten off, leaving the rock exposed. More than 30 corpses littered the ground, indicating the intensiveness of the battle.

“Tch, tch!”

However, the battle was just reaching its climax.

This was now the true ultimate battle of “insect clan” soldiers as both parties went all-out in their resources for the last wave that would determine win and loss!

In the middle of the metallic ground, a formation of 25 Bladed Beetles charged in the direction of 24K’s wormhole!


In front of 24K’s wormhole, another horde of identical Bladed Beetles roared as they lunged towards the wild monsters.

This horde of 17 Bladed Beetles was vastly outnumbered, but they charged in with equal speed.


The two hordes of Bladed Beetles clashed into each other!

Huge, scythe-like pincers with sharp blades and vicious reverse-hooked tails swung against their opponents. Their mouths ferociously bit into their opponents’ limbs, ripping and tearing!

Every part of the Bladed Beetles had been designed for combat and killing. Logically, the opponents which were superior in number should have had an upper hand.

However, 24K’s Beetles were not to be discounted.


Among 24K’s accomplices, an unusually large Bladed Beetle swung its “scythe” at its opponent, slicing off a Level 30 Bladed Beetle’s head straight off!

“Bladed Beetle, Elite, Level 45!”

Feng Luo’s oldest Elite Bladed Beetle raised its tail. This Elite beetle which had already levelled up to Level 45 and could slay any normal Beetle below Level 35.

However, as a target with an eye-catching body size, it attracted special attention from its opponents!

“Tch, tch, tch!”

In an instant, three Bladed Beetles had turned to attack the Elited Bladed Beetle.

“Pai, pai, pai!”

When the scythes of the three Bladed Beetles slashed onto its body, the Level 45 Bladed Beetle was almost totally unharmed!

Instead, where the Beetled had attacked, a colorless[1] forcefield had emerged. It was the “Psionic Energy Forcefield” obtained by 24K after it had evolved to Level 30.

This skill of 24K’s and the Darkness Beetle Commander’s Psionic Energy Forcefield was not completely the same, as it did not even have any color. The completely transparent forcefield only temporarily appeared when an attack was made on the body!

“Pai, pai…!”

Not only did the leading Elite Bladed Beetle have a forcefield, but all the other Beetles also had Psionic Energy Forcefields on them.

Because of this, the first batch of fewer Bladed Beetles actually had not suffered from any deaths. Instead, it was the opponent Bladed Beetles which had five consecutive deaths!

When the two parties had come into contact, other than the target attacked by that Level 45 Bladed Beetle, the other 16 Bladed Beetles had formed groups of four, attacking one target each⸺in just one round, they had slayed the opponent’s four remaining Beetles!

If there were players who had seen this sight, they probably would have frozen in shock. Was such teamwork really achievable by insect creatures with low AI?

It was certainly impossible for typical insects, but with the command of a king insect as 24K, it was completely different.

Not only this, after the first round of slaying five targets, pulling open a gap of three Beetles between the two parties, the horde of Bladed Beetles led by 24K had continued to unleash such a precise combat move to the maximum!

The actions of each of the four Beetles were absolutely synchronized⸺no matter what the enemy did, the three Normal Beetles would follow closely behind the one Elite beetle in attacking the target.

Only one attack was sufficient to slay an opponent of the same Level, including Elite-Grade opponents!

Yes, even when it was five Elite Bladed Beetles!

In half a month, other than levelling up, Feng Luo had spent even more effort on the Beetle troop!

In the Bladed Beetle troop till this day, there were already not just two Elite-Grade Beetles but five of them!

With five Elite-Grade Bladed Beetles all at Level 35 and above with combat cooperation⸺even though the opponent Bladed Beetles were superior in number, they were completely thrashed in an instant!

However, this preparation of going all-out in an ultimate battle by the Black Beetle Commander was clearly not going to make use of just one type of soldier which was the Bladed Beetles!

“Buzz buzz!”

In the air above the passageway, seven Suicide Bombeetles buzzed as they flew down, targeting at that Level 45 Elite-Grade Bladed Beetle which was in the midst of a killing spree!


Just as they had just descended, four beams of white light the width of a finger suddenly shot straight at the two lowest level ones among them!

On 24K’s territory, two Elite Black Steel Beetles over a meter long had shot two white laser beams out from their eyes, hitting the Suicide Bombeetles in the air!


Two Suicide Bombeetles which had their stomachs already radiating red light were directly triggered by the laser beams to self-explode in advance, triggering the companions beside them to explode as well!

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Lumps of reddish-black flames consecutively erupted in the air, the force of the explosions created caused a few of the Bladed Beetles of the same side on the ground to have their shells cracked and their limbs broken!

“Tch, tch!”

Above the silver metallic wall, the Black Beetle Commander seemed enraged as its screech surged in pitch!

“Squirt, squirt…”

Standing beside it, the seven green Spray Beetles immediately stretched their necks, madly spraying acidic liquid on the ground!


As the light green-colored acidic liquid was sprayed onto the ground and the rock surrounding the passageway, and some of it even onto the metallic wall, it changed quickly in color, erupting a white smoke!

But their dense brains had neglected something, that was these Bladed Beetles of their own kind which charged onto the battleground were practically immune to this type of toxic and acidic liquid!

Despite being hit, the Bladed Beetles only had their movement slightly slowed as they one by one continued to massacre the opponent Bladed Beetles!

The two Steel Beetles similarly were not hit by the toxic substance, because when the toxic substance had rained down, a semi-transparent Energy Forcefield had appeared in the air above the two Steel Beetles, blocking out all the toxic substance.

At each corner of the forcefield was a white beetle the size of a thumb!

Although this Normal-Grade Energy Beetle seemed like it had no ability, it could allow the engagement of an energy link with just an Elite-Grade Energy Beetle around. Then, it could form an Energy Forcefield in the air, able to defend against and even reflect most long-range attacks not exceeding the limit of the Energy Forcefield!

Feng Luo had always not been tapping on these last two beetle types – this battle could be considered an all-out!

If a forcefield has no color, then there’s nothing to see through.

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