Fatal Shot

Chapter 327 - Ammunition Store Crisis!

Chapter 327: Ammunition Store Crisis!

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Silvermoon City, inside Feng Zhi Dan Heng Ammunition Store.

“Ah!” screamed Jing Xiang and Little Lan, the two NPC salespeople, in a panic.

Inside the tattered ammunition store, where the glass door of the main entrance had shattered, a tall, bulky male zombie holding a bloodied fire department ax was hacking down at the thick alloy door, standing between the store and the workshop!

Beside the male zombie stood another savage-looking female zombie whose head dangled. Its neck was already half-broken. Part of the female zombie’s scalp had been torn off. Like the male zombie, it stood banging against the door, though it only used its bloodied hands.

Bang! Bang!

Every time the tall male zombie swung the ax, the dent on the metallic door grew a little deeper. The hinges gradually warped.

“What should we do, Big Sis Lan?! Are we going to be eaten by the monsters?!” asked the younger one, Jing Xiang, inside the workshop. Her face was pale as she shivered and cowered in the corner of the room.

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” The other NPC salesperson, Lan, was as pale as a ghost. Her cowgirl-style work uniform was soaked with sweat from fear! “Master John! Wake up, Master John!”

She extended her hands to push the sleeping old Caucasian man, reeking of alcohol, on the ground. The two of them had worked together to carry him into the workshop. Unfortunately, Old John, the person suspected of being a Gun Mechanic Master, was extremely drunk. Even the commotion caused by the ax banging on the door, combined with Lan’s shoves, wasn’t enough to wake him up!

The alloy door’s shape became even more misshapen as it continued to withstand the hits. It looked like it wouldn’t last much longer!


It had been more than an hour since Silvermoon City lost power. The border city that was home to millions of people had entered a state of extreme panic and had become a battlefield filled with man-eating zombies infected by the T-virus—filled with screams of agony.

Due to the start of the war storyline, Silvermoon City had more players than NPCs! Normally, if there were more players, even if the Biohazard Crisis were to have begun, it shouldn’t have spread so quickly!

After all, although the T-virus was powerful, players had the unique attribute of being unafraid of death. Even faced with undead zombies, they shouldn’t have allowed the city to fall into complete chaos!

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That was the theory, anyway, but this was only if all the players worked together. In reality, when the Biohazard Crisis mission began, all the regional forums and communication channels were no longer usable. As such, apart from some guilds, the players could only fight alone. They could not regroup or reorganize.

They faced the players from they Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group. They were prepared and had already grasped the uses of the T-virus. They had used the powerful T-virus potion, and the players were hit hard—initially dumbfounded! By the time they regained their composure, members of the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group had already spread the T-virus to every part of the city, and their surprise attack had also crippled the city’s guards.

What left people speechless the most was that the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group used the strategy of sacrificing low-level players to create a large number of Tyrant T-001s!

The crazy strength of the Tyrant was self-evident. Anyone exposed to the virus would quickly “evolve” after absorbing the nutrients and grow into a Solo-type Commander-grade Monster with crazy defense and attack stats! This was particularly true because a Tyrant T-001 could reach Level 50. Their strength was even scarier than the Tyrant T-000, which Feng Luo’s group had previously faced in Roguetown.

The only ones who could disrupt the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group’s plan were the Anti-RDMG Alliance formed by the Veterans Tribe and the other groups—after they finally reacted. However, Roaring Dragon Light Wind had anticipated this, so he didn’t face Veterans Tribe directly.

The actions of the players from the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group were to achieve just one objective: to continue the spread of the T-virus by using methods such as T-virus bullets, T-virus syringes, T-virus animal infections, etc. These methods angered the members of the Veterans Tribe!

What made them red in the face was that it was only up until then that people from Veterans Tribe learned of the true trump card of Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group. It wasn’t the rebel army attacking Silvermoon City, which was intercepted by the Federation army. It was the biohazardous virus!

The T-virus infection had a 100-percent kill rate on NPCs. For players, it was the same. Once they were scratched or bitten by a zombie, depending on the physical traits and the degree of the injury (Warriors, Gunners, and Manipulators had different levels of resistance), within ten minutes to an hour, they would turn into Elite-grade zombies, Foragers, or other types of undead.

In the event that one was injured by a Tyrant, there was also a possibility that they would turn into a Tyrant!

The thought alone was staggering. With so many players gathered inside Silvermoon City, with Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group’s interference, just how many Elite and Commander-grade monsters were inside the city now?

Of course, the difference between players and NPCs was that when players were infected, they would receive a popup message from the system.

You’ve been infected by the mutated Evolution Virus (T). Estimated time before infection completes: XX minutes. You can use antiviral potion serum.

“Antiviral serum! Where can I find it?”

Almost all of the infected players asked this question. After that, they quickly learned that they could only get the antiviral serum by killing Elite-grade zombies or Foragers!

Most infected NPCs turned into normal zombies. Only some of the NPCs with combat professions turned into Elite monsters. Players, on the other hand, were different. It was almost guaranteed that they would turn into Elite-grade monsters…

Was this not the system playing dirty? Were they not creating conditions to cause players to intentionally spread the T-virus—causing others to get infected so that they could get the antiviral serum?

Clearly, that was not the system’s intention, because there was another method to obtain the serum. One could purchase them through the points and merits obtained by killing zombies, Foragers, and Tyrants!

An antiviral serum that lasted one hour cost only 20 points. 50 points, as well as killing an Elite-grade infected, would provide an antiviral serum that lasted 24 hours! Clearly, this was the real way to get through the Biohazard Crisis storyline!

Of course, the items available for purchase weren’t limited to those two. At the end of the list was a potion that would have made most players gasp. It was the T-virus Permanent Enhancement Potion!

Although the price was ridiculously high, and it also required that players successfully kill five Tyrants, this was an incentive strong enough to make players who had otherwise decided to leave Silvermoon City stay behind!

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